Donald Trump looked at one set of new polls that had him jumping for joy

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An avalanche of polling data just dropped ahead of Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech.

It paints one consistent picture.

And Donald Trump looked at one set of new polls that had him jumping for joy.

Fox News poll shows Trump winning record support from key groups

The recent New York Times/Siena poll caused a freakout on the Left as it showed former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by five points.

Democrats tried to claim the poll was either wrong or an outlier.

But the State of the Union before an election is an important milepost.

And every media outlet wanted their poll to reveal the state of play at this juncture.

Fox News’ poll found Trump leading Biden by two points.

That wasn’t even the worst news.

Trump picked up record support from black voters as well as young voters.

Suburban women – Trump’s weakest demographic – also gave him strong levels of support.

“For instance, 28% of black voters support Trump in the head-to-head against Biden, 7 times as many as supported him four years ago (4% in February 2020).  In addition, Trump has significant support among voters under age 30 (51%) and Democrats (8%), with near-record support among Hispanics (48%) and suburban women (43%),” Fox News reported.

Trump also maintained strength with his own base.

“Some of Trump’s strongest groups are White evangelical Christians (68%), White men without a college degree (64%), and rural voters (60%), while for Biden it’s black voters (66%), urban voters (59%), and college graduates (57%),” Fox News also reported.

Other Media polls confirm Trump lead 

CBS found Trump leading Biden by four points.

The Wall Street Journal’s new poll showed Trump over Biden by two.

Prices shot up nearly 20 percent thanks to Biden’s inflation.

And he shipped 7.2 million illegal aliens into the United States.

Russia is threatening nuclear strikes over Biden’s war in Ukraine.

There is a sense among the public that events are spiraling out of control and that the President is too senile to get the train back on the tracks.

That’s why the polls show Donald Trump holding a lead over Joe Biden going into the State of the Union.

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