Donald Trump is holding back one October surprise that is bad news for Democrats

Democrats are looking at the polls and thinking they have the 2020 election in the bag.

But they should not pop the champagne corks yet.

And that’s because Donald Trump is holding back one October surprise that is bad news for Democrats.

Donald Trump and grassroots conservatives spent months pressuring reluctant Senate Republicans to investigate how the Obama administration and the FBI tried to frame the Trump campaign for colluding with the Russians.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham finally caved in and announced a June 4 Judiciary Committee vote to subpoena documents and witness testimony from 53 FBI and Obama administration officials including all the big names and heavy hitters.

Graham further clarified his plans by saying Graham’s timeline for wrapping up the investigation would be in October.

“I want to do it before the election — I want to get all the information out there,” Graham explained to a group of fake news reporters.

“I’m trying to explain to the American people what happened in Crossfire Hurricane,” Graham added. “I gave Mueller all the space he needed to do his job. He’s done his job, we got the Mueller report, we’re going to do this by October.”

Everyone wants this investigation wrapped up as quickly as possible so the American people can finally get closure on the Russian collusion hoax and hold the guilty parties accountable.

Democrats will howl that Graham is planning to release his report in October, which would be just weeks before Election Day.

But there is no other choice.

Control of the Senate is up for grabs and if Democrats win they will snuff out any investigation in January once they officially take over as the majority.

Conversely, if Joe Biden wins and Republicans control the Senate, Republicans want the investigation wrapped up and done with to provide Biden the courtesy of not starting his administration under a cloud the same way Democrats tried to sandbag Trump.

That’s why there is no other choice for Republicans than to set this accelerated timeline to release the definitive report of the Obamagate criminal conspiracy.

This report could lay bare all the ugly scheming by the Obama administration and their Deep State pals to manufacture the Russian collusion hoax.

And it could force Joe Biden to answer some tough questions that may cost him the election.

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37 Responses

  1. Jeff Irwin says:

    Ok so IF Joe wins, Kamalla will take over and appoint the next VP just guess who that’ll be? Moochelle. Yup you guessed it and oldumba gets his 3rd term….. wake up people or I’ll be a dead communist . MAGA 2020

  2. Steve Scoutaris says:

    LJ, you are too stupid to be a Christian. To be saved you have to at least read the bible. How can someone be a Christian if they haven’t read God’s Word?

  3. Obamagate is worse than Watergate. Nixon listened to his opponents he didn’t fabricate a frameup of duly elected President. He didn’t have Chuck Schumer grandstanding on television telling Presidential nominee “the intelligence community has six ways to Sunday to take you out”. The Democrats are just as guilty as the Obama administration themselves because they knew this whole thing was false. Come November 3,2020 we the people will vote all your asses out of office! # Red Tsunami Rising# ! Give no sanctuary and no quarter to any Democrats on the Ballot in November make it hurt worse than 2010 after the Obama administration purposely went after conservative 501 c3’s and 501 c4s.

  4. SmellyWalmartShopper says:

    Dr. J.D. and Scott27 are frauds that might actually be the same troll.
    They spew out lies about Trump breaking laws but when you ask them what laws specifically they either don’t answer or try to change the subject.

  5. Katie says:

    To Charles B.

    From: the Guardian:
    ‘ivankaTrump and Jared Kushner made as much as $135m last year
    In their second year as White House aides, couple took in funds from REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS, , STOCKS, AND A BOOK DEAL.”

    In other words those two people actually EARNED their money. They both work in the White House for NOTHING>!They take NO salary.

    Please try to educate your slef before making unsupported FALSE sttements, or better yet, STOP LISTENING TOT HE FAKE NEWS NETWORKS!! You might learn something

  6. LJ says:

    I agree. Nobody ever lied more in the history of the United States than President Trump! God did, indeed, predict President Trump’s arrival in the Bible, he calls President Trump – THE ANTI-CHRIST! Quite fitting to, can anyone imagine someone that has NEVER admitted he has been wrong EVER? Jesus says to love your neighbors – President Trump says to lock ‘em up if they get past his walls, even the KIDS! We are truly , a nation of heinous individuals. Thank You President Trump!

  7. charles B says:

    This will be all smoke and mirror’s –BS nothing done–just taxpayer money spent for more BS

  8. Scott27 says:

    Hunter Biden earned $600k per year while working at Burisma. Ivanka and Jared earned $135 million last year while working at the white house. Feel free to investigate Hunter, but let’s also look at Jared and Ivanka. Or is that too simple?

  9. Kste says:

    The big surprise in Oct. would be if Graham actually released any report by then, remember he is a McCain Rino.

  10. The Redhawk says:


  11. Obamagate makes Watergate look like child’s play !! Not only did Obummer order and conduct various types of surveillance AND Illegally obtain a FISA Warrant on Trump and his associates before the election, but, when that didn’t work, he orchestrated a COUP against the duly elected President of the USA !! I f this is not BLATANT TREASON, then what is !??

  12. Jeff says:

    Anyone who thinks Beady eyed Joe will be operating anything in the white house besides donor tours is obviously a Democrat. Every liberal flavor of the week will be pushing their agenda to dismantle America as we know it. Deficatiion and needles will be the norm in all big cities. And there will be a lot of outlaws out here in the hinterlands as we will refuse the gun confiscation that will be coming. This spineless , never had a core belief in his life will only be a puppet, and as he consedes to dimentia. who ever is VP will take over. Only hope we have if the baby killers get in power is to keep the Senate. Keep Praying that he keeps being Joe, give him enough rope he’ll hang himself is the old saying.

  13. Jack Handy says:

    ok, Honorable Lindsey Graham… You Put Your
    ‘feet In the Fire’ … We’ll See, won’t we… 0R Do You
    Wear ‘fireproof’ Boots…

  14. moosegringo says:

    Rat……I say release all the info about the Democrats subterfuge – and let the voters decide. I want the Rats called out – sorry if that offends you or other liberal Demos. Oh, and we COULD work together for the American people, but the DemoRats ALWAYS seem to have a different “agenda”. I wait for your next post just to see how much you bloviate on what I wrote.

  15. Iris Lynch says:

    So, you think that the American people should go ahead and elect a criminal to be our President? I would guess you are A Dem.

  16. Judy York says:

    Obama and Michelle were the worst things to happen to America in the history of America. They spent our money so foolishly and selfishly it is a shame. They almost made us into a Muslem country but thank God He sent us President Trump, who was NOT a politician but a business man. Just what we needed, I just wish he could serve a third term where he would have the support of Congress and the American people without the selfish, power hungry Democrats that are in there now. Just praying we can get them out of there in November.

  17. Rat Wrangler says:

    So, the surprise that will be bad news for the Democrats is that Mr. Graham may release a report sometime in October that may or may not contain any information of consequence that cannot be explained away by politics as usual? I’m getting tired of our elected officials of either party that spend all their time trying to attack the other party rather than doing their jobs. We elected them to represent our needs, and I have not seen any evidence that most Americans want this constant finger pointing and blame game, rather than everyone working together to solve all of our present crises.

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