Chuck Schumer suffered a huge defeat that could cost him his job next year

Chuck Schumer has no margin for error next year.

Democrats know they are walking into a political minefield.

Now Chuck Schumer suffered a huge defeat that could cost him his job next year.

U.S. Senator from Nevada Catherine Cortez-Masto is one of the most endangered Democrats in America.

Cortez-Masto voted in lockstep for Joe Biden’s agenda, and with Democrats facing major political headwinds due to Joe Biden’s failed presidency, Republicans believe former Attorney General Adam Laxalt can knock her off.

Republicans only need to flip one seat to win back control of the Senate, and a loss in Nevada would almost certainly doom the Democrats’ outlook of clinging to the majority.

Democrats know they are in trouble and Schumer’s allies laid out big money for TV ad buys in Nevada attacking candidate Adam Laxalt – who Donald Trump endorsed – one year out from the election.

Senate Majority PAC bought time for an ad on Reno’s CBS affiliate KTVN 2 News that claimed Laxalt “oppos[es] relief for Nevada’s economy, says ‘no’ to lower prescription drug costs for seniors on Medicare, [and] opposes the expanded child tax credit.”

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee threatened a lawsuit calling the ad false and defamatory, pointing to the fact that none of the news articles the ad cited defending their claims about Laxalt contained any information about Laxalt’s positions on those issues or even mentioned Laxalt’s name.

KTVN became the first station to pull down the Democrats attack ad announcing the station “will be pulling the ad as of tomorrow unless new documentation or information comes in that changes the course of our decision.”

Laxalt celebrated the news.

“Chuck Schumer is so desperate to save Catherine Cortez-Masto that he’s attacking me for her own failures,” Laxalt crowed. “This shows that she and Schumer will say anything to win this race, no matter if it aligns with the facts or not and proves to Nevadans that they can’t trust their words.”

The race in Nevada is already off to a bad start for Democrats as Laxalt unified the Republican Party by receiving endorsements from both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

And now Cortez-Masto’s expected TV ad air cover is already disintegrating.

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