Donald Trump got his hands on one poll that gave him the good news he was looking for

It’s October.

And that means both Democrats and Republicans are pouring over polling data.

And Donald Trump got his hands on one poll that gave him the good news he was looking for.

Donald Trump and his campaign have a chance to turn the conversation away from coronavirus when Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett begin.

Democrats are trying to derail the confirmation by pressuring Republicans to hold off until after the election in hopes that Joe Biden wins and can then fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

But the Democrats’ pressure campaign is falling flat.

A brand new Morning Consult poll finds support for confirming Amy Coney Barrett increasing with opposition decreasing.

Americans by a 46 to 31 percent margin favor the Senate confirming Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Eli Yokey of Morning Consult wrote of their findings:

Democrats are losing the Supreme Court messaging war, new polling indicates, with support for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation trending in the GOP’s direction.

Nearly half (46 percent) of voters in an Oct. 2-4 Morning Consult/Politico poll said the Senate should confirm Barrett — up 9 percentage points since President Donald Trump announced her nomination on Sept. 26 — as more voters say the chamber should consider her elevation to the high court as soon as possible, regardless of who wins next month’s election.

The share of voters who said the Senate should reject her nomination dropped 3 points, to 31 percent, from polling conducted on Sept. 26. Both polls were conducted among roughly 2,000 registered voters each, with 2-point margins of error.

Republicans have a chance to focus the last two weeks of October on the Supreme Court, which is much more favorable terrain for the GOP.

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