Dan Crenshaw defended Joe Biden’s border betrayal with this unthinkable attack on Trump

Photo by Greg Bulla via Unsplash

RINO Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is one of the “Swamp’s” go-to guys.

Crenshaw never disappoints.

And Dan Crenshaw defended Joe Biden’s border betrayal with this unthinkable attack on Trump.

Republicans rejected the Senate border betrayal because it wrote into the law the ability for President Joe Biden to admit nearly 2 million illegal aliens per year into America.

The bill’s apologists in the uniparty claimed that wasn’t true and that the bill would provide the mechanisms to shut down the border.

Republicans pointed out that the bill left immigration enforcement at Biden’s discretion and there was no way any honest thinking person would believe that he would carry out a border shutdown unless Congress forced him.

Conservatives also argued Biden had all the executive authority at his disposal to shut down the border and all he had to do was restore former President Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders.

Enter RINO Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to defend Biden on this point.

Crenshaw attacked conservatives who said Biden didn’t need new authority by wondering why the House passed H.R. 2 – legislation that restarted border wall construction, ended catch and release, and sealed the border – if Biden didn’t need new laws.

“I understand some Republicans are saying ‘We don’t need any changes to the law!’ Then why did we write H.R. 2? Why did we do that? Why didn’t Trump just shut down the border if you just think we don’t need any changes to the law? He couldn’t. He had to make a deal with Mexico. And he did a great job doing that, but he had to rely on, literally, international agreements to get it under control,” Crenshaw ranted.

Trump led the opposition to the border betrayal and Crenshaw fumed that Republicans weren’t going along with a legislative compromise.

“We do need changes to the law. You gotta change those loopholes in asylum. You got to raise the bar for asylum. You’ve got to make it very clear that there’s no paroling. You need to institute, “remain in Mexico” as an authority in law. You know, these are really simple fixes that need to be done. And, you know, that emergency authority that everybody interpreted, I think is entries, you know, clean that up. You need to make that clear that that’s not entries, it’s encounters. Probably I would decrease that number vastly too. I think 5,000 is way beyond an emergency per day. You know, I think it should be closer to 1,000. But like, you know, reasonable people can actually make a good bill here. That’s what the House should be doing,” Crenshaw declared.

Crenshaw completely missed the point.

Conservatives don’t want to write news laws that Biden will just ignore if it also includes avenues for him to codify a minimum level of illegal immigration into the country.

Republicans also note that Biden’s refusal to exercise his executive authority to shut down the border is even further evidence they can’t trust him to enforce any new immigration restrictions.

And what Dan Crenshaw is really mad about is the fact that conservatives won’t support any new money for Ukraine unless Biden agrees to real border policy changes.

Crenshaw – like establishment RINOs in the Senate led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – hoped this phony border security bill would fool enough conservatives so the “Swamp” could get to its real priority – securing Ukraine’s border.

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