CNN brought Joe Biden back down to earth with this devastating reality check

Photo by Rubaitul Azad from Unsplash

Joe Biden and the Democrats thought it was time to celebrate.

But it turned out it was too soon to pop the champagne corks.

And that’s because CNN brought Joe Biden back down to earth with this devastating reality check.

Democrat Thomas Suozzi flipped the Congressional seat in a special election to fill the seat held by former Rep. George Santos (R-NY) which only came open because the GOP establishment succumbed to a pressure campaign by the media to expel Santos despite the fact that he wasn’t convicted of any criminal charges.

Suozzi defeated Mazi Pilip – a registered Democrat local GOP leaders handpicked as their candidate – by eight points in a district President Joe Biden carried by eight points in 2020.

On CNN, Never Trump RINO S.E. Cupp warned Democrats that it was unwise to read too much into this race as Suozzi ran as hard as he could away from Biden and even called him too old to be the President.

“It’s not good,” Cupp stated. “In fact, as you mentioned Poppy, [Suozzi] told Biden not to come and was critical of Biden on the trail saying, ‘look, his age is a problem and I don’t even know if he’ll stick it out.’ I mean, that’s sacrilege for Democrats in some parts of the country. He said that in New York. And he ran as a centrist and he even said, ‘I’ve been running against my party for a long time. I’m a moderate. We need centrism when Democrats swing too far to the Left, they get too extreme. We run into problems.’ He was pro-Israel. He was, as you said, an immigration hawk, talked about crime, he said Democrats need to acknowledge those problems.”

Cupp argued with a stronger candidate – Pilip wasn’t even a Republican and struggled to speak English properly – the GOP could win races like this in November.

“That’s how you win with an unpopular President. And that’s not great news for Biden. That’s maybe not great news for some progressives. Again, special election, unique circumstances. But that’s a playbook, and for the Republicans, I think Mitch McConnell coined this term a while ago, candidate quality matters. Now Pilip wasn’t a kook, but she wasn’t a household name. She had some very confusing policies that she struggled to explain,” Cupp added.

The Republican Party’s performance in special elections has also improved since 2023.

There are troubled waters ahead for Democrats in the 2024 Election.

And not every candidate will be able to run away from Joe Biden like Suozzi did.

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