Fox News asked Trump one question about the border and you won’t believe his response

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Donald Trump wants the 2024 election to be a referendum on Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Republicans are now faced with a choice.

Fox News asked Trump one question about the border and you won’t believe his response.

President Joe Biden released more than 6 million illegal aliens into the United States.

That doesn’t count the “gotaways” – illegal aliens who evade detection at the border and sneak into the country.

December also saw more illegal aliens than people who live in the city of Pittsburgh attempt to cross the southern border.

Pressure is building on Biden and the Democrats as a Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll found 61 percent of voters in seven key swing states blame him for the border crisis.

Former President Donald Trump leads Biden by six points across these states and if these results hold he would defeat Biden by a larger margin than he did Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Enter RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who handpicked pro-amnesty RINO Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) to negotiate a border sellout that would allow the “Swamp” to jam another $61 billion in funding for Ukraine through Congress.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if it was “dangerous” to lead the opposition to the McConnell/Schumer/Biden immigration bill given the chaos at the southern border.

“Is it dangerous right now to stop Congress from doing a deal on immigration? Should we be waiting for you to get back into office?” Bartiromo wondered.

Trump responded that the only thing worse than no deal is a bad deal and the evidence that this deal stunk to high heaven was plainly obvious by the fact that RINOs and Democrats crafting the border betrayal refused for weeks to release the text of the bill.

“You can’t do a bad deal. The deal they’re looking at is terrible. They’re going to allow part of the deal. You know, they’re not releasing the papers. That’s always a bad sign. Nobody can get a hold of that,” Trump stated.

Bartiromo told Trump that Democrats and Republicans promised they would release the bill text by the weekend.

That didn’t impress Trump who wondered why it took so long in the first place and ripped the deal because it would put into law that Biden can accept a minimum of 1.8 million illegal aliens per year.

“Why? Why weren’t they releasing it earlier than that? Because it’s no good. And it’s no good for the Republicans. And frankly, any Republican who signs it should be ashamed of himself or herself. It’s five thousand, and you don’t have to look beyond that because it’s a very weak deal,” Trump added.

“But for one, for starters, they want to allow 5,000 people to come to our country, like on a daily basis. They said on a daily basis, 5,000 people. That’s a lot of people,” Trump continued.

Bartiromo asked Trump why Lankford would agree to such a bad deal.

Trump replied that selling out conservatives was Mitch McConnell’s stock and trade pointing to him agreeing to a $1.2 trillion Green New Deal spending bill with Biden in the previous Congress.

“I don’t know. These are very nice, man, Mitch McConnell. I mean, he’s agreed to billions of dollars and trillions of dollars for projects that are Green New Deal. You know, I call it the Green New Scam,” Trump stated.

“I don’t think there’s anything you can do that’s worse than a bad immigration deal. And they’re doing a bad deal. You’re better off not having a deal than having a bad deal. And that’s what they’re negotiating. 5000. That’s a that’s a lot of people coming in,” Trump concluded.

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