Brett Kavanaugh is facing one decision that could remove him from the Supreme Court

Democrats never gave up their quest to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

And now they have found a new avenue to bring him down.

Because of it, Justice Kavanaugh is facing a decision that could remove him from the Supreme Court.

New York attorney Jeremy Bates filed an appeal in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals after judges dismissed over 80 ethics complaints filed against Justice Kavanaugh for allegedly lying during his September 2018 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bloomberg Law reports:

New York attorney Jeremy Bates April 26 appealed the dismissal of his initial complaint against Kavanaugh by a panel of judges in the Tenth Circuit to a committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

In his latest appeal provided to Bloomberg Law, Bates argues that judges shouldn’t be able to manipulate the complaint process to avoid review.

The Tenth Circuit panel dismissed complaints against Kavanaugh, which mainly stemmed from part of his public testimony some viewed as partisan and disqualifying. The panel concluded that he was beyond the reach of scrutiny under judicial conduct rules since he’d been confirmed to the Supreme Court. He was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit at the time.

Most “lawyers cannot evade attorney-misconduct proceedings by resigning from state bars. Why should federal judges be able to evade discipline through promotion to the Supreme Court?” the petition asks.

Liberals are taking the total-war strategy they are using against Donald Trump and now applying it to Brett Kavanaugh.

They think if they can bounce him from the Supreme Court and push a Democrat into presidential office in 2020, they can install a liberal justice in his place and cement a left-wing majority for 40 years.


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75 Responses

  1. These actions are not healthy for the Democratic Republic. If this wee to be successful there could be a Civil War or overall Chaos.

  2. What is totally ridiculous is that someone would still believe Mrs. Ford after all is said and done. It was proven she is a complete liar and there are many lies not just one or two! Not to mention what business is it of this lawyers I suppose he is being paid by someone to keep this hoax going. But it’s really just sad and pathetic that anyone would spend their time trying to get Mr Kavanaugh impeached from the Supreme Court when there is no evidence what so ever to prove Mrs. Ford’s accusation! There is actually more proof he is innocent. I am not of the mind every woman should be believed just because she says so. It should have to be proven just like any crime because women can be just as evil as men.

  3. Don Baker says:

    You can impeach a federal judge, but you cannot impeach a supreme court justice

    • Patricia says:

      Those rotten godless nazis will not remove Kavanaugh or Trump so they can continue their filth in this country! I’m hoping they will be destroyed soon because of Gods judgement upon them!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Once a Supreme Court Justice is confirmed it is set in stone… I have never heard or seen a Supreme Court Justice being impeached……. It would be so refreshing if the Democrats would solve important issues regarding America vs nonsense issues.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      A Supreme Court Judge is appointed for life under good behavior. So what “bad behavior” has Kavanaugh exhibited since his appointment? — NONE! The low life leftist are boiling with hate against conservative morality. They have to concoct lies against those they hate because they cannot find anything immoral. Vladimir Lenin told his followers a century ago to accuse their enemies of all they are themselves doing.
      Democrats would make good Bolsheviks/communists because they already are.

  4. Linda H says:

    I want to tell everyone about a book I just finished reading. The Trump Prcphecies. It tells how many more judges Trump put in the supreme court. I loved this book. It gave me hope when I read that there would be arrests.

  5. DonRS says:


  6. Thomas W Harper says:

    If anyone should be removed, its RBG, if she’s really still alive. Sleeps through proceedings, not seen in public for months. How about proof of life?

    • Tom says:

      Yes, she’s served us well, but now, not so much! Retire her!

    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      Isn’t Ruthie Vader Ginseng a younger sister to Darth? Hee Hee Hee Haw Haw. Sorry couldn’t help meself!

    • ONTIME says:

      Serving for life has implications and drawbacks……you need Constitutional change for this, the same to institute term limits no retirement for house and senate and for the states term limits no retirement and part time legislatures….

  7. Noe Rodriguez says:

    These are the same liberals that are protecting the state judge who helped a wanted illegal evade and escape ICE.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      AMEN Noe. And liberals carp about morality. The bottom line is that if you support the traditional standards that have made the USA great since 1789 you’re unfit for anything even though facts to the contrary are available to a candid world.

  8. John J says:

    The libs ONLY tool against this administration is harassment, no facts

    • Kenneth E Crane says:

      John J. Your post hits the nail on the head. I totally agree with you.

    • Maxx says:

      The democrat party (AKA Communist Party USA) will continue to create every form of harassment against Trump and everyone connected to him in any way with the total complicity of the MSM. It’s long past the time when these liberal propagandists be put out of business. They are not “news” organizations. They are the clones of other famous leftist propaganda organizations like Pravda and Evestia . Why are they allowed to get away with blatant seditious activities under the cover of First Amendment rights. The things they publish are blatant lies and falsehoods created solely to deflect their own criminality. I’m not in favor of censorship but enough is enough. Something needs to be done, and soon, to end these leftist companies from getting away with criminal activities against our duly elected president and his associates and for that matter anyone that is not a leftist.

  9. Sharon Gonzales says:

    All the lib rats have SOLD OUT to evil (satan)! They are soul dead. They have no shame no guilt nothing. They are GONE! I mean killing a little baby AFTER BIRTH!!!!! If you can do that, you can do anything thats evil!!! They want communism, ONE WORLD ORDER!!!! They HAVE TO BE STOPPED!! WE ARE LOSING AMERICA, FAST!!!

    • martin says:

      They should be executed for Treason!!

      • Maxx says:

        That IS the appropriate punishment for attempting to overthrow our duly elected government, whether they believe it or not. There is more than adequate evidence that they tampered before and during the 2016 election with the DNC and Steven’s dossier and two years of chaos which was obviously planned and executed according to Peter Storzk and his FBI mistress Page.

  10. jug says:

    82 years old and the country has never been more Ef’ed up in my lifetime!

    The democrat party ceased to exist way back in the 1960s!
    That was when their leaders, (?), ripped off, and stole the political platform of the CPUSA!

    Yes, the very same Communist Party of the USA that Obama’s REAL FATHER belonged to for most of his life!

    If the COMMIECRATS get their way and this country goes down that tube, I hope that I am already gone!
    Who I really feel sorry for is my kids, grand and great grand kids!
    After nearly four hundred years on this continent, my family doesn’t deserve this shjt that looks like it may well be coming!

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      I’m 10 years your junior but have felt the same way ever since Johnson was sworn in November 1963. Ever Democrat elected since then has just gotten progressively worse.

      • marleen davis says:

        I so agree with both of you. I’m 74 and I always felt that Johnson and his buddies had Kennedy killed. That was when I left the Democrats, even tho I was raised as one. I did research and realized how they had changed, cheated and lied and each year they get worse, more radical and scary. Now they are impossible. I sure hope that the bulk of America will WOKE and realize what is happening or they will have no future whatsoever.

        • Thomas Symington says:

          Kennedy was killed after he signed executive order to stop American companies from strip mining Vietnam, and one of the owners of most of these companies was Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of Kennedy’s successor, who could only replace JFK if he was impeached, resigned or assassinated. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Henry Naizer says:

      Read “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd and “AA-1025 The Memoirs of a Communist Infiltration into the Church” by Marie Carre.

  11. Dan says:

    I believe all of this filthy politics tactics and just plain inhumane BS that the Dem/libs are using WILL come back to bite them in the 2020 elections.
    That will be the beginning of real MAGA and bringing the USA back to a Center Left Constitutional Republic that were intended to be.
    Land of opportunity, not the land of everyone on welfare.
    Land of Equality, not the land of Preferred and Extra Rights for The Protected Classes of people.
    Land of Everyone being Expected to carry their own weight, not the land of Victimhood and the country owes me .

    • MAGA says:

      You are exactly right in everything you stated. My primary concern now is if there are enough Americans out there who have the personal integrity and open minded enough for the real truth leave it’s imprint with them. Do they see this incredible hate from the dems that is eating the soul of America?

      • Laurel says:

        MAGA, Right you are. I often wonder the same. Then too, democratic corruption has reached such heights and acceptability that they will rig and challenge any result they do not like. Witness present media, pelosi, Congress,…ad nauseum.

    • jug says:

      Center Left?????

      What are you, a “Softer COMMIECRAT”?

      • Robert says:

        I agree with you. It’s actually more like a Center-Right country! Or at least, that’s the way it should (and meant) to be.

  12. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Demoncraps will not give up their quest to destroy Kavanaugh and replace him with another communist left wing a******
    This goes to show how low they will stoop to get their way, lie, cheat, slander and steal etc. They should be executed for their devious and sneaky ways.

  13. Maeishka says:

    Jeremy Bates is far from Kavanaugh, who has character, Bates has not at all, he is crook with full of hates. Bates never become a justice of the Supreme court of USA. . He should stick to his own hateful Dem…Rats

  14. Terrence says:

    In Barbados,they had elections recently. Entire Democratic party was voted out, voters were so , angry they had enough of the corruption. The Bdos. labor party swept the elections One winner said they must be an opposition so he went over to form the only democrat opposition. His voters called him a traitor; won’t it be super if the same happened to the party of baby killers? it
    would send shock waves across our nation and the world. American babies smiling for life. God would be happy. Rid the nation of evil and hate by these corrupt politicians as Barbadians did.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      It’s too bad that it won’t happen here unless we only get highly educated voters over 40 to vote

  15. Pete says:

    The smell of jealousy and envy hangs heavy in the air and that is because New York attorney Jeremy Bates will never become a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States!

  16. Old Pioneer says:

    want them to keep doing what they are doing so Conservatives have a monstrous win in 2020 and beyond!!!!

  17. Jim says:

    So sad the Democrats are so focused on hateful revenge, they are willing to risk destroying the country!

    • William J Vital says:

      They ARE trying to destroy our country, as it has been for almost 250 years, and remake it into their version of some Communist country where the “non-normal” (not male and female) people rule. There the laws will apply depending which political party you are part of.

  18. Helen says:

    Don;t let the criminal , truants take over our country and our life. they must die or us to cclean up the nation.

  19. master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

    They are sore losers and full of hate. The demogogs are crooked liers. This starts with obama hillery fbi cia with their failed coup on this great nation. They should held accountable for what the treason trators they are. The dumb ass dema craps as well. Mullers report found nothing it was all a sham promoted and paid for by the DNC and the thief CLITONS WHO LOST BECAUSE THEY ARE LIERYS AND THEIVES THHAT THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY NOW KNOW IS TRUE. HEADS NEED TO ROLE .SEMPER FI USMC

  20. DR Richard says:

    If this nonsense does not stop there will be a physical revolt and we will throw every corrupt liberal judge and congressperson out of office and shoot them–time for the people to rule the stinkin corrupt government–assholes

    • carmelita says:

      Dont worry about all of that,it is coming, Mr.President Trump got all of it under Control ,the reason Libtards are so Against Barr,Kavanaugh, and all new appointed judges of the Trump administration because there will be the biggest controversial Investigation in the History of America Cleaning up DC and jail all of them for Treason and Corruptions that includes Obama Hillary and thousands of others,it is already on the Works,,,god bless America

  21. HAMMERTIME1 says:

    These ‘DEMOGODS” think they control–EVERYTHING’ they can! They STILL feel cheated that TRUMP won in 2016! Can’t they just ‘let-it-go, and ‘move on? By doing what they ‘seem to be doing–they seem to be tryying to keep this country from ‘moving forward–which is really a detriment–to themselves–AND making all of us suffer–in so many ways!

  22. Jean Abma says:

    what happened to the two women who provided support to Prof. Ford’s testimony? They were referred to the DOJ for investigation for the swearing under oath. Upon further investigation, they admitted that they lied to keep Judge Kavanaugh from getting appointed to the Supreme Court. Now Prof. Ford had no one to support her testimony. Were the 2 women that sworn under oath a lie…..had to pay a penalty for lied under oath and trying to ruinning
    a good judge’s life…..Do I believe Prof. Ford’s testimony? NO

  23. thomas h. record says:

    democrates for power not for the citizens. time for them to accountable to the tax payers.leave the court alone

  24. John says:

    Every day the left and their surrogates do something more than anyone would reasonably believe to destroy this country (and other) and it’s foundations. It is beyond belief that they could be so foolish. A generation which has never had to struggle is attempting to define itself by destroying everything which does not measure up to their idea of utopia.

  25. Bonnie says:

    Every liberal that fight for this perjury should first be put to trial for all their perjury, lying to their voters on what they stand for and what they had said about their opponent that has been false! SICK OF THESE PEOPLE TWISTING WORDS AND TAKING THEM OUT OF CONTEXT AND USING OUR TAX DOLLAR TO MAKE EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF OUR MOUTHS IS A LIE!!! Anyone can take what someone says and twist it to make they said something differently and destroy them. It destroys them and us. Cain had the wrong thoughts about his brother that was incorrect and he killed him. Did it benefit him? Let’s get right of all the evil thoughts and attitudes that these Congress people are projection onto our nation to try to take power that is evil in itself. Get a life and earn your pay in Congress to do good for our nation instead of trying to destroy all of us with your evilness! I certainly haven’t seen any angelic wings sprouting yet out of these people!!

  26. If the left wants a civil war…they will get one! Keep it up lefties and reap the whirlwind of civil war. This time it will be fought with weapons behind every blade of grass and the grave yards will fill up . Perhaps that is why they want to take away our guns…they know they are enbarking on dangerous ground and the time will come where these chicken hearted crooks will go to far!

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Richard I am with you all the way. I am a retired Master gunny sgt USMC with 30 years as a scout sniper. I fought for this this great nation and wil do it again if nessary. SEMPER FI USMC. TRUMP 2020 OOORA

  27. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should Brett Kavanaugh be removed from the Supreme Court??

    NO Never

  28. Ed says:

    If he is removed from the bench then Pelosi needs to be put in jail where she belongs for treasonable against this country and the President of the United States.

  29. dennodog says:

    These leftists are coming dangerously close to fomenting a popular revolt. They cannot abide by lawful elections and procedures, so they attempt to personally destroy people through lawsuits, a corrupt media, and any other way that they can.

  30. Martin Stewart says:

    Liberals are now the greatest threat to America and Freedom….Place a bounty on them…The world will thank you for it.

  31. Larry says:

    Democrats are simply put CROOKED and they will twist everything around and reword it to please themselves. They simply cannot accept honesty aaand truthe

  32. DSC says:

    This pisses me off. Leave the man alone. He should have sued those women that said all the BS about him. And his lawyers could have showed exactly what they are. A bunch of lying bi**he’s. And because of people like them the real victims of sexual assault will not come forward.

  33. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Democrook party and the left are dead set of not only getting Judge Kavanaugh ousted from the SCOTUS and getting Trump thrown out of office. These shenanigans will only backfire on them and cause heavy losses for their party in the senate and house as well as state and local elections as people are getting sick and tired of them making false charges against our duly elected president and a legally selected supreme court justice.

  34. Pat says:

    How can “We The People” of the United States of America Republic voice our feelings to those criminal Democrats besides through your website, which is absolutely wonderful that we can at least say our feelings through it. It is about time that we take control of those criminals in government and stop their disgusting childish rantings and motions? Enough is enough. We have had it. I have had it with them. What else can we do except march in a revolution to D>C> and protest and demand OUR rights!

    • John says:

      Write to your congressional leaders and let them know how you feel. Venting on websites is a waste of time.

      • Bill says:

        Every time I write to my Senator or congressmen all I ever get back is a boilerplate letter response. They have already made up their minds and aren’t interested in considering mine. I am neither D or R, and would like them to consider middle of the road thoughts and suggestions.

      • Ken says:

        Writing to our senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, a RINO who does not belong in office, is just a waste of time.

  35. Mark Pearson says:

    Confirming or not a supreme Court Justice should not be an ideological battle. Do they understand the Constitution, what it says,; can they discuss the successes and failures of SCOTUS (Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. BOE; Roe v Wade, ACA v. America)

  36. Mark Pearson says:

    As long as you guys are altering the map, could you get Chicago booted out of Illinois, too?

  37. Raymond A Martucci says:

    George Soros Obama Hillary and the deep state must be paying these asses in the democract party the attorney general pretty good to put lies over safety and innocent lives. The attorney general Schiff, Nader all need to be investigated be forced to be held in court and go to jail for wasting time and taxpayers money on another nonsense. If I had the power like these democracts have I take every one of them and sue for everything they got for putting this country in jeopardy for profits

    • Joan says:

      These dirty slimeball leftists ( starting with Creepy Blumenthal) will all go down one by one, and I will grab a bucket of popcorn, sit in front of the tele, and watch it all happen with the utmost of satisfaction. You cannot escape KARMA, and right now it is rolling up it’s sleeves. Justice will prevail!

  38. Timothy Toroian says:

    New York is getting really pushy. Separate NYC, throw out DeBlasio and give the rest to Canada.

    • Raymond A Martucci says:

      Canada is being run by a white Obama that wouldn’t be a smart idea. The city needs to go on it’s own from the state and long island it can flow out to sea

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