Donald Trump said two words about a massive crime that took place on Joe Biden’s watch

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Joe Biden brought an unprecedented level of corruption to the White House.

The scandals are reaching a tipping point.

And Donald Trump said two words about a massive crime that took place on Joe Biden’s watch.

President Joe Biden is trying to browbeat Congress into passing another $61 billion slush fund for his failed war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive failed to score big gains in retaking territory from Russia and this conflict is settling into another endless war.

Conservatives in Congress met Biden’s demand for more money for Ukraine with resistance in part over the massive amount of corruption within the Ukrainian government and the Biden administration’s inability to account for the $130 billion of taxpayer money already flushed down the drain.

Ramming more money for Ukraine through Congress became even more of an uphill fight when the news broke that Ukrainian government officials stole $40 million in funding from the government that was intended to purchase artillery shells.

“Ukrainian officials stole about $40 million meant for the purchase of ammunition for the military, the country’s internal security service said Saturday — confirming a massive procurement fraud as Kyiv seeks to assure international backers that it is cracking down on corruption,” the Washington Post reported.

“The SBU said its investigation implicated current and former high-ranking Defense Ministry officials and managers of an arms supplier, Lviv Arsenal, who were supposed to use the money to purchase 100,000 mortar shells for the military. Money was paid in advance to Lviv Arsenal in August 2022, but the shells were never supplied,” the Post reported.

While this was Ukrainian government money, there are still issues with accounting for foreign aid.

The Pentagon reported in January 2024 that it can’t account for $1 billion in weapons shipments sent to Ukraine.

Republicans reacted to the news of Ukrainians stealing their own money with increased skepticism that Congress should throw more good money after bad towards a corrupt government overseeing a losing war effort.

“Not good!” Donald Trump posted on Truth Social.

“$40 million embezzled from funds set aside to buy munitions for Ukraine. Isolated incident or tip of the iceberg?” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) wrote on X.

Republican opposition stalled the push for $61 billion in new funding for Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine.

Conservatives are hoping this latest news is the death blow.

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