Democrats did something sick to William Barr to cover themselves after Jeffrey Epstein’s death

The suspected suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has the entire Democrat establishment on edge.

Epstein has long been a friend of the Democrat Party, putting many top figures in the party under the spotlight.

That’s why Democrats did something sick to William Barr to cover themselves after Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Following the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, Attorney General William Barr kicked into gear.

Barr is already taking swift action.

He removed the U.S. Prisons chief and is launching a thorough investigation into Epstein.

But despite his immediate action, the Left wants him out of the investigation all together.

Joyce White Vance — a former federal district court judge appointed by Barack Obama — wants the Attorney General to recuse himself from the investigation completely.

She points out the fact that Barr recused himself from an investigation into a decade-old Florida plea deal with Epstein, due to a law firm he was working for having potential involvement.

Vance uses that as the basis for her argument that Barr should recuse himself from investigating Epstein and his death entirely.

Vance wrote in TIME:

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. His victims will never have their day in court, at least not with this defendant. It is critical that the Justice Department conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death. But how it is handled is also critical to the integrity of DOJ. That is why Attorney General William Barr needs to recuse himself.

Epstein was charged in July by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. They claimed he exploited and abused dozens of minors, with victims as young as 14, and was so focused on keeping his pipeline of victims flowing that he resorted to paying some of them a fee to recruit more girls.

Six months before that, at his confirmation hearing, Barr was asked if he would investigate the handling of a decade-old Florida plea deal that let Epstein escape responsibility for his conduct. He said he thought his former law firm was involved in the case so he might have to recuse. Although Barr did ultimately recuse from an investigation into the Florida case, he did not from SDNY’s case.

The fact that a former district court judge with close ties to Obama is calling for Barr to recuse himself raises serious red flags.

Since taking over as Attorney General, Barr has proven he is willing to take on many of the world’s most powerful figures, like those in the Deep State.

His investigation into Epstein will look into everyone who was potentially involved, including high-level Democrats like Bill Clinton.

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