CNN went ballistic over this truth about Joe Biden’s border crisis

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Democrats know the calamity at the southern border is damaging Joe Biden politically.

The media is running cover for Biden.

And CNN went ballistic over this truth about Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) is a RINO’s RINO.

Lawler opposed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for Speaker of the House and is a reliable vote to fund President Joe Biden’s government.

But even Lawler had to call out Democrats for facilitating the border crisis and then doing everything to create even more magnets to attract new waves of illegal aliens into America.

In an interview with left-wing news reader Kaitlin Collins on CNN, Lawler blasted Biden and the Democrats for three years of inaction on the border and then trying to foist a sham border bill on the House of Representatives.

“Democrats had three years under Joe Biden to actually do something about the border. They chose not to. Senate Democrats chose not to act until December of last year to actually start negotiating a bill. Here’s the bottom line and the way Congress works, because the media seems to have this position that whatever the Senate passes everybody has to accept. There are two houses within Congress and you actually have to negotiate,” Lawler stated.

CNN no longer allows Republicans to contradict Democrats on their air, so Collins cut the feed to Lawler’s microphone and ended the interview.

“Congressman, unfortunately, I gotta stop you there,” Collins interjected. “Respectfully, congressman. Respectfully, congressman. I think both– I think both parts of Congress bear blame for this. No one has done anything to fix the immigration system.”

It’s not true that both parties have done nothing to address the border.

In May, House Republicans passed H.R. 2.

H.R. 2 ends the abuse of the asylum system, ends catch and release, and restarts wall constriction among other measures to secure the border.

Democrats in the Senate refuse to take up the bill.

Instead, they cut a phony deal with RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that would allow Biden to let 5,000 illegal aliens into the county every day and hand out asylum and work permits at the border.

Lawler pointed out that Democrats refused to negotiate with the House as the House made their position clear by passing H.R. 2.

But CNN doesn’t want the truth on the air if it makes Democrats look bad.

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