Fox News forced a key ally to say the one word that will sink Joe Biden

Joe Biden is trying to get away with one of the biggest crimes against the American people in history.

But now the truth is out in the open.

And Fox News forced a key ally to say the one word that will sink Joe Biden.

Joe Biden announced a socialist scheme to force working class Americans to bail out up to $40,000 in student loan debt for college graduates making as much as $249,000 a year.

Biden stole from hard-working, middle-class Americans to give between $300 and $900 billion to Harvard trained doctors and lawyers because they vote Democrat.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy grilled Biden administration Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about the basic unfairness of the President’s plan for generational theft.

“But to the fairness question, the people who are sitting at home having just paid off their student loans or having paid them off years ago, what’s in it for them?” Doocy asked Cardona.

Cardona tried to dodge the question by sticking to the White House’s half-baked talking points.

“We should be proud that we’re able to help Americans that need help right now,” Cardona responded.

“It’s about making sure we’re taking care of Americans and investing in our economy and in our people,” Cardona added.

But Doocy hammered away, pressing Cardona for an answer about whether Americans who already paid off their student loan debt will get anything out of this plan.

“Just the final one on this,” Doocy added. “The people that already paid their student loans, they don’t get anything out of this deal?”

Cardona admitted on camera that Americans who did the right thing and paid off their debt would get shafted.

“Right,” Cardona confessed.

Biden’s plan to rob 85 percent of Americans to bail out the 15 percent who hold student loans is blatantly unconstitutional.

Even Nancy Pelosi told reporters this year that the President does not have the power to wipe away student loan debt.

Moreover, Biden’s plan does not actually eliminate student loan debt.

That debt still exists.

Instead, Biden’s scheme transfers the responsibility of paying that debt from college graduates to working class Americans.

Biden’s plan to steal from the middle class to reward the elites will cause debt, inflation, and taxes to go up just so he can pay off a favored class of voters ahead of the Midterm elections.

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