Colin Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his football comeback

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for two years.

Since then, the question of if he will return to the league hovers over the game like a toxic cloud.

But now everyone will have their answer as Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his future.

The brand new Alliance of American Football league kicked off its season last Saturday.

And they were looking to make a splash.

They tried to pull off the biggest coup they could by offering Kaepernick a chance to play.

But Kaepernick turned them down by demanding an insane 20 million dollar contract.

CBS Sports reports:

Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t gotten an offer to play football in the NFL despite his ability to be a starting-caliber quarterback in a 32-team league that often lacks 32 starting-caliber quarterbacks, but he did receive interest from the Alliance of American Football, which kicked off its inaugural season this past weekend without Kaepernick’s involvement.

On Thursday, AAF co-founder Bill Polian told Lindsay Jones of The Athletic that CEO Charlie Ebersol spoke with Kaepernick to gauge his interest in playing in the eight-team spring league.

On the one hand, playing in the AAF would be an opportunity for Kaepernick to prove that he’s still good at playing quarterback. On the other hand, it’d be understandable if Kaepernick feels as if he doesn’t need to prove he’s still good at playing quarterback considering his credentials.

Kaepernick’s decision takes the air out of the idea that he wants to play football again.

The AAF offered him a chance to prove to all his critics that he could still play quarterback at a high level.

If he excelled, an NFL team may even have given him a chance.

But Kaepernick turned down the opportunity and proved that the only position he is interested in is that of a left-wing political martyr.


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138 Responses

  1. michael says:

    a good man in a bad league!!


  3. Willy says:

    Good Riddance to a “Freakin Dunce’! A true testament as the kind of education one can choose to come away from college. Hope he has saved some $ cash from his short lived NFL career. Flush him away, just like He chose while Insulting We loyal Fans of the game.

  4. John B says:

    This guy hasn’t taken a snap in 2 years, why would anyone think he was a ‘starting caliber’ qb? He’s just out of the attention. The NFL should be ashamed to pay him off but their head is a pansy so I can see why he’d pay extortion money. Maybe if antifa or BLM starts a team he could play for them, except I doubt he could find a black hood big enough to cover his hair. Soros likely bankrolls both groups so money wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Mike says:

    All he wants is attention and the money the left wing is paying him. To continue to cause trouble

  6. Truckman says:

    He never was nothing but a half assed player who never would of made a name for himself except for the kneeling scheme and now hes getting his payday from the NFL now may they all fade away not to be seen again because I will not watch the NFL again

  7. Tony Bell says:

    Kaepernick was use in an effort to destroy a great American passtime, thereby making progress in the jihad against America. Anyone that thinks otherwise has not done honest analytical thinking about it. Muslum’s Islamic faith states such measure are to be rewarded, read up on it. Also, look what they are doing in our government and elsewhere in our society. I can see the same type of treason happening with Cortez, Omar and Talib as recently happened with the air force officer Monica Witt. I do not trust any of them to have America’s best interest at heart, or an allegiance to our constitution. They have positioned in our government and society for nefarious reasons, and you can take that to the bank, We will be watching them very closely.

  8. Tim says:

    I think the NFL and the people who still support it deserve Kapernik. The NFL did not stand up for America when Kapernik and his friends spit on America in a racially charged antic to get their way. I could care less about the NFL.

  9. WCD says:

    What he did was a planned stunt. He knew he was going to crash and burn as a player so he orchestrated a stunt so he could sue the NFL . BIGGEST FAKE EVER.

  10. Richard says:

    Krapydick don’t have the talent to play at a NFL level. Just look at the last season he played-HE LOST 12 GAMES that isn’t worth having him play. And he can’t lead ether.

  11. Babbo says:

    He’s nothing but trouble and the NFL would be crazy to take him back. Good riddance There are plenty of other good players who would not object to singing the national anthem or putting their hand over their heart.

  12. Walter Simons says:

    I haven’t watched football since they started taking the knee also. How can you take a knee and say you feel oppressed when you make millions for playing a game you love to play? As for that ass Kapperdink, I understand the stupid NFL just paid him 20 million dollars to settle a law suite from the dumb ass. What has happened to the NFL that they would do something so stupid as that?

  13. Doris Stanczyk says:

    As a patriotic Veteran I say give him t0 i Niki Everything I had with the Niki emblem went to the Sat Am trash -pick-up!!!

  14. PO2 says:

    Kaepernick is an insult to every military Veteran! He can go to Hell and take Nike with him!

    • Kwakou Shakur says:

      That’s a LIE, I am a MARINE and I love Kaepernick.

      • Larry says:

        I agree. I’m a vet and I served in the military that fought for peoples rights which he did by taking a knee. All these people claiming disrespect just want something to complain about.

        • JD says:

          Kwakiutl & Larry are both full of bs. They are about .00000001% of people that have served and are now serving that fill they have not been disrespected by what Kaepernick did. Anyone that shows this type of disrespect in there job should be fired at once. It would be way different if this was done on his own time not on his employers time and cost.

        • Ralph shelley says:

          He took a knee after he was benched! He’s a fraud!

          • Bruce Montell says:

            No’ he is a huge cry baby who farts @ the table and needs to be slapped. I am 82 and would love to do the slapping and go three rounds with the big disgrace to idiots !

        • GARY ODELL says:

          In the first place , if you were in the military you should know that men and women fought and died for that flag and the right for Americans to say and think what they want. But not to disrespect the very flag that they fought and died for. That’s just wrong. If he doesn’t like America or it’s patriotism and for that matter anyone, they can all go to Hell.

        • Vicki McGee says:

          I agree, his choice. I, too, am a Vietnam Era Vet and he can lay down on the field as far as I’m concerned! To the rest of the guys, Just play football! I don’t want to see him back because of all the Krap he’s started but everyone else, have at it!

          • DJ says:

            Sorry but you didn’t put your life on the line for someone who can not assimilate in this country. Why can’t vets stop talking about fighting for THEIR rights. You fought for American values not disgruntled racists who thinks this country owes them something.

      • JACKIERAY says:

        THAT IS A LIE

  15. guy says:

    Chicago should hire him to go to chicago & kill his brothers!!!

  16. larry outlaw says:

    Kopperdick is nothing but a piece of scum, send him off to Siberia.

  17. Charles says:

    Folks the reason colin turned down the AAF is it would show how little his talent really is. It would also cause him to lose his self-imposed pedestal that he has erected for himself and actually work for a living.

  18. don flanagan says:

    Please excuse my mis-spelling on a previous comment section. I get so angry at all the anti-american statements that when I’m typing, my thinking is faster than my typing.

  19. Chuck says:

    Am tired of C.K. and the NFL. Will not watch anymore.

  20. Bud says:

    Colin is un-american and doesn’t represent any thing of American football, maybe a good water boy or dummy for hitting. He’s a loser who has been a overpayed cry baby? Just like not supporting Nike by not buying their stuff-boycott!

  21. donald flanagan says:

    Helen Haslam: Please pack a suitcase and follow you idol, Kasperninny, out of the country. But I only as one thing of you and Kasperninny. Stop in Washington, D.C., and go to the cemetary in Arlington, Va. Look at the hundreds of head stones and American Flags over all our courages men and women who have died in defense of their country and also giving you the right (though you’re wrong), to spout off anti American propaganda. While there, get down on your knees and thank them all. Then, you and Casperninny head out of town.

  22. Sam Oliva says:

    The NFL died of Colin cancer.
    Kaepernick should be allowed to play only if he’s guaranteed to get CTE.

  23. Harvey D Schneider says:

    Curious that his birth certificate was made out incorrectly. It was meant to be Colon and somehow was entered as Colin.

  24. vistacharlie says:

    Kapernick does not have a football career left. He had a lot of injuries and was sidelined a lot during his last few years. A NFL team would not offer him more than 2-4 million and that would only be as backup player. He knows this. What he is doing is crying martyr and getting support and PR from the liberal left. He is also doing “roots” exploring to proclaim his blackness. He is a drama queen. He may just as well run for president in 2020 for the democrats, join the other crybabies who are saying they should be president because they are women, muslim, black, vegan, gay or whatever.

  25. Sandra Haddock says:

    K is too divisive, anti-American, unpatriotic, an extremely bad example for young people and not a good football player/QB. He won’t even be an nfl player again! He needs to crawl off to somewhere dark and dreary with his millions that he settled for and live his life out lonely, rejected, loveless and full of remorse for what he has caused to happen for his assinine position of taking a knee. He is a sellout! No one has respect for him, he’s dead in my head!

    • DJ says:

      He would be a great fit with Kenny Stills and company in Miami

    • Gerri Miccio says:

      Perfectly stated. Thank you. Especially “crawl off to somewhere dark & dreary”…….back from under the rock that he initially crawled out from.

    • pcw says:

      Just what makes him think he is worth 20 million?? Dream on Anti-American, unpatriotic and very bad example (quote from Sandra Haddock) for our young people. Craw back to where ever he poped out of.

  26. DJ says:

    You heard it hear, sorry Dolphin fans, but Kopperdick is going to Miami. That POS owner Ross is going through a social experiment stage in his miserable life and Kopperdick is destined for Miami. Couldn’t happen to a better owner.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Sorry! DJ but grammar that bad cannot go uncriticized, “You heard it hear,” the correct term is here.

      Those many existing on numerous planes of existence with mastery over none of their surroundings on any of them scrambled brainwave mindless fools thrive off of condemning people for what in this case amounts lousy grammar.

      • Diane L Revard says:

        Is that all you have to say. Criticizing someone on their spelling. Shame on you.

        On the topic. He was a so so player who doesn’t deserve that much money. He’s a cry baby who needs to just go away.

        Craig stop picking on people.

    • DJ says:

      “HERE “ Thank you, was caught up in the moment

  27. Take him with the trash and throw him away.

  28. Linda Lofton says:

    If this guy was truly a “champion” of helping fellow brothers who were unjustly convicted of crimes he would have #1 brought cases to be reviewed to the proper authorities #2 help organize and sponsor programs in communities to help kids stay on a law abiding path and #3 do it on his own time instead of using a captive audience that is gathered to watch a football game NOT witness a low life, six figure salary making football player disrespect our anthem and all the veterans and Americans who love their country. Now given an exorbitant “payoff” from the NFL to just go away he’s still not satisfied. He wants to “play again” and DEMANDS a ridiculous salary. The NFL just made a VERY bad mistake with this dude. I hope they pay big time and loose it all with their lilly -livered stance. The NFL can go to H..L!!!

    • dick Bentley says:

      he’s an American hero. It takes guts to do what he did

      • B. Hart says:

        Thank you, Soldier❤ K’s bad behavior should have been dealt w in the locker room. I wish all would have ignored him at his first kneeling. He could have kept kneeling … and been the oddball on the field. What a waste of time, talk, print and mental energy to have carried on about someone so misinformed, unaware, uneducated about there being “a time and place” for everything. I salute your service! Schmartmouth oldt lady here….

      • Ron says:

        Get a life ! And pull your head from where the sun don’t shine! The only thing he posses is ignorance, NOT GUTS!!

      • DJ says:

        BARF !!!! Go to Arlington National Cemetery that is we’re men and women have guts……

        • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

          Were you educated in the Hood, south central or whatever is the center of the toxic cesspool in Los Angeles, we’re is a contraction of the words “we” and “are.”

          • DJ says:

            Most educated people figured out it was a typo…. it’s called auto fill and I didn’t catch it. I humbly apologize before you

      • Doug says:

        If he had any Guts he would join the U.S.Marines, Know what it is like to be an American, Maybe he would try Kneeling there, He would have a whole Battalion of BOOTS up his Ass, Damn Quick !

      • Helen Haslam says:

        An anti American is a more accurate description

      • Harvey D Schneider says:

        Dick Bentley>> Hope that your comment was given as sarcasm rather then as praise!

        If it was meant to be praise since he is not by any stretch of the imagination is he a hero you may be delusional . Maybe you meant to state ZERO which is closer to the TRUTH then hero!

      • Mo says:

        Would not fight for this country I had a friend whose son went to college with him and he remembered him calling serviceman a bunch of clowns

  29. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If Kaepernick wanted to express his grivances with this country, he should’ve done it the right way by getting as many black Americans as he could to join him in a protest in front of the white house which would’ve been broadcast on the nationwide media. Don’t take your protests to sporting events as the spectators come there to enjoy the games and unwind and forget their troubles and NOT to hear someone elses

  30. Cecil says:

    The nut’s limelight will end – Maybe working at KFC

  31. John Zoe says:

    America is a tuff place to for millionaire SJW to live, I think we as good, citizens should pass the hat and buy them a ticket to NKO or Cuba or even Venezuela to help their dictator enhance their propaganda to help them, keep their slaves poor and stupid

  32. Allen says:

    He hates whites, but yet it was white parents who raised him. White teachers who taught him, white coaches who trained him and white owners who gave him a job. He is an ungrateful POS. Who should never wear a football uniform again. He is a disgrace to his race.

  33. Dan says:

    I hope he never steps foot on a field.
    Maybe he is good enough to play in
    the Toilet Bowl.
    There was a time and a place for
    protesting and he chose the wrong
    time and place.
    I served two tours in Vietnam and
    I would never stoop low enough to
    see him play.

    • Jackie says:

      Agree thank you for your service! Much respect to you !

    • DJ says:

      First thank you for your service, second it’s very unfair to the Toilet Bowl to be used in the same breath as Kopperdick.

    • B. Hart says:

      Thank you, Soldier❤ K’s bad behavior should have been dealt w in the locker room. I wish all would have ignored him at his first kneeling. He could have kept kneeling … and been the oddball on the field. What a waste of time, talk, print and mental energy to have carried on about someone so misinformed, unaware, uneducated about there being “a time and place” for everything. I salute your service! Schmartmouth oldt lady here….

  34. Holly94 says:

    We have a major political party, the Democrats, who are attracted to persons such as Colin Kaepernick…

    …they hate America, so does Colin; they act like adolescents, so does Colin; the Democrats don’t have anyone who can lead, and Colin can’t either; the Democrats cry a lot, and so does Colin…

    So…who needs either…certainly not America

  35. Alan Schilde says:

    From the roumor mill it was all about the money for Krapernick. He just setteled with the NFL for between 40 and 80 million maybe even more. For what? Because you suck and took a knee. Why do you think that he was replaced in San Fran? Because he sucked that is why he went to 2nd string. Now they are going to give him 40 million or so for whining. You see America, the left have found a way to make money without ever having to work a day in their lives. Just sue the people who do work for a living.

    • Joan Garrity says:

      And who caved and gave him that bribe? It is well known that NFL has a weak kneed milquetoast for a commissioner-is he the one who agreed to this? I am not sure how this works. Actually all we have to do is make sure juries and judges do not allow people to paid for whining, and this will stop. As long as there is greed, and people complicit in feeding that greed, this will not be changed.

  36. Dennis Sumner says:

    Think the only team he qualifies for is CNN fake news league.

  37. Unc says:

    If they care so much why don’t they do it on their own time not mine.they have ruined the nfl.

  38. Vincent Matejka says:

    Colin Kapernick has done more to destroy the relationship between the white population and African Americans than anything that has happened in the last 60 years all because of his personal greed. Yet he tries to suggest he cares about his race. He is only interested in his own greed and no respect for America.

  39. rodney says:

    I would be happy if it disappeared from the face of the earth.

  40. David says:

    Well DJ you don’t have to watch football again, because that is what they gave him 80 Million bucks for being a prick & an ass hole, you know at this rate, I think I will sue the the NFL team that picks him up ,for making me watch the ass hole again.

  41. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If he’s looking for another team that will hire him, that team and the NFL will suffer the same fate as before and loose more money with reduced fan attendance at the games. I for one will boycott the NFL for any team that signs him. Kaepernick is a disgrace to this country and sent to Cuba which he admires so much, drive ’57 Chevy, and make 20 dollars a week playing football.

  42. don flanagan says:

    some one should print out all the negative saying and send them to Kasperniny. He obviously doesn’t care about the sport , but if he does play, maybe a defensive player can give his knees some special attention. To all you Americans who refuse to watch football anymore, thank you and God Bless. Ice hockey (a man’s sport); basket ball, soccer, wrestling (even though it stages and very well); tennis and baseball are all great alternatives.

  43. JanW says:

    Football is an ALL-AMERICAN game – and HE’S NOT!

  44. william says:

    kappy isn’t worth 20M.. He was a 11% stat in his last game!!

  45. Karen K Harlow says:

    I’m a military brat and when Colon Kaperwhatever started with the kneeling and whining, I was DONE! I haven’t watched a NFL game since that has-been started with his stupidity. He had a chance to prove himself and he failed and that’s when the attention-getting started. When the NFL refused to tell him and his whining buddies to take their politics OUT of the workplace, I was done.

  46. Gary says:

    Crapperdick is no wherever a starting QB !!!His last season he was bench for not being able to even complete a single pass in one game. The second string QB blew away capability wise and then became a star for the team. Crapperdickis a disgrace to AMERICA.!!! He has insulted not only our flag but the country nd us VETERANS> he ia a very poor QB and he is dense dumb ignorant and very stupid. He is the one that walked away from his team and every other NFL team. He is a disgrace to the league and this country . He is getting what he deserved and still acting like a spoiled little cry baby. He need to go hide out and never show his face again.

  47. Terry Weddle says:

    I have lost all interest in the NFL, I did not watch a single game this year. It has turned into a steroid freak show. I would rather watch a High School Football game, fewer Drugs, the real thing.

  48. Working girl says:

    If Colin was truly interested in playing football and bringing awareness to a specific thing, he sure had a strange way of showing it. I don’t want to see football players take my viewing time and try to be activists. Do that on your own time and stop trying to manipulate the audience with your schanaticans . He’s not that good anyway. Now get a job like the rest of us.

    • larry says:

      Totally agree, he is a racist bum wanting to use his kneeling stunt as he got more attention doing that than his worthless football playing, now a reject!

      • Gerri Miccio says:

        The saddest part of all this mess is he not only got more attention, but MORE MONEY!!! Between Nike and the NFL, why work??? Why do anything???? Bitching has made him a fortune without a scratch on this POS body. Now we are going to see just what he does with all that money!!!

  49. Cindy Cioffi says:

    Robert Morrow, jam packed w/90 yrs of true wisdom..ty…
    Write a book sir????…I wish to read something untainted and truthful for once…
    TY…blessings to you

  50. Frank Kearns Jr says:

    What policies are initiatives have any of these kneeling players come up with all they have is there protest they’ve done nothing for the good of the people

  51. Ron Sarson says:

    I’d like to see him play, and either get hurt or stink up the place just to shut him up.

  52. DJ says:

    I read a report the idiot was offered between 60 and 80 million dollars by the NFL to settle his collusion case against them. If that’s correct I will never, ever watch or buy an NFL product again.

    • Ticket buyers and apparel purchases and the corrupt NFL commissioner made that deal to the most un-American in any sport by spitting on the graves of war veterans and Police as a Marine drill instructor would kick his crying behind.

  53. Jerry Seppanen says:

    Kaepernick and his kind are a disgrace to this country. Of course he doesnt want to
    play he just wants to keep up his liberal rants.

  54. Jim says:

    Crybaby, entitled pos!

  55. Casey says:

    He was a flash in the pan as far as his ability to be a viable NFL quarterback. That’s on him and he can blame no one else. NFL should have gone to court on the whole thing and made him personally pay the cost of legal fees. F him and his protesting while he’s on company time being paid by his employer. If i did that, I would have been fired at my place of employment too.

  56. Tire Of It says:

    Most Teams opinion is that Kantthrowapassnick is NOT a starting-caliber quarterback, so quit saying he is! At best, he may make a emergency back-up, third string or a wildcat type player. But until he gets his head out of his butt, loses the attitude and works hard to become that starting-caliber, he’s just another short term washed up quarterback!

  57. dee Nelson says:

    to start with why would a team want him he sued the league because of his ignorance and got a settlement so why would anyone be foolish to put the team back in the same situation with his ignorance and greed ???/

  58. Joseph Morgan Sr says:

    If the “AAF” ever signs this POS, then they can go the way of the “NFL-‘NoFansLeft’. And if they ever allow such demonstrations to take place they can GO TO HELL also.

  59. jake says:

    I would rather watch a dog turd turn white than to watch the NFL.

  60. Jesse Doran says:

    Only the left want him to play because they’re the left.

  61. Navy PO says:

    Colin Kaepernick can go to HELL! And take Nike with him.

  62. Bobbi Stillwell says:

    Colin is a mediocre player at best, he did not get singned because he is not a good player. He shows no respect as an American, he needs to go live in a third world country to find out how great it is here. I am sick of all these left wing anarchists.

  63. John J says:

    Put the baboon out there and let the good players cripple the slime ball

  64. Ernst says:

    Colin Kaepernick did not put in the work to become even a journeyman quarterback in the NFL. Good basic skills, but not enough work to keep ahead of opposition knowledge on his tendencies. In starts of his last three years he went 8-8, 2-6 (injury), and 1-10. What team wants a 1-10 quarterback? $20 millions is a stupid joke for a whiny loser!

  65. Sandra Haddock says:

    He is not a good football player! He’s a crybaby, always had excuses for un-achievement, and looking for a free ride on the nfl and the American taxpayer. He is scum, I pray that God will give him all he deserves for taking a knee. He never knew how much that insulted American citizens!

  66. Theresa Williams says:

    If he wanted to play football he had the opportunity and turned it down. Does he want to play football or play division? He has gone beyond confidence to arrogance. Of course, arrogant people never want to obey the rules of respect. He has no understanding that he is his own worst enemy.

  67. Karin says:

    I have not followed anything but Baseball since I was a kid. There are far to many “players” who are supposed to be heroes for kids who just show the kids that if you are famous you can get away with murder.

    • Pamela says:

      Karin, completely agree with you, the NFL or National Felons League, needs to be abolished…Let them start throwing out all the players who laugh at the laws and act like they are Gods, then, we may start watching the games again…..

  68. Freddie S. Stanton says:

    I fell out with pro football when the kneeling first started and haven’t watch any games except the Dallas Cowboy because of Jerry Jone’s take on the kneeling.
    Since the Cowboys are not very good, I quit watching them!
    Pro football doesn’t need the kneeling by a bunch of nitwit millionaires!
    Our country is too great for that.

  69. Robert Morrow says:

    First of all I think that football is a crap non sport and a take off of the Rome coliseum so called sport of a dying country. Most of those playing football are self center egotist crap people, watched by people of a 2nd grade mentality. I am 90 years Old and have seen a lot of Crap going on, but this is the worsted of all, other then the slime ball Politicians in So called Congress who are limited to their low life slime to rob the people.

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