Brett Kavanaugh is facing one decision that could remove him from the Supreme Court

Democrats never gave up their quest to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

And now they have found a new avenue to bring him down.

Because of it, Justice Kavanaugh is facing a decision that could remove him from the Supreme Court.

New York attorney Jeremy Bates filed an appeal in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals after judges dismissed over 80 ethics complaints filed against Justice Kavanaugh for allegedly lying during his September 2018 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bloomberg Law reports:

New York attorney Jeremy Bates April 26 appealed the dismissal of his initial complaint against Kavanaugh by a panel of judges in the Tenth Circuit to a committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

In his latest appeal provided to Bloomberg Law, Bates argues that judges shouldn’t be able to manipulate the complaint process to avoid review.

The Tenth Circuit panel dismissed complaints against Kavanaugh, which mainly stemmed from part of his public testimony some viewed as partisan and disqualifying. The panel concluded that he was beyond the reach of scrutiny under judicial conduct rules since he’d been confirmed to the Supreme Court. He was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit at the time.

Most “lawyers cannot evade attorney-misconduct proceedings by resigning from state bars. Why should federal judges be able to evade discipline through promotion to the Supreme Court?” the petition asks.

Liberals are taking the total-war strategy they are using against Donald Trump and now applying it to Brett Kavanaugh.

They think if they can bounce him from the Supreme Court and push a Democrat into presidential office in 2020, they can install a liberal justice in his place and cement a left-wing majority for 40 years.

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