CNN just discovered the shocking reason Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

The Left is still trying to come to grips with what’s happening in the Presidential election.

For years, Democrats told themselves that Donald Trump couldn’t win a second term.

And CNN just discovered the shocking reason Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has big problems with the pro-Hamas Left

More than 100,000 Democrats – 13% of all ballots cast – voted uncommitted in the Michigan Primary in protest over President Joe Biden not siding with Hamas and calling for a ceasefire in Israeli military operations against the terrorist group.

Biden only won Michigan by 154,000 votes in the 2020 Election.

47 percent of voters ages 18-29 support Palestine compared to just 26 percent who back Israel.

Biden won 60 percent of 19-29-year-olds in 2020 but polls show his support slipping.

A December New York Times/Siena poll found former President Donald Trump leading him 49 to 43 percent among 18 to 29-year-olds.

Elected Democrats and Left-wing commentators in the media blame this on Biden for not condemning Israel and siding with Hamas in demanding a ceasefire.

Media turns on Biden

Shortly after the October 7 terrorist attack, MSNBC fired Leftist commentator Mehdi Hasan in what insiders saw as trying to separate the network from his pro-Palestinian views.

Hasan started his own media company Zeteo because he absurdly believes there is a lack of Left-wing commentary in the media.

He is the same commentator who once compared non-Muslims to “animals.”

Appearing on CNN host Abby Phillip’s show, Hasan excoriated Biden declaring that the President could hand Hamas victory tomorrow by telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America was cutting off aid to Israel immediately unless they agreed to a ceasefire.

“Joe Biden has the power to pick up the phone and end this war. He can ring the Israeli prime minister and say, ‘We’re cutting you off. We’re cutting off aid, we’re cutting off armaments.’ Israelis themselves, Israeli generals say, ‘We can’t do this war without America.’ He hasn’t done it. He didn’t do it after 10,000 dead, he didn’t do it after 20,000 dead, today we cross 30,000 dead. You have to ask the question, why? This is a man who is seen as the great comforter-in-chief, the great empath, has had huge personal tragedy in his own family, and yet 30,000 Palestinians, according to his own Defense Secretary today. 25,000 women and children. How on earth has he not stopped the war til now? How are we still debating this?” Hasan ranted.

Hasan claims Biden putting democracy at risk 

Hasan whined that Biden claimed democracy was at risk if Trump won, but that he continued to alienate his woke, pro-Hamas base by catering to Israel.

 “What I would say is that Joe Biden has rightly said for the last few years that Donald Trump poses an existential threat to our democracy,” Hasan stated.

“The idea that he would risk not only his own Presidency but the future of American democracy for the sake of Benjamin Netanyahu and Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich and the rest of the fascists in Israel is bizarre and inexplicable to me,” Hasan added.

Few political insiders believe turnout will reach the 155 million that voted in 2020.

That means the election could turn on which candidate’s base is more motivated to turn out.

And Medhi Hasan isn’t the only Leftist who thinks key constituencies will protest Joe Biden over Israel by sitting home on election day.

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