Brett Kavanaugh got some awful news about his future that you will hate

Democrats refuse to throw in the towel on destroying Brett Kavanaugh.

In fact, some high profile liberals have made it their mission to ruin him and get him kicked off the Supreme Court.

And now, Brett Kavanaugh just got some awful news about his future.

Justice Kavanaugh was scheduled to teach a course this summer on the Constitution at the Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University.

But Demand Justice – a left-wing group founded by former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon – is circulating a petition among the student body demanding George Mason fire Kavanaugh and Democrats in Congress investigate Kavanaugh for perjury.

The petition is gaining steam, as many students are claiming Kavanugh’s presence “threatens” their mental health.

Breitbart reports:

“As a survivor of sexual assault this decision has really impacted me negatively,” one student said during a community gathering. “It is affecting my mental health knowing that an abuser will be part of our faculty.”

“As someone who has survived sexual assault three times I do not feel comfortable with someone who has sexual assault allegations like walking on campus,” another woman said during the meeting.

Students have circulated a petition calling on George Mason University terminate their contract with Brett Kavanaugh. The petition says that George Mason University has failed to protect women on numerous occasions, including when they hired Kavanaugh to teach the summer course in England.

Snowflakes on college campuses melting at the first sign of a conservative speaker are nothing new.

But now, the left wants to exploit this phenomenon to continue their jihad against Brett Kavanaugh.

They cannot accept the fact Donald Trump won the 2016 election fair and square, so every action he has taken as President is illegitimate in their eyes.

And they will go to any lengths to reverse them.


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124 Responses

  1. Vicky says:

    This generation feels entitled for everything but have not yet earned the right nor privilege to enjoy the opportunity they have been freely given to work and earn their way in life; to believe freely what they wish without having to fight nor suffer for that right. This has lead to a generation that has not known how good it feels to earn their own way in life; the pride one feels in succeeding through hard work of their own; thinking for themselves and not being brainwashed; to learn to question what others tell you until you have looked at it from both sides; then trust in your ability to make an informed honest decision, realizing you can have lifetime loves and friendships with people who you may not agree with on everything you say think or do but realize with intelligence and good teachings you don’t have to . You only need to believe and let believe. You will be surprised how much you can learn by listening with a fair, kind and open mind.

    THINK FOR YOURSELVES least you become sheep!

    • Karen J Hoyle says:

      Thank you for such good advise to this age group. “As a survivor of sexual assault .” , I am sorry . you went through what happened to you; however, when you are a little older and more mature & hopefully able to watch what happened to Judge Kavanaugh, you may then realize what happened to him was a prepared “skit” that the Democrats created to make Judge Kavanaugh look extremely guilty. If you can watch the “actress” the had play the part of victim. You reason for not wanting Judge Kavanaugh to teach at the college you attend is quite an opportunity you are going to miss. To have only one side of a situation is not being fair to you or to the subject matter. Your experience was traumatic, but don’t let it keep you from making a decision like you mentioned doing. In your future, you are going to face many hard decisions, at work and in your personal life. I have been in the same spot you were, but I have not let it believe all I hear without really researching the subject matter. If you do, you will miss a lot in your important life…..

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, too many people are followers with no educated direction. They get brainwashed easily instead of taking the time to fact find and evaluate the issues or situation at hand. The positives and negatives of each side need to be evaluated and what the results are of each decision you make. Stop and think for yourself before you make decisions.

  2. sam snyder Ph.D. says:

    the University told the group and students to pound sand!

  3. Tobydog1 says:

    I’ve read some of the comments here that are obviously written by the deranged Democrats that are trying to destroy our Nation. They worship the Clintons and Obamas and are willing to accept the fact that both families are liars, thieves and traitors. At the same time , they get a kick out of berating and insulting Trump’s followers! Well, I’m one of those followers and I’m not afraid to say, that you and every other Democrat are the same as the people that you worship! Please don’t further insult your existence by begging for forgiveness when your time comes. Your time is coming and it will be here sooner rather than later! Patriotic Americans are hell bent on saving our country and we will march over anyone that threatens US.

  4. joseph salazar says:

    GOD BLESS JUDGE Brett Kavanaugh and he is going to make a very good honest Supreme Court Judge.

  5. The Last Conservative says:

    Idiots will be idiots . . . but more importantly COWARDS multiply and fester ! I do not blame the mentally deranged . . . for they do not know any other way ! They do, however, need to be put in their place and NOT placated ! The cowards of whom I speak are the college and university administrators who refuse to grow a backbone and just say NO . . . it ENDS HERE ! Yes, there will be a backlash of whiny, multi-colored hair freaks who protest . . . but enough is enough ! Maybe the closet conservative students can step up and take a positive stand. Well . . . I can dream, can’t I ???

  6. Nancy Bauser says:

    Learning how to deal with and handle differences demands character. As a person who belongs to a different group, I had to acquire those skills at an early age in order to get along and move forward. It’s shameful that anyone’s presence elicits such a cowardly response.

  7. Karen says:

    These IDIOTS need to grow up and grow a pair!!! For crying out loud, if you’re that disturbed go get some psychiatric help. Good grief!

  8. AW says:

    Bill Clinton had oeal sex in the White House and strong evidence he raped Jaunita Broderick . Brett Kavanaugh had absolutely no credible accusations against him . Whatever happened to innocent until prooven guilty? Democrats are never held to the standards conservatives I am sick of the double standard!

    • Norma Gilmer says:


    • Edward Harris says:

      The Democrats are threatening my mental health.
      Especially Schumer and his girlfriend Nancy

  9. The way the system should run, is that they Sen,Congress should be paid by the state they represent,there travel,vacation,staff,everything that they do should be presented to the state they represent. They should be paid by the hours they spend representing there state in in the White house. If at anytime they misrepresenting there actual jobs working for the people they represent they should be able to have a special election to eliminate them by a majority.that would eliminate a lot of bad apples in the Senate,congress. They should have only max four week vacation determine by time in office, they should only able to receive money to run for office from the state they reside in,they should not be able to get any money from outside the state, any raises should be voted on by the state the represent.

  10. I am 80 years old. Have seen and heard a great deal in my life. But, up until just a few years ago I was convinced that this was a Wonderful Country and how Lucky we were to be born and raised here. How Lucky many people from Foreign Countries were to have had the opportunity to move and work and live here. NOW, it is so pitiful that the American People have changed so much. Our Politicians are only interested in “Being Elected”, making a Ton of Money, and doing all they can to feather their on nest. Dishonesty has ran rampid in Congress. They (Not All, But Many) for the most part have become Habitual LIERS…. They spend more time trying to destroy others than they spend time trying to keep improving America. I hate it for my Children and Grand Children. I was so hopeful that they could ENJOY LIFE IN AMERICA the way it was. Now, the future looks DIM.. Wake Up Americans. Wake Up Politicians. Can yo not see how Destructive your attitudes are. !! Go to Church on Sunday. Learn about God and doing GOOD things for your Friends and family, as well as all others. Reat in preace.

    • Elmira says:

      It’s so true ! I am totally agree with you.

    • Mr. Peirce your comments are right on the money’ I’m 65 & never thought I would see this country go to sheitt like it is, these kids do not know how good they have it & a month long stint in some 3rd world country living like they do’ they would come back with a new attitude & by God if you like it there feel free to stay there’ don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  11. It’s become very clear the Democrats caught “MAD COW DISEASE”

  12. Pamela says:

    Today is Easter, and it saddens me to think what this country has become due to POLITICS. There is so much hatred now and division. I truly believe that the DEMOCRATS are EVIL to the core and will go to any extent to CHANGE THIS COUNTRY to something I hope that I do not see before I leave this earth. I am in my seventies now and I certainly don’t see any HOPE. I just can’t believe the change in people and our government. My mother used to teach this to me when I was in my teens in the 60’s and I didn’t want to hear it, but now I know she was right. I am registered an INDEPENDENT, but I am also a Trump supporter and believes that he wants to MAGA.

    • Sarah says:

      Pamela, I agree with you. It is a heartache for sure. But be encouraged to know that at the right time there is triumph and victory, there is truly hope for those who worship the Living God, The Creator and Finisher. May you find peace in knowing.

    • Vickie Ross says:

      Yes I agree. My Dad is 89 & thought he would never see the country the way it is now. It makes him mad that the people don’t have any respect for President Trump. He said whether you like him or don’t. You should have respect. Most of them has lost that. My Dad taught the old ways. I am glad that he did. I taught my oldest daughter the same way. My youngest is going to be taught the same way. Easter is supposed be a time to celebrate are risen Saviour. Not a time of hate & bickering. We need to put that aside. Thank the Lord that he gave his life for us. Repent for going to the same level as the Dems. Name calling will never get anywhere. I am ashamed of myself because I got caught up in it myself. I am sorry for that.

  13. Ronald C Watt says:

    Expel every one of th snotty little bastards and stop all federal funds that go to such universities.
    It is plain they are not there for an education but to stir up trouble.

    • Myretta says:

      If students need trauma centers when their candidate loses and when they try to get a professor fired because they disagree with his views, they are not mature enough to hold a responsible position in the business world. They should not waste their time in college. They need a less demanding job where bad attitude and bad actions do not ruin their employment expectations.

  14. Peter says:

    So sick what the democrat party has done to this man and his family and it’s even sicker that they have people still following then

  15. Walt says:


    • Pamela says:

      Walt, I totally agree with your COMMENT. The DEMMORATS are completely EVIL to the core and I pray that they get theirs in the end. They are ruining this country. I wish we could put them all on a ship and dump them off in the middle of the ocean.

  16. raygun says:

    Auu, poor widdle cupcakes with Trump derangement syndrome. Hey !!! Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m surprised that GMU puts up with the liberal whiny crap like this. Remember the phony protest and riots back in the late 1960s and early 1970s ???? Non student commie activist on campus spewing their Marxist ideology continues. It’s time to kick some brain washed arses to the curb and get on with the daily routines.

  17. Carbine Williams says:

    Until and unless we get rid of Liberals,our Republic is doomed.Only a Civil War will cleanse us of this scourge

  18. Anthony Manzo says:

    If you do not like the instructors at a school of supposedly higher learning feel free to leave. if the presence of someone threatens your mental well being, you should see a shrink. Unfortunately TODAY we are allowing the CHILDREN to lead the so called ADULTS. NOT IN MY GENERATION. That is why it was CALLED THE GREATEST GENERATION. The Adults Lead and We Children Listened and Followed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. John J says:

    More demo maggot efforts to suppress the truth

  20. Martha Woerner says:

    The demotards are completely insane and act like little preschoolers to get their own way! How dare they do this to poor Brett Kavanaugh! This poor guy was put through the ringer and back and all of it was lies! I don’t believe any of the women that accused him and they should be thrown in jail for lying! The Democrats will pay for all their sins maybe not now but eventually! They are out for blood but guess what they will lose in 2020 cause out great President Donald Trump will win and I can’t wait to vote again for him!

  21. Charles says:

    This is ridiculous. Kavanaugh is not a sex offender he is an honorable family man. The 30 year old charges were proved false. Snowflakes running around trying to tie false accusations to his coat tails are looney tunes. What is worse his course is going to be taught in London and he woun’t even be on campus. This is Democrat operatives out trying to make trouble for him because they lost the Supreme Court confirmation fight.

  22. DC says:

    Democrats and the political left have brainwashed young women into a state of fear about sex with men. The goal is to make heterosexual relationships problematical with two aims: 1) to reduce the frequency of, and ultimately to end sex between men and women and 2) to make homosexual relationships the norm.

  23. Shirley says:

    The reason the democrats hate Trump is because every last one of them that are hell bent on getting rid of Trump are COMMUNIST. And they were this one past election from taking this, our country, our United States of America over. Obama was not an American. He was a plant. Think about it. His Birth Certificate was as phony as a three dollar bill. Our Country never knew division or hate like it became with Obama. He divided this country like he was the devil himself. And come to think of it maybe he is. No one I’ve ever heard of has ever spawned and reeked so much havoc. Instead of trying to mend fences he threw fuel on the fire to keep the flames going and to pit one race against the other. And then when his time was coming to an end he was campaigning for all he was worth for Hillary to win. If that had happened God forbid this country would have been brought to it’s knees. They’ve been trying to Impeach Trump for the very thing that they were guilty of doing themselves. They were colluding with Russia, they sold them uranium and no one has done a damn thing about it. So what does that tell you? Soros the big communist who caused so much trouble in his own country that they took his citizenship away and threw him out, in fact banished him, he has financed Hillary’s election campaign, all the riots, marches, everything that has been detrimental to anything that Trump has done or tried to do. All these democrats and Rino’s who are masquerading as Republicans but who are in fact communists are probably being financed by Soros as well. Whatever, they are being paid upwards of $174,000 for an entry level Congress Person. Like “Green Acres” Cortez. And it’s our tax dollars that’s paying them, which really makes my blood boil. Anyway we all who believe in our President need to really get on the ball and write to, call, do whatever we can to let it be known that we want everyone that was a part of this investigation of our President to be brought to justice and be made to answer for whatever part they played in this Travesty of Justice. Until We The People let it be known that we are really upset with this whole ordeal we might not get the results we want. So we need to let our voices be heard.

    • Bug says:

      Amen Shirley, ur absolutely right!!

    • marilee says:


    • Pamela says:

      Absolutely RIGHT!!!!!

    • Sue says:

      It’s so true, everything that you said. Wake up America, be aware and hyper vigilant. The progressive movement has been planning for over 100 years. Pray for our nation and for peace.

    • Shirley says:

      AGREE. PROBLEM IS: How does this get done effectively? I have been reading this same thing for at least 4 years, decrying the things B. O. did, and then saying how lies and disruption of elections, blockades to protecting our country, total disrespect and inciting to riot are supported by corrupt liberals… all just that… comments. SO FAR…. it has done nothing but fill pages of computer space. One does not even know behind whom to lend support. Many are just self-serving noise. ???

  24. Mary Amoss says:

    The Judge should sue for discrimination! The accusation about his sexual conduct was false and they couldn’t prove it either just paid liars! If he files a false defamation lawsuit maybe the Demon Rats will leave him and his family alone! Sue them for millions!!

  25. 1PatriotForever says:

    DISGRACEFUL and If a School of Law could put up with that Horse Pukey – I wouldn’t want to go back.
    Scalia would turn over in his grave

  26. William says:

    I would threaten more than those snowflakes mental health. Today’s students are nothing more than puppets under the control of the liberal leftist assholes.
    When and if they ever come to their senses hopefully they’ll change their tune. Don’t hold your breath though.

  27. Rickey Lampard says:

    People of the Democratic party, that need to follow any person that would accuse a person without proof, might as well give up her choices and let another person control her freedom of choice that wemen have been fighting for for yrs. . Let another person control you with out facts .. You’ll are not standing but kneeling !!!!

  28. Ernst says:

    The students protesting Kavanaugh are at least weak and more likely defective. The Mitchell report clearly showed Blasey Ford a liar. Law students not seeing this do not belong in law school.

    • Eric Miller says:

      You need to understand that most people in law school do not go there for the sake of justice – they are in it to make money.

  29. Wilma Hessler says:

    I believe we should have a back ground check of every one in the in the White House. If they are going to be picking on the president and any one he picks. If we are going to the peoples money on wemom that are out to get money from the men. Were is their police report if they aren’t making it up. Put an amount on what the Demmies can spend on hear say.

    • Leslie Fish says:

      The school should keep careful track of the students who claim that Kavanaugh’s mere presence “threatens their mental health”, and get them intensive counseling. In fact, it should have them removed to an in-house treatment facility. Anyone so mentally fragile that the presence of a disliked teacher is a “threat” to them does not belong in an institute of higher learning — but in a very different sort of institution.

  30. Roy says:

    Is there no way to stop the CRAZY INSANE dem’s ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Bea says:

      Lannie, we all need to meet you . You are telling us you know all about the
      Episode that happened 30 Years ago and you wre not even there . Plus you are calling people neams that doesn’t vote the way you do. .you are not a nice person .None of us know the truth abut this . The lady has adsolutely no teason to lies . Kavanaugh has a lot at stake he has every reason to lie ..

    • Doug says:

      I think someone already provided that answer. Civil War. It would be fast because the Dims can’t even figure out which toilet to use. How would they be able to figure out which end of the gun a bullet comes from. War wouldn’t last very long. To many Dims and Snowflakes would end cowering in their mommas basement as their safe space. 🥴🤯😂

  31. FRED WHITE says:

    Who runs George Mason University, the Board and President or the inmates. Release the inmates to some second class institution. Students like that are poor students and are not there to learn.

    • John says:

      You are correct Fred White. The students involved are not enrolled to learn. How do we know? They demonstrate a lack of open mindedness. Universities/Colleges are historically founded for seeking truth.
      Campuses with factions of closed-minded students whose only agenda is to demonstrate should be dissolved.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Personally wondering if these students are so stupid they should have never made it to college. They didn’t even have to know how to read to learn the truth. The hearings of both Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh were on line and all they need to discern the truth is good hearing and the ability to analyze and make ones own decision as to what to believe. Agree with the woman who said these students should be removed from college and not allowed back in without proof of psychiatric care!

  32. John A. says:

    That “student “ just admitted she is mentally unstable. Perhaps she should be “allowed “ to leave school and seek psychiatric help.
    No I haven’t said that before.
    Can’t handle the truth, huh? Twice rejected now. I will no longer visit this site.

  33. John A. says:

    That “student “ just admitted she is mentally unstable. Perhaps she should be “allowed “ to leave school and seek psychiatric help.
    No I haven’t said that before.
    Can’t handle the truth, huh?

  34. John A. says:

    That “student “ just admitted she is mentally unstable. Perhaps she should be “allowed “ to leave school and seek psychiatric help.

  35. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you think Brett Kavanaugh should be banned from college campuses??


  36. Isn’t it about time we let these demwits know that they can investigate whatever they want, AS LONG AS THEY PAY FOR IT WITH THEIR OWN DAM MONEY. Either that , or we should prosecuted them for embezzlement . Using tax payer funds for personal gain.

    • Dave says:

      that’s Great Robert Totally agree. well Said Dems push Blosi & chuckstur you two could screw up a Iron Ball. The People ARE getting Pissed off in America with U 2 making up bull crap . about Just about Any thing I mean Any thing ? U Both Have Lost Your Minds. I thought there was a few smart Demos But I’am beginning to wonder if there is . I will Hope someone will Relieve the top 2 and explain to them Leave and never return

  37. Tanya says:

    Anyone who was pushing this and those who were saying they would be mentally traumatized -need to be removed from school and only allowed back on campus when they have had psychiatric treatment which allows them to deal in the real world.

  38. Maria says:

    In my opinion Blasey Ford fabricated everything. To begin with, as someone who once had a knife held to her throat when in my teens, I am especially offended by her portraying some tussle with a drunken teenager trying to get under her clothes as a traumatic event. She made an easy and clean get away…….she didn’t go to school with him or hang with his particular crowd. All in all, Kavanaugh was believable. She wasn’t. Being female doesn’t mean you can’t be a liar.

  39. Also, where is our apologetic first black president who f-dd the black community, his all black wife is the only one who has said anything. obana was half white. so biden ha said he is running ,i wonder if any reporters from the countries favorite news people cnn msnbc abc cbs will ask mr biden where was he during all of this that was going on during obamas last years in office?? i wonder, and will mr holder x doj be asked why he said he was obamas wing man, wasnt the doj to be seperate from a sitting president..??? biden where out there

  40. E ~ 4 Ed says:

    So yet again the JACK ASS PARTY wants to burn We The People for $35,985,000.oo moor for a investagation they will find nothing over the next 30 months.

    TO All you Snow Flakes that just so so convently have been molested & your all a twitter patter about some thing that is a LIE put out by Christine Blasey Ford who we all know lied.

    If you so so think not then produce ALL the police reports, all the lab work reports & investagations reports, as well as court papers pertataing to the question & do produce the used rape kit with 100% of the evedence ( Rape Kits have been avialable since 1955 ) . . . If You Don’t have all of it then SHUT THE HELL UP !!!

    ( No fakes alowed because your party could not & did not present B.H.O.’S BIRTH PAPERS WITH State & Federal SEALS & B.H.O.’s Baby Foot Print. Doing so has’s been Federal law since C. Lindberg’s son was kidnapped in the 1930’s ) . . . If you don’t have it all then it’s a lie you live on !!!

    So admit it you rather live in the 256 shades of wish wash gray rather than know the REAL SUNNY TRUTH !!!

  41. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Brett’s presence threatens their mental health, sorry! kiddies but your minds were scrambled by the time you turned 14.

  42. Michael Groves says:

    You stinking Republicans aren’t even going to help right? Someone tell me why we should ever vote Republican again? Even when they are in control of all branches of government they are useless. They are to gutless to do a dam thing other then play with themselves. We are in a Civil War right now between Conservative Volunteer Government and Leftist Democratic Professional Government. The Republicans won’t fight. I am disgusted with these POS.

    • JHW says:

      Very well said. The Republicans will get no more money from me. Judicial watch is worth giving money to. They have done more for the people when it comes to showing where the corruption is then the Republicans ever will. I think its time to start a new Peoples party.

    • Leslie Fish says:

      So, a plague on both their houses. Vote Libertarian!

    • George Horvat says:

      I’m not either a Republican nor a Democrat because they both have faults within their core that I cannot tolerate. That is why I vote! I always vote for the lesser of the two evils whereas you sir are an idiot because your remarks are without foundation sufficient to discern between the two parties. It would be best if you would be silent so as not to embarrass yourself.

  43. Truckman says:

    they really should be begging him to come to teach them instead of protesting him for something that did not happen

  44. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I truly hope that George Mason will not cave to these Liberal snowflake cry-babies! No, sexual assault should not be taken lightly. On the other hand, he was NEVER convicted of sexual assault. And as yet another sexual assault victim, there was too much of her story that didn’t make sense. The biggest being she couldn’t remember WHERE it happened, followed closely by not remembering what she did after. ALSO, and this is a biggie, Christine Blassey Ford, was not actually sexually assaulted. Even if the story is 100% true (which there is no way it can be, but IF it is), she was not sexually assaulted. What she describe was some drunken pawing that happened OVER her swimsuit and her clothes! And it lasted just a couple of minutes according to her. The friend jumped on top of BOTH of them and they all fell on the floor and she got up and ran away. She wasn’t pursued by either boy. AND the last detail, is probably to MOST important one of all, another guy came forward and said it was him NOT Kavanaugh! So with all of that, the fact that they are “scared” of him, is plainly ridiculous. Oh yeah and IF it happened, it was 30+ years ago. But if they are really all that bothered, they don’t have to sign up for his class, but I think they might miss some excellent teaching. He is expertly versed in the US Constitution!

  45. The judge got the same treatment as every person that the president nominated to a post or not to a post, he hasn’t been the first when after say, 40 years a woman remembered that she was raped after a frat party???, i remember a saying somewhere your word against mine my word against your’s. even then a pearson is innocent until proven guilty . for the last 3 years the rule now is guilty first, without proof . waters world had a thought from two black ladies during all of these investigations no one asked where was biden during obamas term??

    • Bea says:

      Lannie, we all need to meet you . You are telling us you know all about the
      Episode that happened 30 Years ago and you wre not even there . Plus you are calling people neams that doesn’t vote the way you do. .you are not a nice person .None of us know the truth abut this . The lady has adsolutely no teason to lies . Kavanaugh has a lot at stake he has every reason to lie ..

  46. Grampa says:

    so the inmates are running the asylum.—-Grampa

  47. Ben says:

    People still accusing him of stuff disproved. People who accused him now admitting they lied. Democrat continue their efforts to tear this country down. Students seem to be the most gullible people on the planet.

  48. jeanette zook says:

    The battle between good and evil goes on until the “end”. Keep positive, pray and live according to His righteousness and HE will preserve His own. Blessings.

  49. Robert Yormick says:

    Oh so now it’s an “allegation” that can F-up your life.Well maybe it’s time some conservative students start to allege that another student sexually molested them & their mental health just can’t take it. Have the alleged student banned from any class or building the alleged victim attends or better yet place on campus the molester occupies.

  50. Vivian says:

    Justice Kavanaugh, is a Blessing to the Supreme Court. Freedom of Speech and our USA need his honesty and his Dedication to provide us with his Abilities!!

  51. Kathy Strand says:

    Once says shame on him, two and three times says shame on her! What kind of life is she living? More time in bars than in class? This person needs psyc help!!

  52. Merlin Wood says:

    we need to round up all the communists in this country and send them to russia

  53. Kathy Strand says:

    Three times she survived sexual assualt! Once says shame on him, two and three times says shame on her! What kind of life is she living? More time in bars than in class? This person needs psyc help!!

  54. Viet Vet says:

    Is it any wonder we have so many bad shyster lawyers in this time. These ‘prospective’ lawyers don’t even have the rudimentary grasp of the first rule of law: innocent until proven guilty. Not only could Kavanaugh not be proven guilty, but the supposed witnesses, the people this Ford character put forth, could not vouch for her charges.

    • E ~ 4 Ed says:

      No Wonder . . . The best went to Viet~Nam the dweebs went to Canada & or law school & never worked a real job. After all do they not have a bartender in OUR Con~U~In~To~Greefs telling us we have to be COMMIES or ELSE !!! … Do they not have a Jehaddist in OUR Sin~I~Cans demanding that we Nuke Isreal ?

  55. Ric B says:

    Practice what you preach, Trumpons! You have spent years and years berating your losses after trying to get Hillary convicted three times but failing. I have never seen such a group of World Class whiners, and Trumpons who cannot handle it when someone disagrees with them even a little bit. You even bitch at members of your own party like McCain and Gowdy.

  56. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This is just another attempt for the left, the demoncrap party, and Georgie Soros plus Hollywood to throw a monkey wrench into Donald Trump’s agenda and replace Kavanaugh with a left wing communist judge to do their bidding. He should speak at Hillsdale College where it is not influenced by the left or anything that their cronies preach.

  57. Mike Morrow says:

    Sheltered “dweebs” and “snowflakes” grow up. The real world will not coddle you and your unrealistic fantasy lifestyle. Sometimes “LIFE IS A BITCH”, you do not get your way “most of the time” So get used to it.

    • Ric B says:

      Practice what you preach, Trumpons! You have spent years and years berating your losses after trying to get Hillary convicted three times but failing. I have never seen such a group of World Class whiners, and Trumpons who cannot handle it when someone disagrees with them even a little bit. You even bitch at members of your own party like McCain and Gowdy.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Ric B:
        What do you expect when the media, the communist demoncraps are in bed with Hellary doing everything they can to muster a cover up to what she did and were successful in doing this. Trump doesn’t have friends from the left as that and doesn’t need a bunch of liars to back him up. Trump should hire his own lawyers to investigate her by bypassing the left and I bet this bitch would be placed behind bars today.

        • Ric B says:

          BIG WAH!!!!!! Gregory! You excuse your own behaviors by blaming media and the democrats, justifying a president who has committed numerous obstructions of justice and financial crimes. Hillary does not need a cover-up, Gregory, she beat back THREE attempts to convict her of something and she was much smarter than republicans — like she took on the whole committee led by Gowdy and for 12 hours, kicked their asses.

          Hillary, I agree, is not personable, but her life has been one in which she is the smartest person in the room – -certainly was well known to be THE best student in law school with some of the best of the best. You SAY Trump does not need liars – -but evidence has shown that almost all his people were TOLD to Lie for him – – but McGann refused his orders, as did other patriots who refused to violate the constitution. Trump’s life has been one lie or one con after another – -the guy cannot even play golf without being a HUGE cheater. He has NO HONOR. Pro bably lied and does not even have bone spurs.

      • Tobydog1 says:

        I love a$$holes like you, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but, you just enjoy listening to your own blowhole! Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are liars, thieves, murderers and traitors yet, you support them to a point that you wouldn’t have a problem spending time under Bills’ desk! What you fail to realize is, that the wheels of justice are slowly, but surely, turning and will soon deal with the Clintons and Obamas. You must be a poorly educated Democrat just like your brothers and sisters! You, and the rest of your cohorts will be dealt with at the appropriate moment and then, let’s see who you call “Whiners”! Try to stay well……

  58. Robert says:

    Sheltered “snowflakes” need to grow up – the real world is not meant to coddle you and your unrealistic fantasy lifestyle – sometimes “LIFE IS A BITCH” – you do not get your way “most of the time” – get used to it .

  59. Daniel says:

    I feel that if the “mental health” of these poor little “twinkies” is so fragile that the appearance of a Supreme Court Justice would cause mental “Problems” for them, then they shouldn’t be at George Mason, especially if they are taking law courses, which I assume they are. They should be back at their parents’ houses, back in their “safe” space, with their bottles and nipples

  60. SGT Preston says:

    I feel that if the “mental health” of these poor little “twinkies” is so fragile that the appearance of a Supreme Court Justice would cause mental “Problems” for them, then they shouldn’t be at George Mason, especially if they are taking law courses, which I assume they are. They should be back at their parents’ houses, back in their “safe” space, with their bottles and nipples

  61. Joyce says:

    Maybe we the people need freedom of speech as to what we think. I feel we need to get rid of Democrat and pick all new to run our country. I never witness so much hate due to losing in elected official . Bunch cry baby un skilled running our country. I use to think Democrat but not any more. We picked our president, so let him do the job he has been elected to do. Wasting time doing for our country has been put on the back burner due to not winning. If we work with each other we get resolve. End this insanity.

    • Bruce says:

      America, conceived in genius, run by idiots

      • Lola says:

        The founders were well read, educated people (some were brilliant) who crafted a form of government that tried to protect us from foreign governments. Trump has allowed our worst enemies to interfere and violate our 2016 election and in response, he worked from day one to remove the sanctions on the government who attacked us. The founders would be ashamed of Trump as president.

  62. Dave Miedema says:

    If the snowflake sissies at GMU are this devastated at the thought of a strong and solid conservative such as Justice Kavanaugh being on their campus, let them either find another university to attend or all hide in their safe spaces petting kitty cats and having milk and cookies.

  63. David says:

    If these SPINLESS, brainwashed asswipes can’t actually handle the TRUTH( after 14 years of being lied to, brainwashed by teacher unions policy) they will NEVER BE ABLE TO KEAVE THEIR BASEMENT HIDEAWAYS to run ourNation. Great job SPINLESS PARENTS AND TEACHER UNIONS FOR DESTROYING A ENTIRE GENERATION. That’s what the RUSSIANS AND CHINESE REALLY WANTED IDIOTS

  64. The dems. must control the court systems to keep the Obama agenda alive, the “Fundamental Transformation of America! The divider-in-chief with his 8 years of hope and change has destroyed everything moral in this country, from our schools, religion, to even our bathrooms and the madness continues. We have every growing Tyranny in our gov. that wants to please the UN like all of Europe with gun control and open borders that will also turn us into a sh*t-hole. But they first must control the supreme court, then everything falls into place !

    • BigJoe says:

      Did you know that “Hope and Change” was Hugo Chavez’s campaign slogan. Look at that God forsaken country now. That’s what Obama would have turned us into.

  65. Elbertus Prol says:

    With these leftist anti free speech supporters trying to destroy an upstanding, and HONEST lawyer (very rare) we stand in a very precarious position as a nation. Through the onslaughts of the left, we have fallen from a stable government were cooperation existed between the parties to a government mired down by crybaby politicians who refuse to accept the results of an election which worked precisely the way the brilliant and wise framers intended! The democrat party is hell – bent on destroying this President and his MAGA agenda.

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