Donald Trump exposed the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter with one picture

The left-wing raging across America was supposedly a reaction to police brutality against black Americans.

But there is a deadly secret the rioters are hiding.

And Donald Trump exposed the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter with one picture.

77-year-old retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was killed during riots after responding to an alarm in his friend’s pawn shop.

Terrorist rioters storming into the business shot and killed Dorn while Dorn tried to defend the pawn shop.

President Trump honored Dorn – a black retired police officer – who was killed in riots supposedly in response to injustice blacks feel they suffer at the hands of police.

These riots are not legitimate expressions political speech.

And the people out in the streets don’t care about improving black lives because they looted black businesses and burned down black neighborhoods.

The Fake News Media largely ignored Dorn’s story because the media wants to glorify the rioters because they think the chaos hurts President Trump and helps Joe Biden.

So reporters – many of whom are white liberals who claim to be “allies” of the civil rights movement – as well as supposed civil rights “activists” erase stories like those that belong to David Dorn because they do not advance the leftists’ narrative.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Why don’t you stick to the news you are reporting and forget the polls after every paragraph or article? I get damn tired of polls. Keep it up and you can stop sending mail to me!

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