Cori Bush hit one Republican with an ultimatum and you won’t believe what happened next

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Socialist Congresswoman Cori Bush is under federal investigation for allegedly misusing campaign funds for personal use.

Bush is trying to turn the tables by claiming the real story is the conduct of Republicans.

And Cori Bush hit one Republican with an ultimatum, and you won’t believe what happened next.

Punchbowl News broke the story that the Department of Justice is investigating Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) for allegedly misusing campaign funds by paying her now husband more than $100,000 for security after her campaign hired him in 2022.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) blasted Bush for the hypocrisy of using campaign money to pay for private security while at the same time advocating for defunding the police which will leave poor and middle-class Americans at the mercy of criminals.

“She doesn’t even support the police. But the idea to pay her thug money to try to help protect her this and that, for what?” Nehls said in an interview with CNN. “Maybe if she wouldn’t be so loud all the time, maybe she wouldn’t be getting threats.”

Bush responded by playing the race card.

 “@RepTroyNehls just called my husband, a Black man and army veteran, a thug. And I’m the loud Black woman who needs to be silent in order to be safe from violence, or else?” Bush whined on X.

“This is the kind of rhetoric that endangers Black lives. He must apologize,” Bush continued.

CNN’s Manu Raj chased down Nehls – Raj never chases down Democrats to put them on the spot over the controversy of the day – and hounded him about apologizing to Bush.

Nehls rejected this typical left-wing media game by pointing out that Bush was the one encouraging hate by attacking the police.

“I find it interesting that we’re the ones called the racist. There’s nothing racist about that. Cori, you’re out there spewing hate. You’re out there flapping your gums, right, spewing hate. You’re up in arms. You get a little emotional Cori, right? You all about the defund the police, but yet you’re paying your husband for security services,” Nehls stated.

Nehls also made it clear this had nothing to do with race and would not apologize under any circumstances.

“I don’t care if she’d have been white, I’d have said the same damn thing to her. I do not apologize and will not apologize to Cori Bush,” Nehls added.

Nehls also brushed off Raj and Bush’s racism smear noting that the real issue is Bush allegedly using campaign money to boost her family’s income. 

“It is what it is. If he served in the military, great. But the fact of the matter is, she is supplementing her family income through her campaign account. And if we have laws that allow her to do that, I think they need to be looked at,” Nehls concluded.

Bush also faces the issue of the fact that she hired her husband to provide security for her campaign when he isn’t licensed as a security guard in Missouri.

CNN and Bush wanted to create a smokescreen around a fake accusation of racism to distract from the real matter at hand.

But Congressman Nehls wouldn’t have any of it.

Stay tuned to Patriot Pulse for more updates to this ongoing story.

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