Donald Trump said something about Ashli Babbitt that will drive CNN crazy

CNN and the corporate-controlled media have their narrative about the riot at the Capitol on January 6.

Donald Trump called out of the media’s biggest falsehoods.

And Donald Trump said something about Ashli Babbitt that will drive CNN crazy.

In an interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump debunked the corporate-controlled media narrative that Ashli Babbitt deserved to die on January 6.

Capitol Hill police officer Michael Byrd shot and killed the unarmed woman and Air Force veteran.

One of the lies the corporate-controlled media tells is falsely claiming that five people died on January 6.

That is not true.

As Trump told Newsmax host Rob Schmitt, Ashli Babbitt was the only person killed on January 6.

“With the exception of one young, fine woman, nobody died on January 6. Nobody died on January 6. They like to say five people, but nobody died on January 6,” Trump stated.

Trump then blasted Officer Byrd as ruthless and incompetent.

“Nobody was intentionally killed besides [Babbitt],” Trump said, adding that Babbitt was killed by “a ruthless man that never should have used his gun to shoot her.”

“And he’s a hero to the Left,” Schmitt fired back.

In 2019, Byrd faced discipline for leaving his loaded service revolver in a Capitol Hill restroom.

That was an act of insane negligence on Byrd’s part.

Trump added that the corporate-controlled media and federal government did everything in their power to shield Byrd’s identity from the public.

Normally, when a police officer kills an unarmed civilian, the press cannot wait to put the officer’s name and picture on TV and social media.

But like the Ukraine hoax – where the media refused to report on the identity of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciamarella who kicked off an attempted coup to overthrow a duly elected President – the corporate-controlled media schemed to hide information such as Officer Byrd’s identity from the public.

Trump noted that even with this media protection, Officer Byrd ran to NBC for a friendly chat with leftist anchor Lester Holt.

Trump blasted the interview where Officer Byrd defended killing an unarmed woman as obscene.

“I think it’s a disgrace, and in fact, they wanted to shield him, but he couldn’t get on television fast enough,” Trump added. “I saw his interview, and he thinks it was great that he shot her and killed her, and she didn’t have a gun. She didn’t have anything. There was no reason to do that.”

The Capitol Hill police conducted a swift and secret investigation “clearing” officer Byrd of any wrongdoing.

But many Trump supporters felt the entire dynamic would have been treated differently by the media and Capitol Hill police if an officer shot an unarmed Black Lives Matter rioter in the middle of the melee at the Capitol.

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