Donald Trump destroyed Dan Crenshaw for this massive insult

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is one of the biggest RINOs in Washington, D.C.

Crenshaw wants to be the new John McCain.

But now Donald Trump destroyed Dan Crenshaw for this massive insult.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of the Republicans who showed up at the NRA convention in Houston that was scheduled just days after the tragedy in Uvalde.

The corporate-controlled press and Democrats tried to pressure Republicans to accept massive new gun control schemes, including red flag confiscation laws and a national gun registration database, by claiming it was insensitive to show up at the NRA convention in the wake of a mass shooting.

Even though the NRA had nothing to do with the horrific events at Robb Elementary School, RINOs like Dan Crenshaw and Governor Greg Abbott caved to the Left and dropped out.

During a recent episode of Cruz’s The Verdict podcast, co-host Michael Knowles asked him about the Republicans who skipped the convention in hopes of appeasing the left-wing media and gun grabbers.

“A lot of people dropped out. Senator, you did not!” Knowles stated. “You showed up, you gave a robust defense of the Second Amendment.”

Cruz told Knowles he thought it was important to show up and defend the Second Amendment.

The Texas Senator also called out the Republicans – like Crenshaw – who skipped the convention for playing into the media narrative.

“I thought it was important to be there,” Cruz added. “I was disappointed to see so many others make the decision not to be there. In part because the media narrative that comes out of horrific crimes, horrific mass murders within seconds, the media immediately wants to politicize them and use them to advance their longstanding political agenda that they had moments before the murder occurred.”

“The media and the Democrats, they want to label anyone who believes in the Second Amendment, anyone who defends the Second Amendment, as responsible for this horrific crime, and the NRA in particular is probably their favorite boogeyman,” Cruz continued.

Cruz also told Knowles he chatted with President Trump and he let it be known that he was not happy with RINOs like Crenshaw who bowed down to the gun-grabbers and skipped the convention.

“I chatted with Trump, right before he went on stage and thanked him for coming,” Cruz concluded. “I said, look, ‘It was important that you came, it was important that you didn’t back out. Thank you for being here.’ And he of course agreed. And he had, let me just say, some choice words for some of the folks who chose not to be there.”

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