Dan Crenshaw only needed one fact to destroy Maxine Waters’ entire career

There may be nobody in Congress dumber than “low-IQ” Maxine Waters.

Her only political position is calling on the impeachment of President Trump.

But now her career is over after Dan Crenshaw pointed out just one fact.

Dan Crenshaw is a war hero.

After losing his eye, he continued serving in the Military for multiple additional deployments, only to later serve his country by getting elected to Congress.

Despite being only a first-term congressman, Crenshaw is making a name for himself as one of the fiercest fighters for conservative values.

But in contrast, Maxine Waters is a career politician who serves only to enrich herself, and to simply do whatever she needs to keep her cushy job.

Currently, that means she’s rabidly opposing President Trump at every turn, no matter what he does.

And she did just that in a Tweet about Trump’s recent decision to pull out from a planned attack on Iran.

She somehow claims that Trump didn’t actually stop any strike against Iran, and that conducting surveillance operations is provoking Iran.

Crenshaw used his platform on Twitter to point out that Waters is mirroring Iranian propaganda with her “shocking” comment.

Fox News reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., drew fire from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, on Twitter for accusing President Trump of provoking a conflict with Iran.

The U.S. military’s Central Command released a video earlier this month showing Iranian forces removing an unexploded mine from one of the two ships that were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has denied any involvement in the conflict.

Trump called off a military strike against Tehran after they shot down an American drone they claimed was in Iranian airspace. It was valued at over $100 million. Iran has since claimed they have the capability to continue shooting down American drones if necessary.

Waters said Trump didn’t deserve credit for showing restraint and questioned the nature of America’s surveillance of Iran.

Crenshaw responded less than six hours later and called Waters’ comments “shocking” and accused her of repeating falsities from the Iranian regime. He also called her conduct disgraceful.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

It would be extremely irresponsible for the U.S. not to conduct some form of surveillance.

And in fact, former President Barack Obama was using many of the same surveillance tactics on Iran that President Trump is using now.

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98 Responses

  1. Sonja Copley says:

    please research your statement about Songbird Johnny being a war hero, he was everything but. His father was a well respected Admiral, who saved John from a murder charge and dishonorable discharge when John was screwing around while buzzing a ship and caused the deaths of over a hundred seamen. Daddy got it covered up and John was transferred with No consequences. He wasn’t even supposed to be flying over Hanoi when he got shot down. He turned in fellow prisoners, made propaganda videos, etc. John McCain was always a fake, a RINO, yes, he received the “dossier ” Killary’s errand boy, also was charged with murder, treason, sex and child trafficking, etc. and found Guilty by a military tribunal. A deal was struck so he would receive a military funeral for his families, friends sake. Brain cancer was a way to explain his death to the world. He was executed!


  3. Barry says:

    I agree Jackson. Glad he’s gone. Got a lot more cullin to do!

  4. Barry says:

    They take down half of my post as well. Maxi Pad Maxine is Top 5 in the [email protected]???????????? of the Democrats for Corruption and Ignorance. She has been diagnosed with???????????? for brains. Obviously in California to be elected you must endorse the slogan” The Land of Fruits & Nuts” Pelosi, Maxi Pad, Sawell, the So called Governor, shifty Adam(did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there) Schiff and many more!! Maxi Pad will encourage people to attack Trump supporters and she will keep fighting to “IMPREACH 45” because IMPREACHMENT is what has to be did. The whole party has bumped it’s head too many times!! Maxi Pad is just the front runner of the IQ of DEMOCRATS. They are an embarrassment to our country… FUBAR

  5. JACKSON says:

    John McCain was no hero, he flew his plane over people dropping herbicide on women, children they didn’t like it and shot him down. they kept him alive but could have killed him, set him free. Here is a tidbit, recently heard, WHO WAS IT THAT DELIVERED THE DOSSIER FROM ENGLAND TO THE DOJ AND DEMOCRATS, NONE OTHER THAN JOHN McCAIN he was a democrat in republican clothes….A TRAITOR…..

  6. NOBODY says:

    the crusty hag must have altimeters decease and should be removed and buried.
    preferable alive.

    I’m sick and tired of whiners! and liars!

  7. Dee says:

    Totally agree ! Waters is such a waste of air !

  8. KeKe67 says:

    Right on, Chief. I am so tired of these affirmative action politicians who are dumb as rocks. If they ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness.

  9. Erick jensen says:

    Somewhere the people that are conservatives in Calif need to wake up and realize what these legislative s are doing to this country and get off their asses and vote these people out of office and sooooooon!

  10. Colleen La Rose says:

    Good morning dear Linda
    No I heard the intro & the subjects they said would be discussed, I couldn’t force myself to burn out any of my brain cells listening to the clowns. I wish their mics would permanently turn off. How are you doing today Linda?

  11. hotrod greene says:

    destroy the worthless old hag

  12. Linda M. says:

    Colleen La Rose: Well, did you watch the clown show last night? I loved it when they had mic problems!! Do you think GOD was telling them something??

  13. Linda M. says:

    canam884;So on point. Thank you!!These Democrats have no clue what respect means..

  14. Linda M. says:

    Gisela H Fehr: AMEN!!

  15. Gisela H Fehr says:

    Waters should either resign (surely she’s amassed enough money by now) or else have her tongue cut out. When I think of the garbage and vicioous nonsense that’s come out of her mouth, I am embarrassed for her, for females, and thank the Lord that I’m NOT a democRAT.

  16. Colleen La Rose says:

    I agree 100%!!!

  17. Jim C says:

    Son you need to get out more. Is Donald Trumps tax returns that important to you people. I personally could care less if he paid any taxes or not. If he filled out his returns legally and claimed whatever tax breaks are allowed by LAW then he did nothing wrong. If I’m not mistaken old Bernie paid less in taxes % wise than Trump did for tax returns we have. For the last 3 years it has been taxes and Russia. Well neither has amounted to anything but hey James you keep the faith man.

  18. Vicki says:


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