Chuck Schumer just admitted how far Democrats will go to impeach Trump

With Trump in the White House, and Republicans holding a strong majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer has little power.

But he is working with his caucus to try to impeach Trump.

And he just admitted just how far Democrats will go to impeach him.

Democrats truly are obsessed with impeaching President Donald Trump.

They know that if they cannot somehow remove him before the 2020 election, that Trump will almost certainly win re-election.

So they are pushing forward with their efforts, with Adam Schiff leading the push through his Soviet-style impeachment court.

But all of this craziness has made getting anything else done virtually impossible.

And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just came out stating that the government may go through another shutdown due to the impeachment efforts.

Congress has to deal with passing spending legislation by November 22 in order to keep the government open.

Schumer revealed this news by claiming that Trump “may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment.”

Mediaite reports:

In addition to, well, everything else going on, Congress also has to deal with passing spending legislation to keep the government open before Nov. 21.

There’s been some question of how the impeachment inquiry would affect this. And now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is expressing concern about how President Donald Trump himself will react:

“I believe, left to our own devices, Congress would work out an agreement to quickly fund the government. But I’m increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment. An impeachment inquiry.”

“He always likes to create diversions,’ Schumer added. “I hope and pray he won’t want to cause another shutdown ’cause it might be a diversion away from impeachment.”

Schumer seems to be preparing the media for the narrative around a government shutdown, assuming it comes later this month.

He wants it to be President Trump’s fault, despite the fact that it is Democrats doing everything to create division in Congress.

They had Adam Schiff, a known liar and leaker, leading the impeachment efforts on Trump after all.

Trump is willing to work with Democrats.

But that is impossible when Democrats only want him to fail.


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173 Responses

  1. Don says:

    Demo nut cases will shut down the government and blame Trump because the demo-rats are too childish to the work, they are like a bunch of whimpering babies who need a good bare ass spanking/bottle and put to bed for good.

    Demos has no brains, no respect, and most of all NO HONOR

  2. Wondering Woman says:

    Let’s take a stab at the true meaning behind Schumer’s words. Is he really worried that Trump will shut down the government down? HELL NO!
    He is only starting his lies, slander, propaganda & innuendos early to project the blame for what the deep state establishment congresional members plot really is! They haven’t been able to damage his success in improving our economy – so let’s force him to shut the government down! Really think that will work. do you? How well did that work for you the last time?
    The major thing it did for We the People was show us that we could get by with 1/2 or less of the present number of federal employees without interfering with our day to day life
    These traitors have followed the new world orders to a tee with their fighting to keep the border wide open for all the caravans of new world order recruits of invading illegal immigrants to be used as a weapon of war in a George Soros favorite style of destroying a nation by crashing their economy. Believe these caravans began shortly after traitors Rosenstein & Mueller lost their blocking & spying positions inside the DOJ, didn’t they?
    When they saw Trump was succeeding in winning on thr southern borfer & the 2 major traitors had lost their spying & blocking positions in the DOJ & no longer in a position to prevent indictments for deep state establishment & new world order hirelings from making it out of the DOJ (which was really the reason the fishing expedition kept dragging on) the 2 traitors passed the torch of TREASON into the HOUSE & that 400+ page report they left behind laid out the plans (probably a lot of clandestine personal messages passed also) as to how to proceed with an attempted frame up impeachment since Rosenstein & Mueller knew there was no way they would get by with King of the frame ups trying it. Does anyone believe that befuddled Robert Mueller &/or Rosenstein wrote that voluminous400+ page report, when he didn’t even know who or what FUSION GPS was, when the democrat deep state establishment made the mistake of forcing him to testify in public in their congressional hearings? LOL Apparently Rod Rosenstein hadn’t passed the word onto deep state democrats that Muellers Traitors Guilty Conscious Derangement Syndrome had made him a very bad risk. Don’t see how he could have developed such severe Alzheimers between the time he ?wrote that voluminous 400+ page report & testifying for the democrats 3 ring circus, which did nothing except show that Robert Mueller was definitely not in charge of that so called special counsel Trump/Russian Investigation, which was really a continuation of the treason that began TO STOP TRUMP even before he announed he was running & has now moved its headquarters to the HOUSE & still ongoing to STOP TRUMP with this totally unconstitutional farce of impeachment.
    Scrambling rats are really rattled & making more mistakes, as they are still working hand in hand with the new world order on the southern border & now added wasting more treasury funds to crash our economy & finidng it ain’t gonna be easy with TRUMP AT THE HELM – even though they still have the instructions and help from all of the same ones who were in the initial STOP TRUMP efforts that failed to work.
    One thing they did learn from calling Mueller to testify is: NEVER LET THE REPUBLICANS ASK YOUR WITNESSES ANY QUESTIONS! That is why we have the deep state establishment traitors operating severely kangaroo hearings behind CLOSED DOORS! Their circus still has the same director/s headed by headed by the central hub of the new world order’s “shadow government”, aka the CIA, which probably has plenty of spys inside the CIA but as many or more ex agents who are no longer on the federal payroll – but still just as anxious to protect all of their rear ends from being indicted & prosecuted, because they fear the noise of those dominos falling if one gets through. They must have a written manual they have to follow because their corrupt tactics are almost exactly the same as those used against the western ranchers in corrupt federal kangaroo courts which remained under radar until the Bundy & Hammond families dared to resist the corruption & we the people learned about what was going on.
    What did federal employees learn from the shut down? The furloughed emp;loyees learned they got a few weeks of extra paid vacation from the federal shutdown & the ones who had to work through the shut down probably felt some resentment that unnecessary federal employees got all that pay during the shutdown for not working & they got nothing!
    What else did we the people learn from the shutdown? Thanks to the deep state establishment congressional members we learned how little time our congressional members spend representing their constituents & how much more time they spend representing the invading illegal aliens, even the violent criminal ones among them & also realized how long this has been the way it is.
    This should tell every sane AMERICAN just how unnecessary our Congress is to our well being & the running of our government. Memories of Pelosi telling Congress “Come On! pass this bill so we can find out what is in it” knowing that none of them had time to read it since it had been introduced & congressional members obediently obey this deep state establishment congresswomn’s advice & passed a bill none of them knew what was in it, which should also tell any sane person who read it that none of the congressional members had written this voluminous health care bill that had more pages than our Bible & included lots of stuff that had nothing to do with health care – but lots to do gaining more control in health care & many other areas of our lives & was obviously written by someone in the one world global government, aka the new world order & handed to Pelosi to get introduced & passed without anyone knowing what was in it.

    Therefore fellow Americans. may I suggest we eliminate the federal government congressional members (6 figure salaries X the number of congressional members +the salaries of staff & other expenses, will go a long way in paying off national debt they incurred through their love of spending other peoples’ money much faster).
    It would also eliminate the p;roblem of congressional members listening to the lobbyist & being corrupted by bribes & possibly a few other means of their being distracted by other means of amassing wealth like insider trading, etc.
    In this day of instantaneous e mail & telephone communications, why couldn’t our local legislators get out in the field & report to our governors at weekly or monthly intervals & the governors make a trip to Washington, DC meetings with our President at regular intervals? Why coulldn’t those bills presented to the citizens on line for every bill that is introduced put the bill directly up to the people on the internet & let the people vote for or against that bill.
    This would definitely make the voice of WE the PEOPLE heard better than it has been by a deaf CONGRESS that appears to have a problem with hearing – though haven’t noticed hearing aids in any of their ears. LOL
    Local congressional members holding regular town house meetings in their constituents areas weekly would also get more citizens involved into the oversight of what our governmenta, local, state & federala is doing & we could soon decide what federal & local departments could be totally abolished or merged with another one. With rapid internet it would p;robably move faster than the 3 ring circuses we often observe now!
    With local librairies having computers users can use (or anyone without a computer probably has a computer savvy relative or friend who would be happy to help them make their voice heard.

    May I suggest the White House immediately start working on using the empty Congress area to communicate cirectly with the people on bills & questions. May I further suggest you start the questions with Killing Obamacare completely & make them Yes – No & maybe an Otheer for intelligent anwers to be shared. Suggest the second question be abolishing the departmernt of education & returning the education to the states with the stipulation they work out a factual curriculum based on scientific truths & get rid of the common core curriculum crap indoctrination & return to educating immediately even if it requires returning to primitive RUN DICK RUN of my early school days & phonetic spelling while they work out the curriculum. Our educational system has gone downhill since they ended phonetic spelling. Third question for we the people to answer is abolishing the IRS that has so damned rules, regulations & loop holes that even the people who work they don’t know them & replacle it with that one little potcard we would have to mail in once a year that we have heard is possible to have for the average individual & may I also suggest that postcard be worded in a manner that doesn’t assume every American is a tax cheat & worded in a twisted manner in an effort to trip them up. No excuse for all making those darned forms so difficult that even a college graduate has trouble understanding them!

    • Mama says:

      Whew. Got a LOT to Say. Thnx for Expressing___
      > Gov. “shutdown(s)” ARE WIDELY ‘Mis-Understood’
      by the citizenry & How it works. I SAY DO IT !
      It IS Good Leverage. &&& MOST PPL have a food ‘Stash’
      etc FOR a ‘Rainy Day’. ____

  3. Mama says:

    POTUS in Monro, LA. WED pm. BE THERE !!!
    (W/a front row seat) haha.

  4. Mama says:

    POTUS in Kentucky Tonight. Be there !!!
    I got ‘Front row Seat ‘ !!! lol.
    > Ever been to a ‘Live Rally’ ???
    > i did 2x in 2016. It was an 0MG to say the least.
    > Way Better than ‘woodstock’ (so to speak) NO ‘drugs’ !!!
    etc. &&& That MAN DJT has ‘White Hair’ !!! Forget what
    you see re msm ‘filter’ crap. 0k ? I Was V. Up close behind
    VIP section ( & No 0ne blocking’) . i threw out a Cpl ‘hand Signals’
    He Saw it. lol haha. & He ‘knew’ WHAT they Meant. Anyway s—-
    Stay Strong . SAVE USA from ‘Global’ Take0ver thru Dems.
    > Y’aLL won’t like it (even the Dems) IF US ‘falls’. ♥ u All___

    • Mama says:

      ‘That’ Man Doesn’t ‘miss’ A Thing. He knows ___
      but just can’t say thangs like ‘we’ can. But Surely Says
      A Lot.

    • JH says:

      Omg!!! That is so awesome, he flew into our small town, the airport was bursting at the seems, I so would have went, but was out of state. What a momentous occasion, I would have gotten chills and might have teared up, that right there is something these brain dead goofy fecks can not take away. I hope to someday meet him, or at the very least see one of his rallies. I’m so proud of our POTUS. Trump 2020 KAG.

      • Mama says:

        JH, Get to a ‘Rally’ AnyWay you Can !!! We have
        1 YR for ‘rallies’. Then POTUS DJT 4 MORE!!!
        Then, i’m scared ___ ou.
        > Where your small town ???
        > Mine in MI 9am !!!OMG, Unreal ___
        FREEZING KOLD 6am. whew.
        > HahaHaaa your “feck” word ____
        & “FECKLESS” ‘they are’ ___
        >2nd 1 had 10,000 or so. I was pretty close, but
        Not like the 1st. Getting 0UT of the ‘parking Lot’
        Took hours. sheesh.

  5. L says:

    If there’s another government shutdown because the DemonRats aren’t doing their jobs, THEY should be the first to go unpaid !!

  6. Mama says:

    Repost TO ANITA in CA. re FIRE/ Policy___

    Re Dem ‘Policy’ = NO 0NE (Else) Should be ‘forced to Endure’ ___

    Mama November 3, 2019 at 5:07 pm
    To Anita. I Could NOT ‘Breathe That Air’.
    Under NO “Uncertain Terms” I would Meet ‘God’.
    I’m sorry for you/yours etc..
    > Seriously, Do YOU /Yours Have the ‘WherewithAll’
    To MOVE ??? DO IT !!! Think painfully hard, & ‘get the
    hell outta’ Ca. Not kidding. ____ God Bless.

  7. Robert Ewing says:

    Does Schumer know how far we wil go to prevent impeachment of our President? It is a matter of life or death. Somebody should tell him.

    • Hawks/Eagles Fly. says:

      > Check Point___

    • kath says:

      shimer. pelosi, shiff, maxine waters, lee jackson, al green the the squad mob should all be investagated under bar an d durmen now. get them out of congress. they dont care if the country fails just to get rid of trump.these evil people need to be indicted and sent to jail on crimmal charges against our president trump.

  8. Russell E. Fowler says:

    If your politician voted to impeach then remember when it comes to their re-election.

  9. Legendary Statesman says:

    We should welcome another government shutdown. Each time, it underscores the extent to which the non-essential functions of the United States government simply do not matter to the lives of most United States citizens.

    • Libertarian58 says:

      The less they do, the better off we are, but it begs the question, what are they doing to us behind our backs while all attention is focused on “impeachment”?

      • Legendary Statesman says:

        We can follow these various non-mainstream blogs to keep in the know about what is not being covered by the big networks and newspapers that keep attacking the entire Trump family. There are a whole bunch of them like Patriot Pulse. If something more potent is required, there is always 4chan to fall back upon.

  10. Patsy Autry says:

    What a selfish, self centered, childish, hateful group they are. Now afraid that President Trump would dare shut down the government…AND that would take away from the impeachment plans…DEMOCRATS: Please remember this when you vote. Your congressmen DO NOT CARE what you want, DO NOT CARE about your needs. Are totally obsessed with putting down a sitting president who has done wonders with the changes/improvements from Obama’s administration. They never recognize him for the person he is or the changes…only CRITICISM, CRITICISM . We have had enough of them and him and Nancy Bell !!!!!

  11. Guess says:

    A true hard core Democrat is a prime example of being a pompous ass.

    • Ghost says:

      Agreed Guess..The DemonRats do what they must do to retain POWER. First on the agenda, getting rid of Trump. Second on the Agenda, getting rid of all Trump supporters.

  12. chief1937 says:

    If there is a government shutdown the Democrats will own it this time. It is congresses responsibility to prepare and present for approval the budget but it seems they are too buisy trying to impeach Trump they don’t have time for the budget shows exactly where their priorities really are.

    • Allan Terry says:

      Absolutely right! Democrat Party leaders have an all consuming hatred for a duly elected president. Funding the Fed Gov., particularly our military, must take precedence. The American people elected Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lost. The Dems in Congress should be charged with “hate speech.” They are the ones shutting down usual governmental duties. Most of all, if Nancy Pelosi can get rid of Trump and VP Pence–the Constitution states that she will become president!!!

  13. Don Juan says:

    If there ever was a group of people who are a literally the children of the devil, then it would have to be all the Democrat politicians. Their whole existence in government is based on nothing but lies. Their father, who happens to be the father of all lies, is very proud of his unruly children. They are doing exactly what he wants them to do. There is absolutely no redeeming qualities in any of them. They hate and despise anything that is good and virtuous and they cheer and applude anything that bad and wicked. They are all contributors to murder, for they delight and praise the continuation of killing the unborn babies without even flinching. They are all whoremongers and they love darkness more than they love light. They steal our monies thru taxation and then squander much of it on their lusts for power and desires. It totally defies how anyone would ever vote for these swamp creatures. I am going to do my God given duty to vote these sub-humans out of office in November 2020. Please join me and we will rid the infestation we currently have in Washington DC.

  14. tinker68 says:

    With the press on their side they will easily be able to shift blame to the President. It seems as everything they do or want done is working to their advantage and it could not without the media advantage they hold.

  15. Larry says:

    Do you know why there are so many Democrats in the house of representatives? It’s because they can’t get a job anywhere else! They’re not competent!

  16. Anita Beer says:

    California is burning, and the air quality is slowly killing us over here. It sucks to be conservative out here. Pelosi and idiot Schiff couldn’t bother to give one second of attention to their districts. I say what the Italians did to Mussolini was spot on and very necessary.

    • Will Penny says:

      Anita , that’s the tree huggers for you , there policies on forest Management SUCK , THEY DON’T KNOW JACK ” S ” ABOUT FOREST MANAGEMENT and California is prove of there Stupidity .

      • zee & co. says:

        Hi Will, from zee/mama/ &jack handy___
        Rite. CA DON’T KNOW 0r ‘WANT to KNOW
        0r DO about ‘Forest Manage/ 0n TOP of 0r
        NEAR ‘WIRES’. Complete ‘dumbus’ Dem ‘policy’
        > Ignorance ??? 0r 0n ‘purpose’ To Tear Down USA
        Starting w/ Ca. You tell me.

        • Will Penny says:

          Hi Zee , good ??? Is it just stupidity or on purpose . One would like to think it’s Stupidity on there part , but from what I’ve seen these last few years , it’s becoming more clear to me , that this is being done on purpose . There not going into the forest thinning out any of the over growth or dead trees and brush . They know exactly what the problem is and exactly the solution to help prevent all of these wild fires . The
          tree huggers file law suit after law suit , any time a logging company is issued a contract for logging , the tree huggers don’t want anything touched , not even the weeds or grasses touch . Now it’s Common Sense , that if you surpress wild fires each n every time one starts , which burns off undergrowth and dead trees and branches . Then that in turn causes a buildup of undergrowth over years of surpression . So now Common Sense tells us , no wonders there’s so many of these wildfires in the state of California , that are so out of control . One has to ask , why is the state of California letting this happen year in and year out , without even attempting to put and end to this stupidity , of loving the forest to death literally . Let nature take its course if you truly love the forest . Now when life or death of citizens and there homes are at risk , yes action must be taken . Then again most of these same people are the problem that’s causing all these huge wildfires in California . I mean ,
          ” Duh ” when in the Hell are you Simpletons going get the program , any time soon would be great . But we’re dealing liberal SIMPLETONS , who haven’t any Common Sense whatsoever , Right. .

          • zee & co. says:

            Hey Hi WILL P. Am 0k __ You 0k ? i think so___ Anyway….
            >>>”0n Purpose” 0BVIOUS (in ‘leadership’) my friend. ‘stupidity’ IS ‘voters’ Lacking COMMON
            Sense. Due To —- well, You figure it out.

        • Will Penny says:

          Yes , it’s scray to know that the voters , are much more simple minded than there elected officials . But they prove it every election , especially in Old California . Like sheep being herded to slaughter over the cliff ledge

          • Will Penny says:

            Glad u are ok , 🙂 , I’m doing very well , thank U

          • zee & co. says:

            Fire After Fire After FIRE !!! & ppl in
            Ca & other States
            Remain to VOTE Dem.
            > Self -Inflicted Punishment, THAT NO
            0ne Else Should be ‘forced to Endure’ ___

        • Will Penny says:

          The BLM , NATIONAL FORESTRY and National Parks System . An also the voters and elected officials , are all to blame for these wild fires , they’ve made there own Hell that there living in the state of California . With bad forest management from decades of wild fire surpression . Which in turn has caused many years of undergrowth , that’s built up fuels for all these huge fires in California . They’ve done it to themselves . An not all Californians are tree huggers and liberals , there the ones suffering the stupidity of the liberal commie tree huggers . How Stupid are they , well , as we see enormously Stupid !!

      • Mama says:

        To Anita. I Could NOT ‘Breathe That Air’.
        Under NO “Uncertain Terms” I would Meet ‘God’.
        I’m sorry for you/yours etc..
        > Seriously, Do YOU /Yours Have the ‘WherewithAll’
        To MOVE ??? DO IT !!! Think painfully hard, & ‘get the
        hell outta’ Ca. Not kidding. ____ God Bless.

  17. Don says:

    The demos will LIE, FLASEIFY INFORMATION, MURDER anyone just to impeach Trump. The demos have already completely violated their Oath of office for the past 3 years. where are their impeachments for FAILURE to comply with the Constitution and Oath of office??????????????????????

    • Joey Self says:

      This has been the most Insabordinant anti American incompetent Congress I have ever seen. They are doing everything they can to keep from working with the President at all cost. Derilection , abuse , fraud , etc. DISGRACE.

  18. William says:

    Upchuck, there is an old saying that paraphrased is “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. The dems are making a huge mistake, first of all, to even try to impeach a president that has done so much good in only 3 years, and secondly to have the gonads to blame a shutdown on Trump when the shutdown is due entirely to the dems obsession with removing Trump because they know they can not beat him. In my opinion, the American people see thru this BS and will hold the dems responsible since it is the democratic controlled congress that is not doing their jobs. I hope and pray that the American people see thru this sham and make the dems pay dearly for this insult to this duly-elected president. MAGA and KAG, Donald – we the people are with you!!!!!

  19. Sparky says:

    Sounds like he is revealing the democrats plans to shutter the government. Just remember you heard it from the democrats first if it does happen, because they will be the cause of it. But due to the farce going on in our government they will get away with it.

  20. Jay Metler says:

    As a sad resident of The People’s Republic of New York, Chuck you Schumer is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the many of us. If there were ever a case for term limits in the house and senate he’s it. So Chuckie, sit down and shut up, or even better, crawl back under the rock you came out from and DIE.

  21. jreb57 says:

    “He always likes to create diversions,’ Schumer added.
    This entire impeachment scam has been a diversion and Schumer knows it. If the Democrats think they have a reasonable expectation of having the results of the next election respected should they win, they are wrong. Their own actions have cast doubt and sown discord on the election process. The Democrats have shown they are willing to subvert any process and misrepresent any value to achieve power.

  22. John J says:

    This slimball thinks the American people are as stupid as he is, the bastard is having a turn about dream

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      What are you talking about? 50% of Americans dont give a rats behind as long as free stuff keeps coming in. That 50% is who he is talking to, and at least 10% of those scumbags think bashing little old man in the head because hes wearing a maga hat, is acceptable. This country is done.

      • John M says:

        You are correct. The overwhelming majority of comments in our bubble are pro-trump. Many people we interface with are pro-trump. But there are minions ( not millions) of less than cognitive voters who vote Democratic because they ALWAYS vote for the Democrats. As long as the gravy train keeps running they will not seek change.

        • wrong – trump did not win the majority vote – millions voted otherwise, perhaps, they saw in trump an incompetent, arrogant, self serving adolescent bully who knows nothing of the Constitution thinks he is above the law, disrespects veterans and women, stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism – FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office, thinks climate change is a hoax and Jesus would not approve of his behavior or policies.

          • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

            Look back, if you subtract the ‘dead vote.’ illegals and the rest of the fraudulent votes, Hillary lost the popular vote also. And Trump DID win the electoral college vote which is what decides the president.

          • Will Penny says:

            Wrong you are Joseph , people from the grave yard can’t vote , but you simpleton liberals think that’s ok . Illegals can’t vote , again you fools believe that’s ok . By the way it’s not the conservative who are starting violence , it’s your Thugs , the Antifa heathens , George Soros pays to single out Trump supporters and physically abusie them , that’s the facts . So take ur fake media crap you listen to everyday and go stick it where the Sun don’t Shine , up yours you simpleton !!

          • Pat says:

            Who are you to say what Jesus would do? It’s obvious that you’re not a Christian.

          • Ms. Munchkin says:

            Joseph Strychasz, Of course, you are aware that millions of Hillary’s alleged votes are being proven fraudulent daily, Even as I type this more and more votes are being discounted as fraudulent. You see, illegals CAN NOT vote in federal elections, nor can the deceased, nor can felons. It is also illegal for persons to vote more than once, just because a person may have residences in two or more counties, does NOT mean they are allowed to vote in each of those counties. THESE are the votes that are being discounted as fraudulent daily. It turns out that Hillary really didn’t win the popular vote either. Those illegal votes total well over her alleged popular vote victory, and they are still counting. The ACTUAL totals at the close of the election was 62,984,828 for Trump and 65,853,514 for Hillary. A difference of ONLY 2,868,686. THE TOTAL OF FRAUDULENT VOTES COUNTED SO FAR IS OVER 8,000,000. Putting Hillary SQUARELY in the losing category.

  23. LISA MILLAR says:

    You are wrong; I just acting like a liberal. Trump should shut down the govt., but not the lowly employees but the politicians shouldn’t receive any pay. Why hurt the little people when the ‘so called elite’ politicians are responsible for it. Our politicians need to be paid by the hour as they definitely don’t put in a 40 hour week; I know that for a fact. Put them out for community service as they aren’t doing the service for the people that voted for them. I’m only repeating to a single comment.
    i have not stated this before. What I reply to one person should affect what I say on someone elses.

  24. LISA MILLAR says:

    You are wrong; I just acting like a liberal. Trump should shut down the govt., but not the lowly employees but the politicians shouldn’t receive any pay. Why hurt the little people when the ‘so called elite’ politicians are responsible for it. Our politicians need to be paid by the hour as they definitely don’t put in a 40 hour week; I know that for a fact. Put them out for community service as they aren’t doing the service for the people that voted for them.
    i have not stated this before. What I reply to one person should affect what I say on someone elses.

  25. LISA MILLAR says:

    Trump should shut down the govt., but not the lowly employees but the politicians shouldn’t receive any pay. Why hurt the little people when the ‘so called elite’ politicians are responsible for it. Our politicians need to be paid by the hour as they definitely don’t put in a 40 hour week; I know that for a fact. Put them out for community service as they aren’t doing the service for the people that voted for them.
    i have not stated this before. What I reply to one person should affect what I say on someone elses.

  26. LISA MILLAR says:

    Trump should shut down the govt., but not the lowly employees but the politicians shouldn’t receive any pay. Why hurt the little people when the ‘so called elite’ politicians are responsible for it. Our politicians need to be paid by the hour as they definitely don’t put in a 40 hour week; I know that for a fact. Put them out for community service as they aren’t doing the service for the people that voted for them.

  27. Jeff Noncent says:

    the antichrist is already in power and the democrats are following his footsteps I believe the antichrist will be in power because the Bible is true and we are living in the last days when Jesus Christ will come back.

    • Orrie says:

      Agree! The Democrats are being led by Satan. Jesus Christ will return and put the devil in chains for a thousand years. When that will be, no one knows but each day that passes brings us closer to His return.

    • Erich says:

      Jeff, I believe that you are correct. Scary times. You read Revelations, and its literally happening in front of our very eyes, yesterday most are too blind to see. Remember, antichrist doesn’t have to be a male, so that’s a huge field of scumbags it could be. Personally, I thought our last president might have been, but I’m leaning towards Trumps son in law, Kushner. He has been incremental in bringing peace to Israel and middle east., and hes sneaky, weasley, person. And, President Trump seems to pick the absolute worst people to work around him. Almost as if hes blind, since the rest of us see how bad they are, before he puts them in. And we tell from the rooftops, to no avail.

      • Paul Aldredge says:

        Since you read the Bible, you’d KNOW we want peace with and for Israel! We want all those against Israel destroyed, which will happen when Jesus comes down on His white horse with flaming sword. Don’t forget that part! That’s when the armies against Israel will be utterly destroyed.

    • trump is the true anti-Christ – look at his policies on immigration, the enviornment, he stirs up hatred and racism, he disrespects veterans and women – he certainly is not of Christ and does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ – read your Bible with an open mind so that the Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth.

      • Patriot says:

        Could you be more specific? What immigration policies do you find fault with? The ones that would prohibit people from entering the country ILLEGALLY? The environment? You must be one of those “global warming” fanatics. Of course the climate is changing. It has been going back and forth from hot to cold for thousands of years, long before there was any industry, cars and even people! But banning cars, planes, cows, or having children won’t change what takes place naturally due to emissions from the sun and shifting of the earth’s axis. Trump stirs up hatred and racism? You must have been in a coma during the Obama years. Trump has done more for minorities in less than three years than Obama did in eight! Disrespects veterans and woman??? You are absolutely clueless, proving you are a true Democrat! Open your eyes, although you are probably incapable of understanding the truth. Trump 2020!

        • Robert Polans says:

          I wondered that too. I’ve spent well over a year at the border and still don’t understand how people on such a long journey can arrive overweight, with cell phones and waving the flag of their country yet they want to come into ours because they say their lives are threatened.

        • Allan Terry says:

          Well written! Democrats must think for themselves and look at the big picture for 2020. Conservatives must keep spreading the truth in a confident, civil way. Do Democrat voters want to vote for politicians who (1) meet in secret to bring charges against our president, (2) oppose measures to reduce voter fraud, (3) leave our borders open to criminals and illegal drugs that kill thousands, and (4) have no plan to do anything that improves our lives. If Pelosi and Schumer win in 2020, the economy will crash, taxes will increase, they will confiscate your guns, and scrap your rights due to “climate change.” Get involved and get the facts out–something the mainsream media will never do!

  28. Patty says:

    These democrats will fry in hell forever and ever! This will turn out bad for them and they will loose all the seats to be elected in 20/20. People can see what a farce they are and they haven’t done anything in over three years. They need to stop their pay checks ASAP! Nancy Pelosi and Shiff are snakes in the grass and will trampled on when Our Jesus Christ comes very soon. They are abominations and most of congress and Soros the Nazi who pays them all will be forever burning in HELL. Praise God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirt and protect Trump and his true patrons in the whitehouse through these dark times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Libertarian58 says:

    The communists have been working on the destruction of the republic since the Wilson administration. They believe they are so close to their goal, but are “out of the closet” now. They don’t care who lies or who dies to achieve their goal, and will stop at nothing. If they succeed, we will have full blown communism.

  30. Cindy Murphy says:

    The Democrats should be sent to prison for Treason for this coup. This is unexceptable.

  31. John R Day says:

    Why all this nonsense over fake impeachment proceedings.
    Can’t the democrats or the media read??????
    Just look at the transcript of the phone conversation.
    Why are conversations being censored?

    • Trish L. Richey says:

      Desperate People do Desperate Things!

    • Bob says:

      John R Day, the Democrats do not care what the transcript says because they have an Army Lt Col Alexander Vindman, who was born in Ukraine and came to the USA when he is about 3 years old. He claims he listened in on the phone conversation between President Trump and the new President of Ukraine. He is bias for Ukraine, works for the Democrats, and is a never Trumper. He testified before the Schiff disaster in the basement where Republicans were not allowed to get a transcript. He probably violated his oath of office because he actually works for the Commander-In-Chief (President Trump) and as such must obey all lawful orders from the president. I suspect, he is the main whistleblower and the other one who was involved in the Russian Collusion fiasco worked for Joe Biden and John Brennan. This one is a CIA Analysis and was placed in the White House by John Brennan before Brennan left his post as CIA Director when President Trump was elected. Schift Schiff is behind the miss-information being told to us about the phone call and the Democrat media and the House Democrats are helping to spread this narrative. Pelosi and Schiff believe their attempt to impeach the president will result in President Trump being defeated in 2020. President Trump has done nothing wrong because he is constitutionally authorized to talk to heads of states. When the IG (Horowitz), who is looking into the FISA violations, and Investigator Durham complete their reports, the Attorney General will be putting people in jail. I am here to tell everyone, that president Trump will win re-election and it will be the largest landslide in the history of our country. The Democrats know they do not have the American people behind them and they also know the Senate will not vote to impeach the president because there are no treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

    • Hussain says:

      The dems are “reading between the lines “. They say theres hidden code, that normal people, and patriots, cant see. Because we just dont have the intelligence they have. They went to college, for more indoctrination. We, the dummies, just worked for all those years, so they could have foodstamps and free healthcare, and other free stuff. These pigs literally think, because they had 4 more years of school, that they are smarter than we are. I say, bring it on, skippy. If antifa is your militant group, it should take all of 5 minutes to eradicate them. Then, we go for the ones giving them marching orders.

  32. Will says:

    There are plenty of empty prisons ,, around the country ,, that they were building for us ,, lets start filling them up with them

  33. WE THE PEOPLE WILL SHOW THE DEMS THE DOOR IN 2020. … They will pay a huge price for betraying the American People. See you at the VOTING BOOTH in 2020.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Better watch saying that. I’m sure they already have an army of workers filling out ballots as we speak. There was so much cheating going on in 16 and 18, and this next election is going to be an astronomical amount. Last election, in Arizona, Mcsally was winning handily until Thursday night. I wake up Friday morning, and almost fell outta my chair. Senate race called. Sinema wins. Seems that a rental car agency “found” crates of ballots in the trunk of a returned rental car. This literally happened. The race was extremely close, for 3 days of counting, and we are expected to believe that crates of ballots, were just forgotten about. And, they gave Sinema the win. First problem, is, chain was broken. When vehicle was dropped at rental office, no official had control of ballots or crates. That by itself, should’ve invalidated them right then. Second. Really? REALLY? A liberal ballot box worker, “FORGOT ” to turn in crates of ballots, when the Arizona news was blaring coverage 24/7 of that race. Come on. I was born in the morning, but it wasn’t this morning. Only a fool, or a Mcsally, would believe that story. Miss fighter pilot, squadron leader, just rolled over like a dead dog. Makes one wonder what she got in return….

  34. John R Day says:

    Why all this nonsense over fake impeachment proceedings by partisan stooges.
    Can’t the democrats or the media read??????
    Just look at the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump and Pres of Ukraine.

    • DEEP STATE says:

      Apparently you did not read the transcription. As you know Trump is from New York, and in New York parlance “do me favor” means QUID PRO QUO.

      • Will says:

        Yeah and in the rest of the country. :.. do me a favor means STFU

      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        DEEP STATE, I truly do enjoy reading your ramblings. It gives me a good chuckle. Too bad it is all for naught. Soon, you will see the light soon. The pieces are falling into place, the facade is crumbling. You think it is the Republican party that is falling apart, nothing could be farther from the truth. You may regret the name you chose to call yourself here when the facts are revealed, when everything comes to light. A new day is dawning, and it is happening soon! Wait for it.

      • Bob says:

        DEEP STATE, everyone who knows about those things are saying there was no quid pro quo involved when the president spoke with the President of Ukraine. Now if you want to see a quid pro quo, all you have to do is watch the video of Joe Biden telling us that in 2016, he told the president of Ukraine if he did not fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma (the company his son worked for) he would hold up the $1 billion in aid to their country. Sleepy Joe, then told us, “by golly,” he fired the prosecutor. That is the definition of quid pro quo; not what happened in the phone conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        So, what does, fire that prosecutor by the time I leave, in 6 hours, or you aren’t getting the billion dollars. What could that possibly mean? Could it be, Biden wants to meet for a gay romance in 6 hours? No. That would be Barack that would say that. Hmmm. Well, a liberal said it, so its gotta be square.

  35. John R Day says:

    Why all this nonsense over fake impeachment proceedings by partisan stooges planted by dems.
    Can’t the democrats or the media read??????
    Just look at the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump and Pres of Ukraine.

  36. John R Day says:

    Why all this nonsense over fake impeachment proceedings by partisan stooges planted by dems.
    Can’t the democrats or the media read??????
    Just look at the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump and Pres of Ukraine

  37. John R Day says:

    Why all this nonsense over fake impeachment proceedings by partisan stooges planted by Clapper and Brennan?
    Can’t the democrats or the media read??????
    Just look at the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump and Pres of Ukraine

  38. mama says:

    Unbelieveable that Dems ARE so rotten. to Tear Down Our Country.
    THEY Don’t CARE ! . & Made MOCKERY on a
    ‘Halloweenie VOTE’ . They planned this. for Halloween.
    > They Are ‘Sick & EVIL ___

  39. Randy Tielkings says:

    Democrats have done much in four years but try to impeach so a shutdown is a democrat thing. Trump 2020

    • trump has done nothing for the poor, immigrants, he is supported by KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups, he is no friend of Jesus

      • Elaine says:

        President Trump is the best thing that ever happened for Christians! Obviously you are reading a different Bible. God Is against abortion, Dems are for abortion. God says a man that does not work should not eat. You are all about hand outs to keep people down in stead of a hand up so that people work and feed their families. The reason the Dems want all of our History burned up and torn down is because the truth is the Democratic Party is the Party for slaves and Planned Parent Hood was started to abort Black Babies. You my friend have no clue about Jesus. It isn’t the Republicans that are out there spreading hate and not allowing free speech. I feel very sorry for you that you are so clouded by hate and cannot even see Truth. One more thing, God Loves Israel. He said those that Bless Israel He will Bless and Those that Curse Israel He will Curse. That is a Fact!!! You may want to start dealing in facts and not the lies that you are propagated.

  40. Will says:

    I would love to see what an all red house would look like
    that would be amazing , just wonder if the clown car has ever had nightmares about it .. maybe that`s why they are so crazed looking any more ,, or if it is from them not getting their regular supply of cocaine ,, since the wall is going up

  41. Chris says:

    The only thing the democrats are concerned with to impeach President Trump. The democrats are nothing more than a bunch of Cry Baby’s ever since they lost the 2016 election. The only thing on their minds is impeachment. I would be willing to say that the democrats have done NOTHING for the USA. They have created all kinds of false lie’s. The democrats don’t know how to speak the truth. They will never give up this worthless cause. All they are doing is digging a hole for them to fail into that no way out.

  42. shortstop says:

    The RedMan, Why can’t the black folks get a job and get dependent on themselves? I am so sick of people like you blaming white people for all your problems. There are very successful black people, so get yourself off the government and take care of yourself. Nobody is making people living on welfare have a child every year with a different person. If you want to sleep around, take care of your own children. It isn’t the whitey who makes them do this. Be responsible for your own actions and quit looking for someone to blame. TRUMP FOR 2020, so he can keep trying to drain the swamp.

    • Mama says:

      redman has serious ‘mental issues’.
      He has food. roof. electricity. computer.
      &&& a V. Foul Mouth & a ‘sick brain & Soul ___
      >0bvious, he’s had an ‘abusive Life’___

  43. Mike Flanagan says:

    Look at the candidates the democrats have in the line up. If you have a 401k or any savings at all they are going to take it and give it to ne’er do wells and Illegals.

    • Glory Patriot says:

      We all know the Progressive Radical Demorats, will put Illegal before the American People.

      The Demorats are only interested in themselves, Power and Money they can fill their pockets with.

      These Criminal Demorats need to disappear, because they are a disgusting and a disgrace to America and the entire World.

  44. N says:

    These hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

    • DEEP STATE says:

      Did you ever read what you wrote. It is a pure diatribe of a deranged mind. You must be Trump supporter since you match his intellectual level.

      • Freddie says:

        That’s right,deep state,we are Trump supporters and we are on his intellectual level! Which,by the way,is so far above your clueless,stupidity,it’s like the difference between light and darkness,hot and cold,wet and dry,etc.!You get the picture,you are a dumbass and you fit the role,perfectly!!

  45. Charles Becker says:

    Who let remand out of his padded cell this time? ??

    • Charles says:

      My cellphone did it yet again. Changed what I entered, REDMAN, Not remand! It is Who let REDMAN out of his padded cell this time? ??

  46. Democrats? Liberals? Progressives? So sorry, but the current LITTER of these Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crat Nephilim Political Whores happens to be none-of-the-above. They’te corporatist shills and apologists for the globalist financier plutocratic pedophile power elites. They’re wrist wringing, nervous Nellie, busy body control freaks.

    • Jan says:

      No wonder the demo’-rats want to impeach President Trump! Just look at the roster of demo-rats who are running for the demo-rat nomination to run against the President in 2020! Which one would anyone want as a president?????????????? Sad, ain’t it? And…some of the demo-rat legislators have said in the past that ‘if they don’t impeach Trump, he’ll win the election’!!!!!!!!!! Hasn’t the public also figured this out???

  47. lillian reheusser says:

    Schumer you have shut this government down before and lied to try to blame it on the President. You are disgusting. I have never seen such hatred for this country and it is led by you and your fiendish cohorts. Well unlike you I love America and can only pray that you will crawl back into the hole from whence you came.

    • H Lee says:

      Dream on, democrats are virtue-less. No honor, no moral, no conscience, no responsibility to the nation. They are the same as radicalized muslims, nothing is exempt, anything to win. Lie cheat and steal. Whatever is needed.

      • Jason says:

        If the government has to endure another shutdown it’s ONLY because of the clowns in the demo party not doing their jobs . These are severely obsessed people that are stupid enough to do this and try to make a sane person believe it is the President’s fault. Good luck with that!!!!

    • CG says:

      I saw a comment that was written last week about Old Chuck Schumer. The person wrote that Schumer raped his daughters girlfriend and another female. We are well aware, that if this is true, the Demorats made sure that this terrible and disgusting information would never be released,

    • Henry J. Gilbertson says:

      I agree 1000%

  48. STEPHEN says:

    I will Fight and Support Americas Sitting President Donald Trump

    • James M says:


      • CG Vita says:

        If Swamp Snake, Criminal, Coward, #1 Worlds Liar, Drama Queen Schiff and Old Witch Liar,Pelosi, try to illegally Impeach our Historic President Trump, I truly believe there could be another Civil War in this country.
        The Demorat party, have done absolutely nothing for 3 years, only planned, prior to President Trump being elected to Impeach our Historic President, because their Mob Boss Hillary lost. The Criminal Corrupt Demorats must have so much to hide and they are living in fear, that they will eventually be exposed for all the Crooked Deals, Cash filing their pockets and Criminal actions they have all committed.

        The Truth will soon be provided by Barr and Durham

        • Will says:

          There are plenty of empty prisons ,, around the country ,, that they were building for us ,, lets start filling them up with them

    • DEEP STATE says:

      All the way to impeachment and removal from office.

  49. Luaghin atyou says:

    All liberals/democrats including the voters are treasonist criminals. We need to start hunting them down like the scum they are.

    If you vote Democrat you deserve a painful death and the sooner the better. My neighbor is selling democrat tags. I bought 400. I am putting out bernie sanders and biden stickers as bait.

  50. Jonathan Conover says:

    Mr Trump advised the American people to walk dogs and hold yard sales to make up for their lost wages the last time he shut down the government. He admitted to Schumer and Pelosi that the shut down was on him. He claimed that the American people were glad that he made the decision to shut down the government. His decision was effective though, remember how much was accomplished? Me neither.

  51. Shelba says:

    What happened to my comment

  52. Norman Keene says:

    A guilotine Does a much messier job, then who is left standing gets to clean the mess up, to remind them that they are not above the law!!!!!

  53. Carlos says:

    I can only say take the sob out on the congressional steps build a gallows and hang these worthless bastards then let the buzzards take care of the rest. I have never seen so many worthless Democrats in my life with Schumer and Pelosi leading the front

  54. cliff p. says:

    Schiff and pelosi are 2 of the worst anti-americans i have ever seen’ They need to go to prison for trying to start a political coup

  55. demsr says:

    the democraprats show just how unfit they are to hold public office. this impeachment nonsense is nonsense, pure and simple. all the corruption was done during the odumbass administration.

  56. James J. Hanrahan says:

    Schumer had better hire extra help to answer his telephones and Emails, his office will be deluged with negative, calls and letters! Myself and all the people in know in NY will be a part of it!

  57. Mary Johnson says:

    There will be no impeachment of President Trump but can not say the same for the Democrats and their coup of treason and jail.

  58. Timothy Toroian says:

    Chuckie, ole buddy, don’t piss off the people too much.

  59. Ron says:

    I don’t see how even a democrate can go along with this crap. If these sleizey bastards will lie about President Trump why would anybody ever believe any thing they say.

    • George says:

      The Dems have to slam this circus through.. Every day more & more Democratic corruption surfaces..
      If these SOB’s get control of the WhiteHouse America is doomed.

  60. Howard P. Troutman says:


  61. wesley thomas says:

    Anyone with half a brain knows the DemOmafiacrats will stop at nothing no matter how illegal it is. They have a thirst for power that is killing them.

  62. Raine says:

    Schumer, Pelosi, Shifty, Nadler, etc., are all a bunch if screwballs. God Bless America and keep us safe from the idiots who are out to destroy our country. 🇺🇸

    • Carlos says:

      I can only say take the sob out on the congressional steps build a gallows and hang these worthless bastards then let the buzzards take care of the rest. I have never seen so many worthless Democrats in my life with Schumer and Pelosi leading the front

  63. Lance Lucius says:

    Loaded with dipsticks and mental midgets, the left actually believes that the President would be blamed for a shutdown, even though THEY would be the ones doing it. LOL, I just can’t believe these jokers.

  64. Will Penny says:

    The liberals are committing political suicide and the simpleton Idoits even know they are doing so , by lying and making false accusations. The level of there stupidity is absolutely off the charts !!

    • Bob says:

      Will Penny, you are spot on here because they will see their efforts to impeach President Trump will result in the largest margin of victory, in 2020 for President Trump, in the history of our country. This stupid Schumer just doesn’t get it. The American people, overwhelmingly, do not want to impeach President Trump because he has done nothing wrong. The president has the constitutional authority to ask any foreign government to help in investigating fraud, waste, and abuse, of any US citizen involved. This whole impeachment scenario is something the Democrats have hung their hopes on to win in 2020, but it will not happen.

  65. Rex says:

    An executive order needs to be signed to charge those treasonous demoncrats with attempted coup!! If Trump signs it I’m all for it.

  66. Star Chamber says:

    TRUMP must be impeached because he cannot be beaten at the ballot.
    Democrats know what’s best for everyone and they will decide who the next president should be because the voters can’t be trusted to make a good choice.

  67. libra says:

    If the Demomarxists worked for a private organization–they would all have been fired a couple of years ago. They have accomplished NOTHING since Nancy took the gavel except acting like a pack of hounds attempting to deny President Trump the ability to move this country forward. Their pay and benefits should be denied-they act more like criminals than statesmen. They have only one goal in mind and that is the removal of a duly elected president. I ask you–What has Congress done but besmirch their own positions? They act like crazed, demented souls hunting for their prey and any lie or excuse will do in their attempt to destroy the GREAT REPUBLIC of the USA.

    • Emma says:

      You know, they remind me of a rabid skunk that was going in circles on our street a few years ago.
      I called animal control. They said call police.
      No one wanted to come get it.
      So.. I called back & told both if someone was not there in 15 min, I would tend to it myself.
      Lot of little kids in our neighborhood ya know.
      Well, the animal control came, SHERIff deputies came, ,fire Dept came😂 one of the guys asked me why I thought it was rabid!!! Told him have dealt with rabid animals before. Just look at it ¡!
      Well, they finally got it . Couple weeks later deputy stopped by . 8t did he said.
      Well, the Dems are rabid & are going to have to be removed from our government.
      There is no treatment for rabies once it sets in. They are Rabid.

  68. The swamp dwellers of the deep state are the ones ruling our country the democratic party are their pawns to execute the deep states plans.

  69. Marcia says:

    Everyone’s eyes are WIDE open. We all know that it is the DUMBORATS that have caused problems from day one of President Trumps Presidency. They don’t want to work on bulls that are important to the country and Americans see this. The only good thing that can come out of this comes election time Trump will remain our president and several Dumnorats will not be reelected. TRUMP 2020

  70. The RedMan says:

    Everyone knows it racist white folks that keep black folks dependent on government for votes.
    They tell black folks you better keep voting for whitey or else you get kicked off the plantation, no more free handouts, no reparations, no nothing anymore for you. And you might even drown from climate change if you don’t vote for whitey AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Dan Winright says:

      Seems to me you could increase your efforts to drink yourself to death alittle faster. Hahahahah

    • Elaine says:

      Black Americans have bought into the lie that the Democrats are for them. Tell me, what have the Democrats done for you except keep you down? Planned Parenthood was created to kill black babies. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Democrats do not want Black America to get a head in life. It was the Republicans that have always been there to help Black America. You don’t need to be on food stamps. You have so much potential and it is time you stepped into your potential and became all that God created you to be. Get off the Racial Train and Make your self Great!!!! We are rooting for You! God made you special!!!!

      • Culper Ring says:

        There was a time when Black Americans knew it was a lie, like back in 1890s, but if they spoke up and insisted upon voting for the Republican Party, then the White “Knights” would show up at their farms, burn down the houses, raze the crops, ruin the livestock and murder anybody who got in the way including United States Marshals, and there was nothing that could be done to reverse the damage.

        There is no telling how many former chattel slaves of United States citizens wound up sleeping outdoors right at the courthouse steps awaiting adjudication of crimes against them. It is easy to see how they wound up living in urban areas, where all the civil service bureaucrats work.

        Eventually the labor unions drew poor people of all colors into their fold and did whatever they could to prevent anybody from joining the capitalist “class”, basically afflicting easiest of targets (Americans not of Caucasian descent along with poor immigrants of Caucasian descent) most egregiously.

  71. Earl says:

    And the DumbocRAYs will try to blame the shutdown on President Trump. But as in uker you can not beat the TRUMP CARD.

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