Democrats sent one stunning behind the scenes message to Nancy Pelosi about retirement

Nancy Pelosi has led the Democrats in the House of Representatives for nearly 20 years.

But that time appears like it is coming to an end.

And Democrats sent one stunning behind the scenes message to Nancy Pelosi about retirement.

Punchbowl News just released the results of a survey of senior staffers in both the House and the Senate.

One of the questions Punchbowl polled staffers on was if they believed Pelosi would retire this year.

The results showed that 60 percent of House senior staffers believe Pelosi will retire this year.

That number included 51 percent of senior Democrat staffers in both the House and the Senate who predict Pelosi will step down this year.

Punchbowl News reported:

Despite announcing she’d seek reelection earlier this year, a majority of senior staffers across both parties believe Speaker Nancy Pelosi will retire after this Congress.

→ 54% of respondents said they believe Pelosi will retire after this Congress. That number went up to 60% when we asked senior House staffers.

When we talk to leadership staffers, they tell us they don’t know whether Pelosi will retire, and furthermore, they do not believe she will announce her retirement in the middle of a congressional session. Pelosi has previously said this would be her last term as speaker.

Nancy Pelosi would never announce her retirement before the Midterm elections.

Pelosi heading for the exit before the vote would send a signal to Democrat voters that the election is a lost cause and not to bother turning out.

But Pelosi did promise to only serve two terms as Speaker.

That pledge is not likely to come into play as Republicans are the overwhelming favorite to win control of the House of Representatives.

It is unlikely that Democrats would keep Pelosi in the role of Minority Leader, as this would be the second time she suffered a landslide defeat as Speaker of the House, with the first coming in the Tea Party wave of 2010.

Pelosi’s fellow Democrats in leadership are all over 80-years-old, and a blowout loss in the Midterms would set up Democrats for a complete overhaul at the top.

Would Nancy Pelosi settle for being a regular member of the Democrat Caucus with no leadership position?

That is unlikely.

And that’s why the majority of Democrats expect Pelosi to retire this year after the Midterm elections.

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