Dan Crenshaw only needed one fact to destroy Maxine Waters’ entire career

There may be nobody in Congress dumber than “low-IQ” Maxine Waters.

Her only political position is calling on the impeachment of President Trump.

But now her career is over after Dan Crenshaw pointed out just one fact.

Dan Crenshaw is a war hero.

After losing his eye, he continued serving in the Military for multiple additional deployments, only to later serve his country by getting elected to Congress.

Despite being only a first-term congressman, Crenshaw is making a name for himself as one of the fiercest fighters for conservative values.

But in contrast, Maxine Waters is a career politician who serves only to enrich herself, and to simply do whatever she needs to keep her cushy job.

Currently, that means she’s rabidly opposing President Trump at every turn, no matter what he does.

And she did just that in a Tweet about Trump’s recent decision to pull out from a planned attack on Iran.

She somehow claims that Trump didn’t actually stop any strike against Iran, and that conducting surveillance operations is provoking Iran.

Crenshaw used his platform on Twitter to point out that Waters is mirroring Iranian propaganda with her “shocking” comment.

Fox News reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., drew fire from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, on Twitter for accusing President Trump of provoking a conflict with Iran.

The U.S. military’s Central Command released a video earlier this month showing Iranian forces removing an unexploded mine from one of the two ships that were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has denied any involvement in the conflict.

Trump called off a military strike against Tehran after they shot down an American drone they claimed was in Iranian airspace. It was valued at over $100 million. Iran has since claimed they have the capability to continue shooting down American drones if necessary.

Waters said Trump didn’t deserve credit for showing restraint and questioned the nature of America’s surveillance of Iran.

Crenshaw responded less than six hours later and called Waters’ comments “shocking” and accused her of repeating falsities from the Iranian regime. He also called her conduct disgraceful.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

It would be extremely irresponsible for the U.S. not to conduct some form of surveillance.

And in fact, former President Barack Obama was using many of the same surveillance tactics on Iran that President Trump is using now.


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100 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    They take down half of my post as well. Maxi Pad Maxine is Top 5 in the As@???????????? of the Democrats for Corruption and Ignorance. She has been diagnosed with???????????? for brains. Obviously in California to be elected you must endorse the slogan” The Land of Fruits & Nuts” Pelosi, Maxi Pad, Sawell, the So called Governor, shifty Adam(did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there) Schiff and many more!! Maxi Pad will encourage people to attack Trump supporters and she will keep fighting to “IMPREACH 45” because IMPREACHMENT is what has to be did. The whole party has bumped it’s head too many times!! Maxi Pad is just the front runner of the IQ of DEMOCRATS. They are an embarrassment to our country… FUBAR

  2. JACKSON says:

    John McCain was no hero, he flew his plane over people dropping herbicide on women, children they didn’t like it and shot him down. they kept him alive but could have killed him, set him free. Here is a tidbit, recently heard, WHO WAS IT THAT DELIVERED THE DOSSIER FROM ENGLAND TO THE DOJ AND DEMOCRATS, NONE OTHER THAN JOHN McCAIN he was a democrat in republican clothes….A TRAITOR…..

  3. NOBODY says:

    the crusty hag must have altimeters decease and should be removed and buried.
    preferable alive.

    I’m sick and tired of whiners! and liars!

  4. Erick jensen says:

    Somewhere the people that are conservatives in Calif need to wake up and realize what these legislative s are doing to this country and get off their asses and vote these people out of office and sooooooon!

  5. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    She is a racist pig that drools all over herself when she talks. She and her daughter need to be thrown in jail

    • KeKe67 says:

      Right on, Chief. I am so tired of these affirmative action politicians who are dumb as rocks. If they ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness.

  6. hotrod greene says:

    destroy the worthless old hag

  7. Gisela H Fehr says:

    Waters should either resign (surely she’s amassed enough money by now) or else have her tongue cut out. When I think of the garbage and vicioous nonsense that’s come out of her mouth, I am embarrassed for her, for females, and thank the Lord that I’m NOT a democRAT.

  8. Colleen La Rose says:


    • Vicki says:

      Thank you for sharing this. Beth was a wonderful woman, I greatly admired her. RIP Beth, hugs & prayers for Duane and family.


    She is a crooked coward that hide behind her job. All mouth. She a disgrace to the american people. She hide behind her race. She need to be removed and her finance need to be look at.

  10. David says:

    Resign Hell no that’s to good for her she should have her Fortune taken away and used for the Wall and as for her and the rest of her cronies should get an all expense paid trip to the GITMO of their choice.

    • canam884 says:

      Ms. Waters;
      When you address President Trump, the term is “President Trump, or Mr. President” . These are the courtesies required by Congress and the American people.
      We, the American people don’t call you “that crooked witch Waters”, do we??

  11. Linda H says:

    I think she should be forced to live for 24 months on the streets of LA just like the street people do. (along with all the people that represents California). How can you represent people if you don’t know what they are going through. Anyway they don’t deserve anything better than the people they represent have.

    • Good morning darling Linda
      That deformed looking monkey piece of s**t couldn’t handle it for 24 hours!
      I wonder when her “peeps” are going to realize she don’t give a rats a** about them, only thing she wants is more power & money…&she don’t care who’s life she ruins to get it.

      • Linda M. says:

        Colleen La Rose; Hey are you cheating on me? You responded to Linda H. I’m Linda M…. LOL.
        I’m just to tired to respond to this story about another Democrat bimbo…I leave this to you….

        • LMAO!!!
          OH MAN I AM BUSTED!!!
          ok, I will break it off with the other Linda…your my only Linda????
          Ya, I just couldn’t pass up ranting over this she man thing. I really dispise her& her cronies. BTW: are you going to watch the clown show tonight?

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: Which clown show? I know I’ve missed so much not watching regular TV anymore.So fill me in.
            P.S. I’ll forgive you this time.I know I’m sick but I’m not dead yet, so watch your step, alright? I wonder if our flower girl will be reading this…..LOL

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          The hate Trump fest (AKA) dumbo crap debate

  12. howard buckley says:

    put waters down we shoot horses with broken legs don,t we?

  13. Why is this Mad Maxipad Waters still around? She serves no purpose, & her own group don’t even acknowledge her. Please someone catch this animal, tranquilize her & put her back in her cage ASAP!

    • BTW:
      I forgot. ..I luv me sum Dan Crenshaw!

    • KAT says:


  14. Ernst says:

    There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. Think of how corrupt Maxine Waters must be to be chosen multiple times as the most corrupt member of the House! Maxine Waters is exceptional – stupid and corrupt.

  15. DC says:

    Maxine Waters is an uneducated, pompous, illiterate idiot who is profiting from her position in government and should resign immediately.

    • Leslie Fish says:

      She publicly incited people at large to attack and harass Trump supporters in public — and gullible people DID attack and harass Trump supporters in public. That makes her legally guilty of “criminal solicitation” and “incitement”. She should be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed.

  16. Richard Williams says:

    I along with anyone who deeply loves this country I served for over 15 yrs. not only agree that people like Mrs. Waters should step down, but should also serve some jail time along side the Clintons especially Hilary.They, in my opinion are not the only ones, but they are high up on the list.Anyone who has used their position for ill gotten gain are beyond despicable. A regular citizen would be under the jail in short order.

  17. Sharon Edwards says:

    Waters is a disgrace

  18. Wakyn Ferris says:

    Imagine living with that kind of hatred for someone. I guess when one has the IQ less than that of a dog your limited on talking points, dramatically limited.

  19. marshallr says:

    She should be sent to IRAN as an ambassador without anyone to protect her except Pelosi ,Muller Nadler AOC ,Omar . then refuse to let them back into the UNITED STATES. if they survive 6 months then send them to Honduras as an ambassador to show them how to straighten out their country.

  20. Gene says:

    Maxine is too old to stay on and is really harming the US. She should resign for the good of the country an being such a corrupt politician. She is a disgrace to California and doesn’t even live in the district she represents according to the paper.

  21. John Vetter says:

    “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member”

  22. Gideon Rockwell says:

    As a Texan I am extremely proud of Dan Crenshaw. Sadly we have Psycho Waters intellectual twin Shelia Jackson Lee here. Luckily she is not a true Texan but a carpetbagger who came down here to take of the Libertard political scene in her district and get elected to office. Maxine doesn’t even live in the district she represents. I think she owns some slum tenements down there is uses the address to establish residence.

  23. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Heard that our friend Maxy is 80 years old and soon will kick the bucket, hope thIs happens very soon. The sooner the better and when that happens I’ll say good riddance to that scumbag.

  24. Greg says:

    It is indeed fortunate for ol’ Maxi pad that she was blessed with that huge, gaping maw in the front of her skull. Otherwise it would be much less comfortable for her to insert BOTH of her big, twisted, size 13 feet in it.

  25. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I’m willing to bet that Maxy Babe had thoughts of joining Jimmy Jones’s “Peoples Temple” after all there were large numbers of blacks who joined it.

  26. Scott M says:

    This vomit inducing POS should swallowed the Jones Koolaid at the time it was popular!

  27. Sam M. says:

    I agree with RON MOLTER. The DEMONRAT needs to go. She doesn’t even live in the same district she claims to be from. Also she is totally against Trump building the wall. But yet she has a big wall around her mansion. So nobody can get in and harm her. Kind of funny don’t you think. Trump is trying to build the wall so nobody can get in and hurt us. MR. CRENSHAW. Thank you for your service. And keep up the good work. Demonrat Waters it’s time for you to go bitch. Get a clue. nobody likes you. And you have no business being in office. You are a waste of space. And a drain on American tax payers.

    • TB says:

      I Agree!! Couldn’t of been said better.

      • T-pac says:

        This just shows how you b a criminal a liar and r able to try and undermine our government and have nothing happen to you!
        My question is way is this conduct allowed by the very same people who took an OATH WHEN THEY TOOK OFFICE which obviously Don’t mean DICK!!!!!

        • marshall r says:

          I wish the Dam–rats would have a convention in California & while they are having it , THE BIG EARTHQUAKE WOULD HIT AND SLIDE CALIFORNIA INTO THE OCEAN ,EXCEPT ALL OF THE DAM–RATS WOULD POLLUTE THE ENTIRE PACIFIC OCEAN.

  28. chuck says:

    She reminds me of crazy aunt ester.

  29. Jack or Lubin says:

    You say this scumbag POS should resign,? I say she should just do the country and me a big favor and die

  30. Mike says:

    James Barry, are you related to the former mayor of Washington DC Marion Barry ? You look like you are a sissy. Get a shave and try and look like a man….

  31. Rich says:

    Mad Max didn’t close her harangue with . . . . “Death to America”, otherwise she would sound like a typical bloodthirsty Terrorist.

  32. Bob says:

    Mad Max has done nothing for anyone except herself and family. In all her years she can attribute a couple building and street names. She has been proven to be one of the most corrupt politicians and doesn’t even live in the district she is supposed to represent. She needs to be drug out and banned from any position of power including chief dog catcher!

    • tom says:

      Maxine used her position in Congress to send 7 million dollars to her husbands bank that was going into foreclosure and her husband is a vice president there, she also paid her daughter 175,000 to make Xerox copies and put letters in the outbox, Her daughter also asked for another 60,000 for all her hard work

  33. Doug says:

    She is so bent on getting trump that she can’t see too do her job and I say that loosely.she needs to go and the people that voted for her need to stop.she is evil and a racist.

  34. chris says:

    simple fix, take federal troops put them on the border of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon, round up all these fruits and nuts from the rest of the country and place them all in California, no big loss to the rest of the country, they take too much of funds for illegals, cut off all federal funding and let them have all the border jumpers their hearts pine for, time to draw some lines and move on with running this great country with the greatest president to ever take the oath, which was on the Bible and not some other piece of paper that has no meaning in this country

  35. Chris says:

    Garry! The comments you find so VALID are direct quotes from the Iranian news agency! She is a traitor who needs to resign, and should have long ago. Only a moron would even listen to this woman and take her seriously! I have no idea how she was elected, but I would not vote for her for GARBAGE COMMISSIONER!

    • dick says:

      Maxine is so dumb she studies for a blood test. If her IQ was one point lowe she would have to be watered to sustain life. Its a known fact that her body has two moving parts and they are mouth and her asshole and they are interchangeable.

      I have no idea why they don’t put her daughter in prison for all the money she has stolen from her job handling money for postage for Mad Max’s political aspirations. Its a shame that she can’t be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We should ship a couple of train loads of immigrants to her neighborhood.

  36. Brenda Collins says:

    Maxine Maxipad Dirty Waters is like Pelosi has been wanna bees useless! Time for impeachment on MAXIEPAD. She has lost sight of what her job is about. She must go! Good riddance to tired old useless rubbish!

  37. Staylen says:

    Maxine just keeps getting dumber and dumber, she really belongs in an asylum for the mentally challenged, NOT in Congress! Although, to be truthful, there DemonicRats side of the aisle in Congress IS pretty much an asylum for the mentally challenged.

  38. Robert powell says:

    soros hell she is on the cartels payroll.

  39. Antonio Canseco says:

    Garry, you are dumber than Maxine and probably have lower IQ than her. What has she done in Congress since she has been elected? Why is she even Committee Chair for the Finance Committee. What does she even know about Finance except to be corrupt and enrich herself and her family. Her husband is connected to a bank in California. I bet she votes to keep her family rich.

    • Ava Gardner says:

      Maxine Waters doesn’t live in her district. Please check it out.

      • T. Becker says:

        Agreed, and there is alot more that one should know about her and husband’s history. Can’t fathom how she gets elected when she doesn;t live in her district. She is dishonest and a VERY shameful American! (I choke calling her American).

  40. Ron Molter says:

    Mad Max needs to go, be replaced by a politician that actually lives in the district she claims she represents, but does not. She has a very expensive home in a very cushy section of L.A. Huge mansion, with a wall around her property. This woman who says, along with all the other DEMONRATS in Washington who , are against building a Border Wall on our Southern States which border with Mexico. ALL ARE HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES, WHO ALL NEED TO , realize there is a PROBLEM down there. THEY WILL NOT BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP BEAT THE CROOK IN THE ELECTION OF 2016. JEALOUSY is the REASON FOR THEIR IDIOTIC POSITION
    CONGRESSMAN DAN CRENSHAW told her off. Sir, you are a great PATRIOT and an AMERICAN VETERAN.

  41. james barry says:

    She’s going to get his tax returns and she’s going to eat him for dinner

    • Hurley Henson says:

      You’re dumber than a box of rocks.

    • Eve says:

      You mean she is going to hide her tax returns, and steal his dinner…

    • Cg says:

      Oops too much Kool-Aid again!

    • Dale says:

      There is no reason Constitutionally for Pres to give up his tax returns. Waters is on a sinking ship with her wacko conspiracy theory . When you keep fishing in a tube of water and you can see no fish, something is wrong.
      Einstein once said “If you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result that is the definition of insane. Waters is on the verge.

    • Sam says:

      Didn’t get him on collusion or obstruction so let’s go after his tax returns. Lol what a joke! Sorry you’re on the losing side James!

    • Dee says:

      What a moron !

    • Linda H says:

      James barry, I always thought she looked like a cannibal. Maybe that’s where all the missing people went when they disappeared.

    • Jim C says:

      Son you need to get out more. Is Donald Trumps tax returns that important to you people. I personally could care less if he paid any taxes or not. If he filled out his returns legally and claimed whatever tax breaks are allowed by LAW then he did nothing wrong. If I’m not mistaken old Bernie paid less in taxes % wise than Trump did for tax returns we have. For the last 3 years it has been taxes and Russia. Well neither has amounted to anything but hey James you keep the faith man.

  42. leslie says:

    Maxine Waters record is corrupt for so many years and so many reasons. Check in with C R E W. Washington Beacon and Judicial Watch. Congress should be ashamed of their conduct by allowing her to stay. Just 1 of the charges she gave her Daughter 600,000 dollars out of campaign funds

    • Brenda Collins says:

      You are absolutely correct. The DNC is infested with be evil vile corrupt people yet they all still have their jobs! The guilty dog barks the loudest. All the loud mouth corrupt yammering for impeachment need to be investigated themselves. Sounds like many have much to hide. Pull the plug on the swamp to hell with draining it. Let it rip! Taxpayers are paying the salary of these asswipes! Why? It’s wrong and one more way of wasting our money Whenever wherever Maxine W aters is or hoes people need to hound the hell out of her. Run her out of her fine dining places. See how old girl likes what she dishes out! She is a disgrace to Congress

  43. Garry says:

    The questions asked by Maxine Waters are valid. The comment and by Crenshaw is the disgrace… and McCain was more of a ‘war hero’…. and we have a number serving in Congress on both sides of the aisle… VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!

    • jack111 says:

      I guess you outshone Crenshaw when you were in the service!

      • Concerned says:

        You obviously don’t follow the true facts. I’m guessing your a CNN groupie. Maxine Waters has not asked a valid question or made a valid statement on much of anything in years. I do not want her to resign. I would rather have her go through the embarrassment of being kicked out due to her incompetence and corruption in office. Also, McCain was no hero. Yes, he was a POW but did not go through the torture he claimed. Just ask most of the men that were there with him. Once he became a politician he became nothing more than a common traitor to his party and his county. Voting Blue will do nothing more than make you blue by making matters worse. Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez, Sanders, and most of the others Democrat politicians along with the RINOS are ruining this country and need to resign or be removed from office.

        • Concerned says:

          Sorry! This reply from Concerned was supposed to be for Garry’s comment, not Jack111’s

        • Linda M. says:

          Concerned: Didn’t President Trump knowing full well McCain lied about his war record,and not a hero, still gave him a full military funeral ?
          I love how the democrats rant and rave about Trump but still can’t see the totally incompetents(some you named) are representing their party?? They have not given President Trump one moments peace to do his job properly! God bless President Trump .

    • SGT Preston says:

      Seems to me that the lies and “insanity” is predominantly coming from the democrabic side. Barack and Hillary contributed their part to the incredibly evil attacks on our current president. (Granted he isn’t perfect, but our economy has improved dramatically in comparison with Obama’s and America is getting stronger, not being remade into the example of a 3rd world cesspool that Obama was trying to set up.

    • Evelyn says:

      The only way to END the LIES and CORRUPTION is to line up all the BLUE and shoot them for CORRUPTION AND TREASON against the United States.

    • Steve says:

      McCain was a RINO and a piece of s/#t.

    • lzib says:

      So, Garry, what part did Dan say that was a lie?
      Is Mad Maxine not repeating Iranian propaganda?
      Did you not see the evidence of their guilt? or is your TDS affecting your eyesight as well?
      The only lies and insanity seem to be coming from the Dems.
      These warmongers wanted us to go into war with Iran over this incident and Kill innocent people who did not have control over their crazy leaders when no Am. Lives were lost. Nancy and Chuch were caught on camera after leaving the WH meeting celebraiting what they thought would be an attack on Iran that they were pushing for.
      They and you Dems are only pissed for two reasons – one you lost a chance to go all out with the- See Trump is an unhinged warmonger who overreacts and gets us in a costly war that will lead to Am. deaths, and second because Dems like Maxine, Nancy, Chuck, Hillary/Bill, Biden, AOC, and I suspect even Obama would have mad a lot of $$$$$ Money off of this war just as they did the last three.


      Yes, McCain was a war hero and served well for most of his years in office, but the last 4 yrs of his life was marked by a brain tumor and well explains his sad turn to the left and his ego along with that of his daughter now, led to his own TDS.
      To denigrate Crenshaw’s Service as anything less then heroic says more about you then it does about him. Not just insane but idiotic to boot.

      • Sonja Copley says:

        please research your statement about Songbird Johnny being a war hero, he was everything but. His father was a well respected Admiral, who saved John from a murder charge and dishonorable discharge when John was screwing around while buzzing a ship and caused the deaths of over a hundred seamen. Daddy got it covered up and John was transferred with No consequences. He wasn’t even supposed to be flying over Hanoi when he got shot down. He turned in fellow prisoners, made propaganda videos, etc. John McCain was always a fake, a RINO, yes, he received the “dossier ” Killary’s errand boy, also was charged with murder, treason, sex and child trafficking, etc. and found Guilty by a military tribunal. A deal was struck so he would receive a military funeral for his families, friends sake. Brain cancer was a way to explain his death to the world. He was executed!

    • Brenda Collins says:

      You are absolutely correct. The DNC is infested with be evil vile corrupt people yet they all still have their jobs! The guilty dog barks the loudest. All the loud mouth corrupt yammering for impeachment need to be investigated themselves. Sounds like many have much to hide. Pull the plug on the swamp to hell with draining it. Let it rip! Taxpayers are paying the salary of these asswipes! Why? It’s wrong and one more way of wasting our money Whenever wherever Maxine W aters is or hoes people need to hound the hell out of her. Run her out of her fine dining places. See how old girl likes what she dishes out! She is a disgrace to Congress and women.

    • Bob says:

      Crenshaw didn’t rat out his fellow troops. He also didn’t crash EVERY airplane he was in. His daddy didn’t have to pull strings to keep him in. McCain was walking cluster.

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Baaaaaahaaaaahaaaa baaaa haaa haaa McCain a hero! He was a in his own mind! Whew that was funny Garry

    • anthony says:

      McCain was a traitor and lived comfortably while in POW camp plus he killed 21 Navy men with his stupid stunt of wet starting his jet, you should be more informed before putting your ass on the line ,you just got screwed and without Vaseline, how does it feel liar

      • Blue says:

        mcCain was also involved in an international incident flying his plain overseas, but it was covered up, caused a power outage somehow.

  44. Nellie says:

    Google’s does everything to stop my comments.
    Walters should resign. I hope c someone starts a recall and investigate voting fraud in her district.
    She has been worthless in CA. Her District black people she has not helped!! But illegal get help. Must be a kick back from Soros.

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