Donald Trump made one promise about the Deep State that had his supporters jumping for joy

For three years, Barack Obama’s Deep State schemed to sabotage Donald Trump’s Presidency.

That effort ended in failure.

And now Donald Trump made this promise about the Deep State that had his supporters jumping for joy.

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson interviewed President Trump for her show “Full measure.”

Attkisson has been one of the media members out in front of the Obamagate story dating back to when Obama was in office and Attkisson reported that the Obama administration spied on her computer due to critical stories she produced.

In the interview with Attkisson, the President promised more disclosures of ugly acts of spying by the Obama administration that went well beyond the attempt to frame former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for being a Russian agent.

“Other things are going to come out, too. And a lot of other things are going to come out, but you don’t even need other things,” President Trump told Attkisson.

The President did caution his supporters that the declassification process takes time but that “I would like to see it move much faster.”

That’s when President Trump dropped the hammer.

President Trump told Attkisson that this was his opportunity to break the stranglehold the Deep State held over the government.

“If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the Deep State,” Trump boasted.

President Trump and his supporters are putting their hopes in the criminal investigation United States Attorney John Durham is leading into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

Many in Washington, D.C. expect Durham will bring criminal charges against some Deep State figures.

Will Durham merely charge the little fish like anti Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok?

Or will Durham indict the main players like James Comey or John Brennan?

How Durham’s investigation plays out will determine if Donald Trump can make good on breaking the Deep State.

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33 Responses

  1. craftymoe says:

    Libtards are idiots and will believe any lies the democrapic machine feeds them.
    Am voting straight republican. MAGA
    TRUMP 2020 KAGA

  2. paul b. says:

    The President has his hands full with the new party” Dem/Communist”. All the communist rioters that have taken over the party will put Nancy P. Chuck S. and friends against a wall. Not going to go well. They think their loved by these radicals. THERE NOT! JUST A MATTER OF TIME. Trump “2020”

  3. Alan says:

    If u people believe MSM bs and Pelosi bs .bidens bs. There is nothing I can say .common sense isn’t something u can teach somebody. TRUMP 2020

  4. Larry says:

    OED shut up you moron

  5. Gary says:

    QED you said: “How pathetically S-A-D. that this is what occupies your mind instead of the reality of how this president if he had acted just two weeks sooner (he wasted two freakin’ MONTHS) could have saved 83% of the people who died.”
    QED, it is the duty of each State Governor to solve their own States Issues. They couldn’t do it alone so they requested help from the Federal Government… They couldn’t correct the CCP Virus problem properly so they and your type put BLAME where it doesn’t belong. Put the death blame where it belongs, State Government and not the Federal Government. Some states had very little deaths because their State Governors reacted correctly! Bravo!

  6. John Soroka says:

    Anyone who does not know that the democrat party is and has been the Communist party of America for many decades is really stupid and or a useful idiot. They should try reading a few books and educate themselves.

  7. Texas Tea Partier says:

    There has been a lot of talk and investigations but no indictments ……………………….yet.

  8. FluffyPillowFive says:

    If Trump spied on his opponents or used the government to go after his opponents then I wouldn’t vote for him. But Trump didn’t do either.
    Obama and Biden did both.
    At this point denying what the former administration did just makes you look silly, and partisan, and dishonest.

  9. Sandra says:

    If you continue to ignore the obvious and accept what the previous administration attempted to this country you must have a 0 (zero) IQ.

  10. Anthony Alfaro says:

    So SAD, a great deal of words without any truth. Such a waste of time reading your dribble.

  11. Dale e Thompson says:

    QED really there is no santa Clause. there is no Easter Bunny,or tooth fairy either. You can grow up now open your eyes and look at what is real. They have been lying to us about pretty much everything. I am not even sure if the virus is real. ,The amount of deaths from it. or where it originated. What I do know is to keep on believing the same press and the politicians that have been proven to lie to us for at least the last two decades. Is complete insanity. If you choose to keep believing in fairy tales and trust our press . you are insane. If you want to believe in a super hero. i would suggest Donald Trump.

  12. QED says:

    100,000 Americans who have died as of today due to Covid-19 and this is what you are talking about?!?! Where is the sense of caring about all those families and loved ones, and all the medical people who had to try to help them, only to have failed? What the hell is wrong with you, to believe some unproven B.S. about a “Deep State” which is about as stupid as being a “flat earth follower”!!! How pathetically S-A-D. that this is what occupies your mind instead of the reality of how this president, if he had acted just two weeks sooner (he wasted two freakin’ MONTHS) could have saved 83% of the people who died.

    You Trumpon cult members clearly care more about your ideology and propaganda than you do people’s lives. You like to act like victims to justify Trump’s crimes and failure. Creating the BS of a “Deep State” is just an excuse that has NO substantial evidence. If evidence exists, present it!!

  13. @Gina……………Your shrink is looking for you so he can increase your meds and put you back in your Rubber Room !

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