Devin Nunes drove the final stake in the heart of a 2020 Democrat by exposing one shocking scandal

From his position at the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes has become a top enemy of the Deep State.

He is unafraid to dig into and expose their dirtiest secrets.

And Nunes drove the final stake in the heart of a top Democrat by exposing one shocking scandal.

Speaking to Fox News, Devin Nunes ripped into former Vice President Joe Biden.

He points out that his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in the Ukraine will likely be the end of his presidential campaign.

Nunes explains that the whistle-blower who claims Trump threatened Ukrainian officials to look into the scandal only served to put a microscope on Biden.

Breitbart News reports:

On this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, discussed the mounting controversy involving former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Ukraine.

Nunes told host Maria Bartiromo he saw it as the end of the elder Biden’s 2020 presidential bid.

“I mean, look, there’s a lot. Look, the left knows that Biden’s son is a problem for him,” he said. “This is why, when Hillary Clinton was running, these stories first originated — first originated back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure that Biden didn’t get in the race.”

“So, now that these have been resurrected, I don’t know who came up with the scheme,” Nunes continued. “Maybe there really is — this whistle-blower is not a partisan. I mean, we want to — we want to hear from that whistle-blower. But it sure looks like the scheme has backfired. And this — like I said, I think this is probably the end of Biden’s campaign.”

Whenever Trump is hit by a “scandal,” the facts end up exonerating him.

For two years, Democrats claimed he was a Russian puppet, only for their hero Robert Mueller to prove it false.

In this case, it was Ukrainian officials coming out stating the “whistleblowers” claim is false.

So now, everybody will stop talking about that, and instead focus on Joe Biden’s very real scandal.

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  1. I will say there will be a land slide TRUMP all he way 100 % % He will win. He has done a great job helping America during this pandemic.

  2. The Real M says:

    Ray Jay, Correct, James Langham is a blithering idiot and die hard Democrat who doesn’t care one iota about truth and facts! He has lost his ability to think and reason rather, he just listens to his lying anti American unpatriotic leaders and believes every lie they tell him. James is a ignoramus and deserves whatever bad his party brings upon him!

  3. Ray Jay says:

    You are a idiot! Have you not learned anything from the Mueller Report, the Russian probe, the FISA court findings, the Impeachment Hearings, the Democrat lies, Fake News, etc., etc! If you are watching or listening to MSMBC, NBC, CNN, and other Fake News Networks all they give you are lies, opinions and untruths. How can every Liberal News Networks be repeating the same stories if they are not colluting with one another? Wake up America, especially you Democrats!

  4. NOBODY says:

    end or in bed with Ukrainian officials, Bidden that is (Not Trump)

  5. Eileen Trent says:

    MOCKINGBIRD NEWS MEDIA : New word of the day—-COVERUP ! PAY ATTENTION! They got their new word from Pelosi and the DNC. Here we go. Watch all of the FAKE NEWS repeat over and over and over.

  6. Mama says:

    haha. PP inks 2x. well, whatever.

  7. Mama says:

    Corporate DEMS ARE ‘Caving’ IF
    Warren takes Nom. FACTOID.

  8. Mama says:

    Corporate DEMS ARE ‘Caving’ IF
    Warren takes Nom. FACTOID.
    FACTOID. Find info for Yourselves. I DID.

  9. Mama says:

    Corporate DEMS ARE ‘Caving’ IF
    Warren takes Nom. FACTOID.

  10. walkedAway Liberal says:

    ‘WE KNOW’ !!! & MORE Are
    ‘Waking Up’ !!!

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