Donald Trump revealed James Mattis has this ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan

Donald Trump had a high stakes meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

He wants funding for the border wall to stop future migrant caravan invasions, but the Democrats are resisting.

But, just before the meeting, Trump revealed that James Mattis had one ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan.

Trump is demanding five billion dollars in border wall funding.

Schumer and Pelosi are offering $1.3 billion for fencing that Congress previously agreed upon.

For Trump, that won’t do.

He knows with the Democrats set to take over the House this could be his last chance for at least two years to win approval for his signature campaign promise.

To put pressure on the Democrats to agree to his demand of five billion dollars for the wall, Trump tweeted:

“Build the wall” remains a signature chant at Trump rallies to this very day.

Trump knows that when he runs for re-election the Democrats and the fake news media will batter him for failing to deliver on this promise.

So he is prepared to pull out all the stops to make sure this is a promise he made that he is able to keep.

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135 Responses

  1. snark* says:

    Reb Gray. jd is a ph.D, BS (behavioral scientist) by
    ‘admission’. Boom. So that’s that. Lack of ‘want’ in
    profession. Not registered. boom. Seems self -trained
    in ‘statistics’. & on ‘stuff’. of which previous posts mention.
    > HERE IS a Great quote:
    > “Statistics IS the ‘Dirty little SECRET’ of
    PURE MATHEMATICS.” __ Boom. ( & don’t ask where or
    of whom i saw Quote, MANY Yrs Ago. ) Einstein ?
    MC / HNY 2019.

  2. Child Prodigy says:

    YES. Rxtek. ‘some’ Really Do Need STFU.
    They bury their ‘hole’ Deeper. Basically,
    Our ‘dear betty’ IS a ‘lightweight’. (thank god)__
    > Send good thoughts, she Really Can Repair.

  3. Dr. Poobah. says:

    ADD 1 more ppl. Total 13.

  4. zee says:

    Betty, betty, betty/ diane? PLEASE, PLEASE, TRY ! to ‘shake’
    Yourself OUT of a ‘devastating mindset’.
    > IF, media & X-treme Left Lib’s KEEP 0n, & ‘destroy
    USA (of which you enjoy rite now) WILL be ‘0ver’ __
    &&& You my friend etal, WILL NOT be a ‘happy camper’.
    You Are TOO ‘Young’ for this. Capish. Well anyway,
    ~ Merry Christmas~ ps E’0ne here ‘hates’ you, by the replies.
    Somehow, i do not, & have a ‘soft spot’ for you. WHY? i dunno___
    (except, i seem to ‘know’ you. ) Eeee gads. whew __

  5. Dr. Poobah. says:

    Brandy, you ‘snagged’ a bit 0ver $300 from 12 ppl.
    >Shame on you. To the ’12’ – Try to Reclaim Your $.
    (unless you consider a ‘donation’ to Brandy.

  6. Rxtek says:

    Dr jd, fool that you are. There are already portions of the wall. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a small hoard of illegals. I do not.

  7. Rxtek says:

    Cut and paste much betty? Come up with something new OR STFU

  8. lou says:

    there should be a tax added for money transferred to Mexico and any other country south of the border.

  9. lou says:

    63% of non citizens are on welfare and the total goes to 70 percent for the non citizens who have been here for 10 years.

  10. lou says:

    the military was put there to stop the invasion. thank god the our military in WW2 knew what they needed to do and did it or we would now be speaking German or Japanese. Our military is a joke to the invaders. Joke to me too. They see the invaders going over the wall and do nothing about it. We may as well have the Disneyland band there.

  11. Michael says:

    Betty, there’s no use trying to argue with people like you. You’re beyond reason and beyond reach. Pres. Trump is trying to secure the borders and defend the country, and he’s doing it in the face of treasonous obstruction from the Democrats. People like you are part of the problem and you don’t even deserve to live in this country.

  12. Rebecca Gray says:

    Ha! Trained researcher? You are a statistician and statistics are easily altered to favor any point you wish to make. What a crock of “you know what.”

  13. Rebecca Gray says:

    Ha! Trained researcher? You are a statistician and statistics are easily altered to favor any point you wish to make.

  14. Rebecca Gray says:

    Are you completely daft or just pretending?

  15. zee says:

    Secora. some ppl ‘edumacated’ Just Enough to BE
    ‘dangerous’ W/ their ‘self proclaimed’ Left info. jd Is 1
    of ‘them’.
    > & ‘they’ Walk Among Us.
    > PPL on this blog Are Intelligent & SEE thru ‘the KrAAp.
    #SAVEUSA from 1 World 0rder. POTUS/PATRIOTS/SAVE.

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