Eric Holder just revealed how the Democrats want to disarm every American

Democrats are no longer pretending that they respect the Second Amendment.

Leftists ripped off the mask.

And Eric Holder just revealed how the Democrats want to disarm every American.

Barack Obama’s controversial former Attorney General Eric Holder told MSNBC that the reason Democrats can’t ban and confiscate guns is because of gerrymandering, the process of state legislatures drawing district maps that favor one Party or another.

Since Republicans control more state legislatures – thanks in large part to the massive backlash against Barack Obama’s Presidency in the 2010 and 2014 elections – Republicans dominate the redistricting process.

In an interview with MSNBC, Holder said gerrymandering prevented more Democrats from winning elections, which prevented the Left from banning and confiscating firearms.

“[W]e also have to do the structural things,” Holder stated. “You know, gerrymandering is something that is a problem here, where people can side with the gun lobby, with the special interests against the will of their constituents and not suffer any electoral consequence because they are in these safe seats. So, it’s a combination of, I think, a lack of will, structural problems, and we have to get to a better place.”

“The lines were drawn — gerrymandered lines were drawn in such a way that it is almost impossible for the other Party to win,” Holder added. “And therefore, if you are in a safe Republican seat, the only thing that you are concerned about is a Primary as opposed to a General Election. And the way you forestall a Primary challenger is to go further and further to the Right and take more extreme positions so that you can’t get outflanked from your Right side.”

Holder claimed Democrats could pass a national gun registration database law if gerrymandered districts went away.

“If you’re in that safe Republican seat and the Democratic challenger comes on and says, you know, I want to fight for gun safety, you’re — you’re safe,” he continued.

“And so, you can just cater to your base, cater to that extreme part of your base, and not have to deal with or do that with your constituents by significantly large numbers want to have happened. I mean, the polls are like 80, 90% of the people in this country saying that we should have background checks before anybody has the ability to buy a weapon. You don’t see that in law.”

Holder is the head of something called the National Redistricting Commission.

This group presses for states to adopt so-called “nonpartisan” redistricting commissions – which are always stacked with leftists or RINOs – and sues Republican states over their district maps.

The only goal of this commission is to force every state to adopt the most favorable map possible to the Democrat Party.

And by rigging the maps to elect as many gun grabbers as possible, the Democrats hope to pass gun bans and ultimately confiscate firearms.

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