Disney just issued a threat to Ron DeSantis that is about to backfire big time

Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are locked in a bitter feud.

This time it was Disney striking a blow.

And Disney just issued a threat to Ron DeSantis that is about to backfire big time.

Disney announced it was delaying moving 3,000 employees from California to Florida by three years to 2026.

Fox News reports:

The relocation of some employees to Florida is in connection to the completion of the company’s new campus in the Orlando community of Lake Nona, a spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times.

The company in July 2021 said it planned to move some 2,000 staffers to central Florida to take advantage of some $570 million in tax breaks. The move was expected to take 18 months.

That has been pushed back to an anticipated opening date of 2026.

2026 – coincidentally – would be the last year of Ron DeSantis’ term in office should he win re-election this November.

And after DeSantis went to war with Disney over the company’s woke meddling in Florida politics, the “House of Mouse” may be trying to wait it out in the hopes of a more favorable Governor taking office in 2027.

Even though Disney denied the delay being politically motivated, Jim Shull – who worked as an imager there for 33 years – expressed his view that the company made this move to get back at Governor DeSantis.

The feud between DeSantis and Disney kicked off when CEO Bob Chapek caved to woke employees and vocally opposed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which banned teachers from grooming children in grades K-3 with transgenderism.

DeSantis responded by signing legislation ending the Reedy Creek District and revoking Disney’s special tax and governing privileges.

That move shocked CEOs across America.

Disney can’t up and move the company, so the only leverage it has is to try and inflict economic pain and hope the next administration in Florida is more friendly to woke corporations.

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