Chuck Schumer was boiling mad after a leading Democrat made this colossal blunder

Chuck Schumer is scheming to hang on as Senate Majority Leader.

But Democrats’ problems are growing by the day.

And Chuck Schumer was boiling mad after a leading Democrat made this colossal blunder.

Chuck Schumer is fighting for his political life as Senate Majority Leader.

Thanks to Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote as Vice President, Schumer only has control with a razor-thin majority.

With only 50 Democrats, he has no margin for error if he wants to maintain control.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency, the 2022 Midterm elections are shaping up to be rough for Democrats.

One of the states Schumer is hoping to go on the offensive in is Florida, where Marco Rubio is seeking his third term.

Florida has always been one of the biggest battleground states in the country.

Schumer thought he had the perfect recruit to take on Rubio in Congresswoman Val Demings.

Since Demings is the former Police Chief of Orlando, she can tout her law enforcement background.

But a colossal blunder from Demings’ past is going to cost her big time.

With gas prices in Florida hitting record highs, energy costs are becoming a major campaign issue.

Demings was asked on local TV about her support for the Green New Deal and whether she believed clean energy had caused gas prices to skyrocket.

She denied she ever supported the Green New Deal and attacked Marco Rubio for “playing politics.”

But Demings was caught red handed lying about her support for the Green New Deal.

In 2020, she announced in a press release that she was joining radical environmental groups and extreme leftists to support the THRIVE Act.

Supported by many of the same environmental wackos, the THRIVE Act is the Green New Deal by a different name.

This $9 trillion monstrosity wants to transition the American power grid off all fossil fuels by 2035.

The bill also wants to use trillions of dollars to combat “systemic racism and gender, economic, and environmental injustice.”

The THRIVE Act was being promoted by the Green New Deal network and its leading supporters like Ilhan Omar.

Demings supported the THRIVE Act when gas prices were cheap under President Trump.

Now that gas prices are skyrocketing, Demings is hoping she can sweep her support for it under the rug.

Demings thinks Florida voters are too stupid to notice that she supported the Green New Deal by another name.

With Florida drivers being crushed by high gas prices, her support for the THRIVE Act will come back to haunt her.

Voters across the country are fed up with Democrats’ war on American energy.

Democrats like Demings have been trying to run away from their extreme environmental agenda for the election.

Polling shows that Rubio is leading in the race, and blunders like this could help him pull away.

With high gas prices becoming a top political issue, this blunder could cost Chuck Schumer in his bid to hang on to Senate control.

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