Democrats got bad news about some disturbing Joe Biden poll numbers

Democrats have done a good job of shielding Joe Biden from the public.

There is a reason officials go to such lengths to keep Biden out of view as much as possible.

And Democrats got bad news about some disturbing Joe Biden poll numbers.

During the last campaign, Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden would serve as a puppet for the radical Left.

Biden scoffed at those claims.

But nearly six months into his term and many Americans now agree with Donald Trump.

A new poll by the Trafalgar Group conducted for Convention of the States Action found that just 36 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is in charge of his administration.

Breitbart reports:

A majority, 56.5 percent, said “no, others are directing policy and agenda,” compared to 36.4 percent who believe Biden is truly directing all his own policies and agenda items.

While the majority of Democrats, 58.6 percent, believe he is directing his own policy and agenda, the same cannot be said of Republicans, 83.6 percent of whom believe others are directing Biden’s policy and agenda. Notably, a majority of independent voters agree with Republicans that others are calling the shots for Biden.

Joe Biden’s agenda as well as his oftentimes confused behavior is likely driving these results.

Biden pitched himself to the voters as a common sense centrist.

But in office, Biden’s proposed trillions in new spending, the biggest tax increase in American history, a Green New Deal-style socialist welfare bill, as well as throwing open the borders.

That’s the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Bernie Sanders agenda.

And that’s why so few Americans think Joe Biden is actually the one in charge.

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