CNN offered up one excuse that let everyone know Mike Pence destroyed Kamala Harris

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris appeared on stage in Utah for the Vice Presidential debate.

There was a clear winner in this contest.

And CNN offered up one excuse that let everyone know Mike Pence destroyed Kamala Harris.

As the debate progressed, it was clear Mike Pence dominated the proceeding.

Vice President Pence controlled the conversation and offered up sharper lines of attack.

You can always tell how a candidate performed at the debate by how their supporters react afterwards.

On CNN, where the coverage is relentlessly pro-Biden and anti-Trump, former Democratic campaign operative Jake Tapper complained that Harris could not be aggressive because women candidates for office are held to a different standard.

Feminist author Jessica Velenti doubled down on that nonsense by writing “There’s a face women make when men talk over them — a face we rely on when we can’t interrupt back for fear of being labeled ‘aggressive’ or ‘angry’. The face says, ‘I know you think you’re smarter than I am, and you are wrong.’”

Mike Pence clearly cleaned Kamala Harris’ clock.

Had Harris won the debate, the focus of the coverage afterward would have been on her performance.

Instead the Fake News Media tried to make a fly landing on Mike Pence’s head or how Harris is unfairly judged as a woman running for Vice President the dominant narratives coming out of the debate.

But Harris’ performance was so poor that not even the Fake News Media kicking into overdrive to cover up for her could obscure that reality.

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