CNN anchor made a fool of himself with his latest low blow on Trump

President Trump constantly berates CNN as “fake news.”

Time and time again they prove him right.

And CNN anchor Chris Cuomo just made a complete fool of himself with his latest low blow on Trump.

In his closing monologue, Cuomo claimed that he had proof that President Trump “hates America.”

Cuomo was upset that President Trump called the Fake News Media the “enemy of the American people.”

Cuomo then went on to issue a veiled threat at impeachment (the Democrats’ one and only platform plank).

“Do you really think the people will keep a president who hates what their country is all about?”

But the American people are smart enough to see through the fake news media’s ruse.

They’re tired of the selectively edited footage, the parroting Democrat Party talking points, and ramming a radical leftist cultural agenda down our throats.

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154 Responses

  1. Quixtop says:

    Chris Cuomo; Washington Post 10-17-2016
    “remember-its-illegal-to-possess-wikileaks-clinton-emails-but-its-different-for-the-media” and then he goes on with “so everything you learn you learn from us” If that’s not FAKE news nothing is. Not only is he lying about the media being different but we must listen only to him. Isn’t it lovely to be so special, not only immune from the law but filtering the news.

  2. Dan Moriarty says:

    Yes, nobody has a lower IQ than Cuomo, not Joe “Duh” Biden – 3 time loser- I thought only men knew how dumb he is–look at his face filled with rage when nothing has been said yet! Pooh!

  3. Miss Mellie says:

    CNN is at best an opinion network that NOBODY IS WATCHING.

  4. ROBERTW says:


  5. Janice says:

    To hell with cuomo and cnn….. They have been on my never watch list for two years and that’s where they will remain along with all msm. Their job is to keep their demonrat lib lemmings in order. Only ignorant losers will tune in to Clinton news network.

  6. Grizz Mann says:

    CNN is Certainly Not News.

  7. Angelica says:

    No, Richard Knoch, the illegal set race relations back FARTHER than just the last century!

  8. Colonialgirl says:

    Sounds like you BLOW, maybe you should visit one of Obama’s favorite hangouts; A Gay bath house in Chicago.

  9. Larry OBrien says:

    It certainly SHOUTS stupidity when these ‘representatives’ of the fake news MSM have collectively determined that the Trump/Putin summit was a failure. Like the man once asked, “who made them pope”?? Were they partners to the discussion between these two world leaders (90 % of the nuclear weapons in the world) ?? Or are they just a couple “disgruntled” hacks who want to say ANYTHING to try to hurt the President of the United States?? Just what we need at this time. All these idiots have demonstrated is that they are more interested in hurting the President (and thus the Country) then they are in promoting the peace and prosperity of the WORLD. What a bunch of LOSERS !!

  10. JH says:

    I wouldn’t give squat to Russia. The media (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS MSNBC, BLOOMINGBIRD, NYT, WAPO, and sometimes Fox) tell you only what they want you to know. Many times there is only a single strand of truth in what they are saying. It is incumbent on each one of us to verify everything before making an informed opinion.

  11. Chrystal Thias says:

    You should think about that too. Why can’t the idiot keep anyone? Because they see what he is. An idiot. He is running up ungodly amounts of money and when he is gone and everyone starts losing homes and jobs maybe you will get it. It’s already starting. Get your head outcha ass.

  12. Chrystal Thias says:

    Didn’t you see where Trumps leakers are himself and his lawyers and but you would give it to Russia!

  13. Ray Anton says:

    Right on Cathy, Chris Cuomo a member of the elitist NY Cuomo family is one of the worst political hacks of the Main Stream Media and his very low show ratings give him him a well deserved F for failure!!

  14. BigJoe says:

    I doubt very much that you speak for everyone with a different skin color. In fact, you are the only one who mentioned skin color. To me that means that you obviously feel shame for not being white. I think you desire to be something other than what you are and that you use your skin color to hate those that are different than you. Must really suck to be you.

  15. Chrystal Thias says:

    Didn’t you see where Trumps leakers are himself and his lawyers and but you would give it to Russia!

  16. When will the liberal news media ever learn that “President Trump keeps playing them like a fine piano, setting a trap for them and they keep falling in head first and they end up losing to him every time and they accuse us of being dumb and stupid for electing him in the first place, when they should look in the mirror to see who is dumb and stupid”!! The man is a genius and he makes us look like geniuses for electing him in 2016!! Mr. President, keep playing them for they deserve what they get when they lose to you!!!…..

  17. Chrystal Thias says:

    Didn’t you see where Trumps leaders are himself and




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