Dr. Fauci just hit Americans with some bad news that everyone will hate

Americans thought they were through with Dr. Fauci and the coronavirus pandemic.

But Dr. Fauci is not through with Americans.

And Dr. Fauci just hit Americans with some bad news that everyone will hate.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine took center stage in the media, Dr. Fauci faded into the background.

That was likely a conscious decision by the Biden administration, as polls show Americans want to move beyond lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports.

The more Dr. Fauci appeared on television, the more Democrats’ political prospects for November soured.

But with China imposing the harshest lockdown in two years over rising cases in ShangHai, Dr. Fauci is not ready to let America move on from the coronavirus.

In an interview with the BBC, Dr. Fauci announced that Americans would have to accept harsh COVID restrictions once again if there is another seasonal surge in cases.

“I don’t want to use the word ‘lockdown’ as that has a charged element to it, but I believe that we must keep our eye on the pattern of what we’re seeing with infections right now,” Fauci stated, adding that, “we need to be prepared for the possibility that we would have another variant that would come along and then things change.”

Dr. Fauci floated another “15 days to slow the spread” style “temporary” mask mandate if another variant caused hospitalizations to trend up.

“And if we do get a variance that does give us an uptick in cases and hospitalization, we should be prepared and flexible enough to pivot towards going back – at least temporarily – to a more rigid type of restrictions, such as requiring masks indoors,” Dr. Fauci stated.

No one wants to hear this.

Early treatments are widely available.

There is a vaccine for anyone who wants to take it.

In addition, there is no science that says lockdowns work, and even health “experts” who appear on CNN admit that cloth masks are “facial decorations.”

There is not one legitimate reason to reimpose mask mandates, lockdowns, or vaccine passports.

All the mitigation measures Dr. Fauci supports proved to be massive failures.

But Dr. Fauci doesn’t care about science or data.

Dr. Fauci is on the verge of losing the unlimited power he seized two years ago.

And Dr. Fauci is clearly not ready or willing to cede the dictatorial authority he’s wielded over Americans.

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