Fox News just declared one surprising loser on Super Tuesday

As the results rolled in on Super Tuesday, one reality came sharply into focus.

It was an outcome no one thought was possible just days ago.

And Fox News just declared one surprising loser on Super Tuesday.

Virginia was the first state whose polls closed on Super Tuesday.

As soon as the polls closed at 7PM Eastern time, Fox News immediately called the race for Joe Biden.

This decisive victory was the first sign Biden was in for a big night.

But there was one massive loser in Virginia and that was billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg pumped nearly $18 million – of the nearly $600 million Bloomberg spent in total on TV commercials – into an ad campaign in Virginia.

And Bloomberg came away empty handed as he failed to meet the 15 percent threshold to win delegates in Virginia.

Fox News host Chris Wallace quickly declared Bloomberg the big loser on Super Tuesday.

“A poll two weeks ago Sanders was tied with Bloomberg in first place at twenty-two percent and Biden was at eighteen, so he was in third place. Bloomberg had seven field offices and eighty staffers as compared to Sanders, who had twelve staffers and two field offices. And remember Bloomberg had spent millions of dollars to help turn the state legislature Democratic and had succeeded in doing that in 2018. So he seemed to have an enormous number of advantages, but looking at our Fox voter analysis, a couple of things strike me. One, Biden beats Sanders by a substantial amount, and Warren is really hurting — to the degree that you believe that Warren, if she was out, her voters would go to Sanders —is really hurting Sanders and may be the margin of difference,” Wallace claimed.

By Wednesday morning, Bloomberg – who thought he was on pace to collect over 200 delegates on Super Tuesday – won a meager 38 and later dropped out of the presidential contest only to endorse Joe Biden.

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