Donald Trump saw one poll that changed everything about 2020

The Presidential campaign is in full swing.

21 Democrats are running for President and the fake news media thinks a number of them could defeat Donald Trump.

But then, President Trump saw this one poll that changed everything about 2020.

Democrats won the midterm elections because their voters were more fired up to turnout.

Polls consistently showed the Democrats with a double digit lead on the questions of which party’s voters were more enthusiastic to show up at the polls in the midterm election.

But now that’s all gone.

A bombshell NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found Republicans held a slight lead on the enthusiasm question.

NBC News reports:

Democrats had two advantages that fueled their midterm victories in November 2018 — an edge in enthusiasm and success with independent voters.

Six months later, just one of those advantages remains.

In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 75 percent of Republican registered voters say they have high interest in the 2020 presidential election — registering a “9” or “10” on a 10-point scale — versus 73 percent of Democratic voters who say the same thing.

That’s quite a change from the 2018 cycle, when Democrats held a double-digit lead on this question until the last two months before the election, when the GOP closed the gap but still trailed the Dems in enthusiasm.

Elections are not “contests of ideas.”

They are battles of mobilization.

If Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are more fired up to turn out than Democrats in 2020, then Trump will win re-election.


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90 Responses

  1. Richard Wieneke says:

    There is no other person who is as great as our President, President Trump!
    I will definitely vote for him.

  2. KATHY says:


  3. TN says:

    My vote is for TRUMP!

  4. Thomas Ridenour says:

    If you voted for a Democrat then you are either an overt admitted enemy of the United States of America or an unwitting dupe. Also, I resent people using the term Demo-rat. That is insulting to rats. Rat are, in fact, quite clever and can find their way through a maze. Democrats, on the other hand, can not find (or see) truth and logic when it smacks them in the face so please….leave the poor rats alone. How about the term “Demo-slug” or “Demo-trash”.

  5. Connie Mays says:

    I detest the fact that foreigners, and especially Soros, are interfering with our elections. However, I am fully aware that it’s what Dems do. Cheat, lie, steal, corrupt, interfere, and generally throw monkey wrenches into everything right and good. Heaven forbid, I used to be a Democrat. Happily I got older and wiser. I hope for our sake the next election doesn’t turn into another debacle. I’m with President Trump all the way!

    • Jose Luis says:

      2020 is our way to send a very loud message to those who are against our country. Read the Bible and the Constitution to make a wise and informed decision. The Democrats do not want you to read them. They are scared of the truth. Do not argue with any of them. Carry a Bible and a Constitution. Show them and they will leave yelling insults and calling both books racist! God bless America. Vote conservatives in 2020.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      I hope that a lot of other people see what you daid – VOTE for Trump in 2020 and save our America..

  6. Connie McKee says:

    Let’s STAY fired up!!! The most important thing I feel I have read in all the comments is, “Know who you are voting for.” Don’t be lazy. If you’re fired up enough to vote, be fired up enough to know what everyone stands for. Neither the Democrat nor Republican party is always honest. You need to vote according to the stance of the people rather than the party with which they have affiliated themselves. That is what true bipartisanship is.

    • Thomas Hughes says:

      I am so fed up of the antics of the Democrats that I say VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE. Also, we need an amendment that only allows a Representative or a Senator to serve two (2) terms and then out. No free ride on a pension for life just for being elected for 1term in congress or the house. Let them have health insurance where they pay for it just like the rest of us. They legislate themselves many free benefits. The AG needs to do a full investigation into the FBI top management and the FISA court process. It sure seems to me that a lot of Illegal or dirty activities were going on to sway the election. Hillary and the deletion of 30,000 emails on an illegal server. Smashing the cell phones – Seems like some of the emails are showing up via other people’s emails. How dumb can she and her fellow felons be?

      Round up the Democrats and put them in front of a group of American Citizens like me and let me ask them some questions under Oath. We have a bunch of losers upset that they got caught cheating on the election. They are all now exposed. It is time to vote them all out of office. I appeal to all Americans – vote them all out of office. 2 term limits and they do not get a pension for life – Starts at $70,000 – FYI – read that Palozi receives $870,000 per year in retirement for her past jobs. Also spent over $2,000,000 on free rides on AirForce planes to Cal and back – each week. She also got the American Taxpayer to pay for $50,000 worth of Booze for her and her friends that she sent around the USA.

      • Deb says:

        May I correct your spelling????? In my neck of the woods we call her “PELOUSY”……… It is the closest we can get to the actual truth….. try it…. it feels so right in your mouth before it falls out!!!!!

      • marshall r says:


      • Julia Schmidt says:


      • Doris Wilson says:

        Me too.

  7. Connie says:

    Let’s STAY fired up!!! The most important thing I feel I have read in all the comments is, “Know who you are voting for.” Don’t be lazy. If you’re fired up enough to vote, be fired up enough to know what everyone stands for. Neither the Democrat nor Republican party is always honest. You need to vote according to the stance of the people rather than the party with which they have affiliated themselves. That is what true bipartisanship is.

  8. Sandi says:

    Frank not all Independents are in agreement with the Democrats. In fact more and more Independents are sliding to the right and many Democrats are leaving the Dems because they see the hypocrisy.

    • The Real M says:

      Sandi, Good choice Independents, slide right and Dems #WalkAway! Bring all your family and friends! We want and need help to save America!
      TRUMP 2020

      • Julia Schmidt says:


      • AFVET says:

        The slogan for the 2020 election should be….
        Keep America Great!
        Keep America, America!
        In other words, if you vote for the loony left and they, God forbid win, America will no longer be America!

  9. Sandra Miller says:

    I LOVE IT!

  10. Jose Nededog says:

    Democrats have nothing to offer except they would do anything to gain power, never mind about
    passing Legislation to benefit the people who elected them into office. They are a bunch of hypocrites who hunger for power and the destruction of our American democracy.

  11. Cecelia Henderson says:

    It must be difficult to get “fired up” over the Democratic Platform – late-term and after birth abortion, gun registry and control, higher taxes, no voter IDs, open borders, welfare for illegals and refugees, more refugees, allowing illegals and criminals to vote, etc. There isn’t much to fire one’s loyalty and patriotism to America. I hope they do America and Americans a favor and all stay home on election day if they plan of voting Democratic. Look what electing 30 of them has done to us.

  12. Carl says:

    Out of the 21 democrats running for president, not one of them has a chance of beating Trump.

  13. Dr. J.D. says:

    Well, this article FINALLY admits the Democrats had a MAJOR victory in 2018, which many who read this website have denied. Second, this again shows that Trumpers pay attention to polls when they SEEM to be in your favor, but ignore or deny those when they do not. Third, even the article admits a SLIGHT edge, but that is only among Republicans – – – Democrats and independents are substantially against Trump, especially among women and younger voters. One point I continually try to make to both parties is that the amount reporting being “Republicans” or “Democrats” is a minority – – about 44% of adult Americans identify with being “Independents” – – they have always been the key. And in Trump’s case, he alienates so many people with his constant insults and lying, plus the other 14 investigations of him that are still on-going, should be another blue tsunami coming in 2020. Most of the young see Trump unfavorably.

    • Tom says:

      Well Dr. insert the word “Obama” where ever you have used the term Trump and re-read your letter. Especially in the line about “Lying”. There never was a bigger fraud, criminal and liar than Obama. Anyone who thinks voting Democrat is a good thing has their head where the sun does not shine including yourself. Idiot!

    • Christel says:

      Way too many control freaks in politics….no longer matters what the people want and voted for. It’s totally what those in Congress want to do. Current,y have 81 or 82 sitting in Congress that are registered Communists…all part of the DNC. Google had all the names at one time…plus Allen West…in Congress…confirmed that list…google still gave me the numbers…just no names.

    • Blue says:

      How about listing these “14” investigations you lie about dr.? Look forward to seeing you come on here running off with the mouth after the Red tsunami, Not a blue one. His so-called insults and lying are truths, something leftists hate to hear.

    • Frank Allen says:

      All independents and Democrats are liars. They gave up on the truth years ago. All they do is lie. Does that anger you? Does that make the hackles on the back of your neck bristle, and does it make your face burn a deep crimson? Does that make you want to say “Prove it!”? Yeah? well now that you know how conservatives feel every time one of you smart-mouth liberals calls us all liars and accuse the president of lying, just remember, we can do the same, but there is a difference. We are still humans (don’t know what you are) and we wait until we have proof before we call you lefties liars (remember the Mueller report?)!!! Your leftist media lied. Your leftist congressxxn all lied. Your leftist senators all lied. All of your leftist politicians and legal personalities LIED! They were all SO SURE that President Trump would be found guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice that they made all kinds of ridiculous and insupportable claims that they had “Proof” of his collusion and obstruction. And then came the bombshell: Mueller, the man whom all the lefties were counting on to vindicate their stupid and sleazy guttersniping, announced that Trump had NOT colluded with Russia, and had NOT obstructed the investigation. So you can stop yakking on and on about how Trump lies all the time. You are probably just saying that because you’ve heard all the liberal media pundits calling him a liar, so you just assume (smugly, I might add) that he is a liar. Now you ought to be asking yourself, “Why did I ever listen to those idiots in the first place?”.

      • Sandi says:

        Frank not all Independents are in agreement with the Democrats. In fact more and more Independents are sliding to the right and many Democrats are leaving the Dems because they see the hypocrisy.

      • The Real M says:


      • Teresa Rawlinson says:

        Frank, careful how you stereotype. I am an Independent, a female and a Hispanic “Deplorable”. I am a 3rd generation LEGAL immigrant. I walked away from the Democratic party about 30 years ago. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for Trump again in 2020. I believe in God, the Constitution, and family. #Walk Away

      • Joe the Plumber says:

        Trump is guilty of many crimes Allan, you are delusional, brain dead or evil to believe that Donald Trump has any admirable or even redeeming qualities. He is a serial sexual assaulter, a thief, a constant liar, braggart, insulter and lazy thug. He has ripped off the tax payers of hundreds of millions, hasn’t paid countless employees, has cheated on all 3 wives numerous times with whores and prostitutes. He is an egomaniac and America’s Hitler. You should be ashamed that you voted for the Mobster-in-Chief

        • The Real M says:

          Joe the Plumber, Aren’t you just a wealth of lies, rumors, misinformation, and slander/libel, in addition to having a terminal case of TDS as does everyone of you mean, angry, bullying, deranged liberals!
          Joe, if every single thing you have said about President Trump, in your comment, was true, he still has done more great things for the country and the people, including you and you don’t deserve it, than all the Dem candidates “combined” would ever even attempt to do! He has accomplished much in spite getting up everyday having to fight the Dem leadership for every single little thing he is doing for US! It is a disgrace, the Dems are actually working against America and her people because they hate DJT! All they have on their minds is, what can we do, legal or illegal to take down Trump!
          The Dems do not want to build America up, they want to destroy and turn America into a third world banana republic! The Dems want to control our money, and exercise power and control over us with “big government”. We don’t want it or your Democrat party in power!
          You are the one who should be ashamed for supporting and voting for a party who wants to take “your” freedoms away and destroy America and the Constitution!
          Note: Should that ever happen, you will suffer the same effects we will, and you are too dumbed down to realize it.

    • AFVET says:

      Another Jackass spewing words with no facts to back it up.
      What are you, a doctor of stupidity ? Your blue tsunami will be a vivid red!
      14 investigations? You mean searches for a crime. Sorry there’s no needle in that haystack.

  14. Dale GLEN McIver says:

    Trump 2020 All The Way

  15. Nunyer Binnis says:

    It’s about time we started carving up the deep state, akaTHE SWAMP.
    Flush it down.

  16. Phil G. says:

    Who’s spreading the lies that the Democrat’s even have a chance? They were never elected. They stole their seat’s or office by voter fraud! Typical lies of the fake news. Spreading false propaganda!

  17. Mike says:

    The choice for 2020 is simple and basic, do you want to live in a communist country or a constitutional republic. America is not and has never been a democracy.

    • Irene says:

      You hit he nail right on the HEAD.

    • Betty says:

      Mike, I am sorry you have such a negative attitude. The democrats do have a chance, albeit it it is probably closer to be a loosing battle, but they do have a chance.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        More than a chance, Betty. For a summation of all the polls, go to Here and in all the major polls, Trump is the ONLY modern president to have NEVER reached 50% favorability even ONCE>

        • trapperwv1 says:

          You do realize people are lying to pollsters now so the media cannot control elections.

        • Frank Allen says:

          Better not to go by the polls, Dr. J. The polls these days are so skewed, biased, and leveraged that one cannot be sure if any of them truly represent anything approaching the facts. I live in a highly conservative area, and all the folks I have spoken to say they have never been contacted concerning any political polls. Alos, better to not depend on polls for deciding on how to vote. Look wehat happened in 2016.

        • Charlene says:

          rasmussen has had trump averaging 50% from feb-may. they were the most accurate pollsters in the last election. see what you find.

        • marshall r says:


  18. I will definitely vote for Trump. We have to stop the Democrats before they turn this country into a Venezuela. This country is at a turning point and we have to stop it by voting for Trump. We have to stand together, Republicans, independents and the Democrats who really understand what’s going on. I think some Democrats understand what their party is doing. Please folks save our country. Remember Rome fell from the same mistakes,especially from the same imagratiion problems. Check your history books.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      Nice comment Lonny, I believe everything you said – Please People VOTE FOR TRUMP in 2020 to save our Country…..

    • Charlene says:

      great response Lonny – I completely agree with all thatt you said. The vote comes down to love america or not. trump loves america & he works so hard for us. but i do think we need to vote republican for congress, judges etc., so trump will have support. i am also on the band wagon for paper ballots & minimizing mail in votes. mail in can get lost, thrown away, changed. paper ballots are the safest way. if we don’t vote Trump in for a 2nd term we simply will have sold out our country to an entirely opposite set of political values. if it is true that we have 81 communists in congress, that seems like a lot, but i have nothing to compare it to, but it seems scary to me. We must turn things back around. our country has been on a continual downturn since the late 60’s when there was a lot of talk about communism & anti government sentiment. In the 60’s it was a lot of talk & most people just considered it as a lot of young people rebelling, but in actuality it was only the beginning & today we are seeing a lot of that talk put into action & we had better pay attention because we are not too far off from anarchy which should frighten us all. We need to listen, observe & most of all start thinking, coming to our own conclusions based on facts. we have been complacent& we can’t afford that anymore.

  19. Terry says:

    I think they need to send the paper ballots by mail to only U.S. citizens…. we fill them out and send them to the white house, that way there is know extra sheets to give out, every American has a number!…. I’m not talking about boarder crossing parents dropping a kid on this side of the fence, I taking about real Americans
    Then have the ballet boxes set up where both parties are handed a stack of ballets up side down and each person will be monitored slipping the sheets into the machine. This way know one has any Idea what’s being processed. Also if one state has more ballots then they have people, RED FLAG recount by hand and find the problem. if two names show up from different states, RED FLAG toss one. I could go on, but know where I’m going with this. We all know the Government has every ones name, address, phone #, and SSI# and the state there in, Right.?? But we don’t want the government handling our votes, so if we had some one that could take all this information and make a few new ballot boxes large enough to pile up our ballots and let the machine do the counting. This machine should be able to pick out all the duplicate ballots, bad SSI #, and every dead person voting, and even non Americans voting. This is just a start to get America rolling to make every vote count and correct. Come on give your Ideas!!!!

  20. metoo says:

    The biggest fear of the DemonRats is that Trump will indeed start to drain the swamp, be successful and ANOTHER outsider (someone who’s not a politician inside the beltway) will come forward and be elected to the oval. They’re now going after Barr bkz he’s going to be looking into the corruption down there. Can’t have them being found out for the creepy anti american scum-bags they are – Not to mention they have to try their damn best to protect their last prince. oh yes, they’re afraid and for good reason I suspect.

  21. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It is clear to me that the Democrook party are extremely determined to throw Trump out of office and impose their communist beliefs on all of us though hoodwinking the American People and making them believe that they are for the “average Joe” and Republicans are only for the rich and not for them, what is pure bull****.

  22. Russell Fowler says:

    Democrats will fade away after the 2020 election. Then 2022 election battle will be Republican against the Tea Party.

  23. Richard Daugherty says:

    Blowout city!!

  24. Lois says:

    I will definitely vote for Donald Trunmp because if the Democrats they will ruin our country for our children and grandchildren. We also have to take back our education systemso the children will not be brainwashed

    • vicky Huss says:


    • Tink says:

      Did you see the video of the Muslim kids singing to allah to kill us infadels in Pennsylvania? A school in AMERICA teaching that trash! Yes we must stand up, wake up and Buck up…it’s coming!!!

  25. Susan Brooks says:

    Brainwashing our youth . Easy to do because many states do not want them to think for themselves. It’s time to teach them and not let billionaires like Soros, Clinton’s and a lot more continue to lead them down a very dangerous path. GOD save us all and keep Trump our wonderful President . Please vote, vote,vote for. Trump. Thank you America.

  26. Blue says:

    democrats are anti-American! President Trump 2020!!

    • Dana says:

      You are right!????

    • carolyn exposito says:

      Anti-American? Is that all? They are pro-death. They took God out of our schools, promote abortion and infanticide and threaten our health with their crazy idea of putting the government in charge of your health care. Anybody over 70 better be very afraid. It’s only a short leap from infanticide to euthanasia when your health care is rationed.

      • Beartrap says:

        I’ll be 70 in October. Always pissed off but never afraid, except for the fact that here in California, we’ll be fighting chook aliens and gangs if they ever organize into armies. Home invasions are already widespread.

  27. Bill says:

    There is no legitimate reason for anyone not to vote for Trump. The ONLY reason I would even remotely give to not re-elect Trump is that I do not want to listen to another four years of whining losers. That is not even close to a legitimate reason.

  28. The Real M says:

    Is there a single solitary person surprised to hear polls show the Dem voters are discouraged, disgusted , and have no motivation to vote for the 2020 elections. If I was registered as Democrat, I would not be able to resign fast enough and I would immediately register in the Republican party. The Dem party is so far off the rails there is no hope for them or I could put this another way, if the Dems win in 2020 America will be off the rails and speeding toward becoming a third world country banana republic! The have gone to the left as fast as a speeding bullet and have lost all perspective of what America is supposed to be!
    God save America! TRUMP 2020!

  29. Mary alderson says:

    democrats are not the party they use to be

  30. Karen Hintz says:

    Average Americans are not that stupid to vote against a business man instead of a politican for our country. We have had too many politicans for President and I think Americans can see very clearly that Trump is on the right path to make our country great again.

  31. Soros should be hung for treason! the demorats would be nothing if they didn’t have these rich treasonist bastards funding them. These people don’t care about America except what they can rape from this great country. This has to stop & tell your senators / Congressmen to do there dam job, they are working for us the tax paying citizens of the USA.

    • marshall r says:


  32. Pat says:

    Dems don’t stand a chance, we have awakened to their dirty tricks. Fool us once, but you’ll never fool us again..

  33. vivian mares says:

    I hope Trump wins by a landslide!

  34. No, no no … The Democrats WON the Mid-Term Elections Because that is how America Votes. If the President is Republican then we Vo e the House or Senate as Democrat. To keep things in checks and balances. EXCEPT … We did not know that our once trusted and beloved Democrat Party had been Hi-Jacked by RADICALS??? Now, that every American sees how horrible they are??? Ummm, We want our Country Back … Therefore, no choice but to Vote a Straight Republican Ticket 2020.

    • Linda H says:

      Don’t bet on it. The Dems are putting Dem Progressives on the Rep. ticket from District Att. and up. They said that we were to lazy to check them out. That if it had a R beside the name we would vote for them. Know who you are voting for. Go to BEHIND AOC PART II. He tells it all. We have to be careful who we vote for now.

    • Thomas says:

      100 % agree the Democrat Party of today is a subversive organization hell bent on ruling, not serving our great Nation! The Democrats are power hungry and corrupt!

    • KEO says:

      But, we should be careful even in voting for Rebublicans and know who are still the rinos in the White House. Have had too many of them against our president and they need to be kicked out as far as they can go and take their left wing liberal drmocrat jackasses with them.

  35. Raymond A Martucci says:

    The democracts did not win the election fair they have stolen it conservatives had won the midterm. The democracts cried wolf when the illegals weren’t allowed to vote. The states that vote democract have nothing but illegals and rigged polls for them to win. Let’s get rid of the digital polls and go back to paper ballots and have them monitored right and not changing of the votes. Have the states controlled by democracts have electoral college and let’s she how they do. Democracts have stolen the midterm and they know it

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