Bill and Hillary Clinton just hit rock bottom after this embarrassing move

Hillary Clinton’s attempts to remain relevant are becoming more pathetic by the day.

Since losing to Donald Trump, she has embarked on a nationwide tour to explain why she lost, blaming everyone besides herself.

Now their latest move showed Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lives are over.

The Clinton’s speaking tour has been a failure.

Fewer and fewer attendees are showing up.

The crowd sizes have become embarrassing.

Which is why they have been forced to use a Groupon discount to dramatically cut the prices of the tickets.

Breitbart Reports:

Former President Bill Clinton and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are taking desperate measures to boost sagging ticket sales for their 13-city speaking tour, selling them at half price on Groupon.

The Clintons were cashing in on their speaking tour tickets before their much-hyped nationwide speaking tour launched in Toronto, Canada.

But the Toronto event opened to empty seats, causing ticket prices to sink low enough in some areas to force the Clintons to take drastic steps to increase ticket sales and attendance at events.

Ticket prices sank so low in some areas of the country, they plummeted as low as $7.

To save face, the Clintons decided to offer tickets for the next stop on their “An Evening With the Clintons” tour on Groupon at a 60 percent discount.

Even Democrats are getting sick of the Clintons.

In the age of the #MeToo movement, activists and elected leaders no longer want to be associated with Bill Clinton.

And Democrats are done with Hillary Clinton’s failures.

Activists are looking for new leaders in the Democrat Party and leaving the Clintons behind in the dust.

Some rumors have spread that Hillary may consider running for President again.

But donors and activists are fleeing far away from her.

This is another signal that the Clintons are yesterday’s news.


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118 Responses

  1. walked away liberal says:

    TRUE ‘Dems’ from JFK era, Have Already
    Walked Away. & Support POTUS DJT. Thnx.

    • Rose says:

      The Clintons are done, they need to give it up, they are making themselves look stupid and pathetic…..enough already! We could care less about them. We all know that President Trump saved us from the disaster and night mare of having Hillary in the White House, People DO NOT LIKE HER SHE IS CROOKED!!!

  2. Jason Casteel says:

    Yes, Betty. I woutluje to know as well. I have read quite a few posts thAt have been penned by you. I sense a lot of anger in your words. Help me to understand, how has your life changed so much for the worse since President Trump was elected? Help us all to understand what he did that made your life so bad. Because to me, you just sound like another frustrated, miserable, “ain’t gettin’ none”, C U Next Tuesday. I don’t want to think that about another fellow Democrat. But what the hey, I am pretty sure you all are pretty f**ked up. At least that’s the impression those whores on the View give me .

  3. Jane Ramsey says:

    Get rid of Bill and HIllary and their kid too. They are a bunch of fakes.

    • Brenda says:

      The kid did not do anything. Just bring justice promptly to the parents.

      • FinaBiscotti says:

        Chelsea Clinton covered up the CRIMES committed by her parents through the Clinton Foundation –
        and hired a CEO to run the Clinton Foundation, who resigned prior to Hillary Clinton announcing her 2016 bid for the US Presidency – even though the CEO had two years left on his contract.

  4. howard buckley says:

    i didn,t want any dumbacrats to win look at what they,ve done to our whole country their trying to have open boarders and all these illegals will do is bring disease and violence to our country, as far as clintons everybody knows that they are nothing more than a family of liars and theifs just like the rest of the dumbacrats.

    • Rose says:

      They already are bringing in diseases in that have not been in this country for many years. And some that we have never had. I hope people take a really good look at the actions of all of the Democrats and when the time comes, vote all of them out. They are up front about being a C0mmunist Party. Many of our finest young men gave their lives to bring down communism in the world to make it a safer place. Now the whole Democrat Party want to take over this country. and turn us into a third world country so they can turn us over to “One World Oder”, even the BUSHES wanted that. I say not only no , But HELL NO!

  5. Lola Collins says:

    Ticket sales down? A nicer thing couldn’t have happened to the most corrupt couple.

  6. Truckman says:

    hillary and bill are lower than a snakes belly and that other thing that impersonated a president is lower than them Trump is the best thing that happened to this country since Reagan I am waiting to see what happens to the clintons with this case just opened

  7. Rick says:

    Want to clean house? Start with that asshole George Soros!! Hes what’s wrong with this whole dam country!! Hes behind all the chaos in this country and half the others! Lots corruption in politics, to many people follow his lead to make a buck! Hes what’s wrong with most of democraps! Hes what wrong with stock markets! He sells something they all follow like puppets and makes it 10 times worse! This piece of crap should be pulled off the street and sent away for good! America would be on it’s way to a better place!! Clinton’s and Obama some of his biggest puppets! Pure Trash!

  8. E Curtis says:

    Black Americans for Trump . Left the Plantation long ago and have prospered every since

  9. Rick says:

    Hillary Roten Clinton should have been taken out a long time ago! Shes dummer than a box of rocks! Her failed health care try was so bad she took a year to do, had trashed and she was fined 150, 000 for wasting a million dollars in tax payer money! Shes always been a crook and evil, the murder of Vince foster and linked to 50 more, corrupt CIA and deep state covering for her! Been easier to eliminate that trash in a plane crash years ago would have saved the lives of alot of people!! Part of the missing kids across America to pizza gate,,all the people connected to them with there evil ways of corruption! Why would anyone be stupid enough to send them a single dollar or let alone want that trash as a president! The arrogant bitch needs to disappear so we dont have to listen to her stupid voice ever again!! Prosecute the bitch and send her to Gitmo! Or better yet, death sentance! Those people should be held to a higher standard! Corrupt as theyve been against America! Death is to good for them! Way to easy!

  10. Lisa says:

    Lady you really need to take a long hard look at all the corruption that the Clintons and Obama have done over and over.You want to talk junk about Trump your just mad because she lost and he has the courage to stand up for Americans if you dont like the way hes running the country by all means move to Mexico and stay…finally a man that says what he means and means what he said….

  11. Tim Strong says:

    You got that wrong. Trump has a lot of women followers and many blacks and Hispanics are seeing the Republicans can do more for them than any other candidate. Trump also has over 50%approval ratting.

  12. buddylea says:

    One thing for sure, with all of hillary health issues, I doubt seriously that she could endure another campaign. Just imagine if you will, hillary try to climb the stairs to get on airforce one….

  13. Brothermike says:

    Sorry Clintons are the worst people on earth.The Devil must have mated with both of thems Mothers,cause they are ”Hell” to AMERICA.And your fingers stink because you are always trying to pull your head outa your ass.

  14. Robert Penney says:

    Thanks be to God horrible Hillary did not get elected.
    She and Bill are out of touch and from a long gone failing era of the past.
    Time for something new.

  15. Betty says:

    Comparing any supposed damage done to America by CLASSY H. Clinton & the very real damage done to America by CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump the past two years is like comparing a tiny firecracker to a exploding volcano! The LADY vs the LUNATIC!

    • DORES says:



    • Matt says:

      Just curious Betty. What don’t you like about the policies of President Trump? What has he done that would infer that he is “crazy”?

    • Jane says:

      Betty you are totally brain dead.

    • Mary Murphy says:

      Betty, could you be a little more EXACT in your comments about the “very real damage done by “crazy Donald Trump these past two years?” I’d like some FACTS laid out so I can examine them and see the damage.

  16. Jon says:

    I’m a true patriot. And appreciate your stories but my god you cry wolf as much as stupid dems. Everyothervhead line is someone’s life is over or something crazy.

  17. reality check says:

    Well, I have to agree with article that even (some) Democrats are getting tired of Hillary. However, they are SUPER fed up of Trump as are the independents, who vote for democrats by 12% higher numbers than they voted for republicans. The only category Trump won was males over 45 years of age. The young and women are particularly anti-Trump, one reason Trump reached 60% unfavorable rating just after the midterms.

    • bob jones says:

      the young as you speak of is too stupid to know who to vote for since a lot of college students are brain dead listening to liberal professors. a lot of women voted for trump regardless of what you say and those women are proffesonals that know how to handle finances and not teachers that are dumber than their students. blacks voted for trump and he is producing jobs for them unlike the poor uneducated people on welfare that are liberal voters. look at the jobs trump has created compared to obama which put 20 million more people on welfare and doubled the food card give away. any one with any common sense can see you are better off than 8 years under a muslim dictator.

    • Tim Strong says:

      You got that wrong. Trump has a lot of women followers and many blacks and Hispanics are seeing the Republicans can do more for them than any other candidate. Trump also has over 50%approval ratting.

    • Lisa says:

      I am a professional woman and trump has done alot more than that traitor hillary or our so called previous President did.So you need to think before you speak lady where the heck have u been under a rock

    • Cappi says:

      Not reality, many women voted for him. That is the reality.

  18. Charles says:

    The Clinton’s just got lucky with the group of Rinos they were pals with. The scams they pulled along with the Obama made up Presidency would never had been possible with a real opposition party. History is repeating again, Dems broom Rinos in house. Keep elections open till the Rino winner is defeated, simple. So far elections are not trusted, DOJ/FBI/CIA and SCOTUS confirmations are just an embarrassment. Not a Rino on the field except the Pres. GOP simply not qualified to lead, Senate not much better!!

  19. Betty says:

    The day d. trump became president was the day America hit rock bottom with that Lying Lunatic & Mindless Manic in charge of this country!

    • joseph says:

      please name me one thing that Donald Trump has lied about. And then please name me what the Clintons have not lied about ! you are obviously a Democrat, liberal, snowflake, lunatic that has no clue and our prejudice against Pres. Donald Trump. If you are an Obama fan can you name me one thing Obama did right? And not try to do treasonous acts to this country? It’s people like you that are destroying this country, that want open borders, why don’t you look at what happened toFrance, Germany, England, Denmark. At least Denmark are now sending their immigrant criminals to an isolated island that was doing research on pathogenic diseases for animals. I think it’s appropriate.

      France is he writing about the UN trying to have their country taken over by immigrants and the Europe in general taken over by immigrants by 2025 and 57 million immigrants. England is backing out of the European Union as well. And Angela Merkel has stepped down from the Chancellor of Germany because of her immigration policies. She has destroyed her country. Why don’t people like you look at what’s happening and protect our country. You obviously have not served in the military. I have. I was also in medicine, emergency medicine, law enforcement. What have you done to help your Country?

      • Leonidas says:

        Excellent comments , thanksfir posting them!

      • Timothy says:

        joseph, the newspaper Toronto Star DC Bureau chief has taken upon himself to fact check and catalog Trump’s lies — – and they have 6,000 documented since he became a politician. He lied about not playing golf, and his promise to produce his tax returns when he won, and about punishing the Saudi Prince MBS and not doing business in Russia while working on Trump Moscow building, and one of his biggest lies was crafting the one Don Jr. told about the Trump Tower meeting being about “adoptions.” That last one has Don Jr. in a pile of trouble, because later a Trump tweet said the meeting was about “getting dirt on Hillary” (a crime since it involved a foreign government). Need more?

      • Bill says:

        Very well said Joseph!

        What alternate reality is “Betty” from??? Hillary…A Lady??? What a ding bat!!!

    • bob jones says:

      obama was the biggest liar that ever stepped into the white house but you being as stupid as you are you wouldn’t recognize it.

    • Don says:

      Quit drinking the KOOLAID BETTY

    • R says:

      You seem to be the LYING LUNATIC, President Trump has accomplished more than any President has in a very long time , He started from day 1. Thank GOD for our President Trump!

  20. NavyPO says:

    Democrat Politicians are liars!

    • Inky says:

      They like Obama just need to disappear and when it’s time for them to appear in court for all their illegal activities we will let them know till then we don’t want to see or hear from any of them

  21. Jerry says:

    we have a strong President with Trump.Th e big problem is our Republicans in congress are nothing but cowards they have no balls to get things done
    they controlled both houses for 2 years and still did not fund the wall,de fund plan parenthood and get rid of Obama care.The President has done everything for the people and both parties obstructed him.

    • Gia' says:


    • Dave says:

      So, Jerry, are you saying that Trumpers are like a third party, since the traditional republicans and democrats both work against Trump?

      • Mary Murphy says:

        Yes! Most of what I read in your comments have been shown to be a little “different” than the way you and the New York Times stated.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Jerry, we can thank Mr. John McCain for the Republican hate and discontent directed towards our new president. He was the Republican poster child for term limits and all around douchebag.

    • R says:

      Yes , we need to get rid of the RINOs right along side the Democrats. The Republicans that just voted with the Dems need to be fired, because they are turn coats!

  22. Gail says:

    Hillary Vlinton was thrown out of the DOJ for making up lies against Richard Nixon . Ever since these two came on the scene they were given the king treatment. Murders and treasonous acts and corruption and stealing from America and making the Uranium one deal that netted her millions of dollars that belong to America and stealing money that was given to Aid Haiti . Running a pedofile ring and torturing a young girl to death and cutting her face off . The NYPD has that evidence. Just shows what kind of police they are . Since the insane people have been running the government these two may well get their just reward from God himself . s well as those who have been complicit in their crimes with them !

  23. Art Ward says:

    I cannot imagine that Hillary still believes that she will be our next President! There is zero evidence of any real public interest in her … most Democrats are simply done with her, and Republicans simply think that she is yesterdays news. Based upon her experience with years of hanging around government service, you would think she would have developed good sense and decent instincts. Neither seem to be present! I know several veteran politicians around our great country, and not a one of them thinks she has any possibility of becoming our President … ever! Perhaps the serious lack of public interest in her Presidential ambitions will final register with her, and she just quietly fades away.

    • Betty says:

      It’s CRAZY donald instead of CLASSY Hilary who needs to develop good sense & decent instincts since she certainly has more of both in her little finger than he has in his entire, fat, stupid,stinking, lying, worthless body!

  24. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Would someone please explain to me when Toronto became part of the United States, a Nation tour means this nation not cities in Canada or any other nation.

    • Mike W says:

      The Clintons are famous for taking money from other countries. They don’t care what kind of currency they take in – they work with a lot of banks that are more than happy to exchange it for them. The reason these venues are so empty is that the Clintons have NO MORE “Pay For Play” to offer. Tha’s also why the “donations” to the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉 have dried up.

  25. BROTHERMIKE says:

    Bill and Hillary should pull the car in the garage ,roll down the windows and start the motor.Please add 2 qt.s of Jack Daniels one for each.Drink both quarts and go to SLEEP………PLEASE END IT !

  26. Jack says:

    Every time I read anything about the two my thoughts go directly to The Manchurian Candidate ,the film with Frank Sinatra and Lawance Harvey.A must see and a scary thought of what would be going on with Hillary as President. In the movie God intervened and somehow I believe he intervened in the 2016 but in a more sidle way.

  27. Denise says:

    Go away Hillary. You had your time. Now it is time for others who DON’T LIE AND ARE NOT CORRUPT. I would never vote for a Clinton again. You have shown your true colors and they are not good.

  28. Eldon Hamm says:

    She is a total bitch and he is a serial pervert

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      If she is such a total loser, how did she get 3 million more votes than Trump did? Actually, if you changed 60,000 votes in only 3 states, Trump would have lost to Hillary. Those three states showed in the midterms that they are voting solidly Democratic again,

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Dr. J D, quite simple how she got that many more votes. Voter Fraud you idiot. In California, for example, every state employee is required to ask everyone if they want to register to vote. They are not allowed to ask if they are eligible to vote. No one checks once they are registered. Let’s see, what else, Ballot Harvesting. ILLEGAL in every state except California. Has thrre EVER been a box of ballots found that did NOT have an overwhelming democrat majority. NO, there has not. We can do this all day, but you morons would still think our elections are rock solid. Voter ID is the only way to get a fair election. But voter ID is racist! Bull S**t!! Is it racist to ask someone for ID to buy liquor or cigarettes? No, it isn’t. So then why is it racist to ask for an ID for something as important as an election? Oh yeah!! Because the Democrat’s would lose. Jesus, I am a Democrat, and I figured it out. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU AND ME. THEY JUST WANT THE POWER. And they don’t care who they hurt to keep it. Wake the F**k up!!

  29. Dolly says:

    The Clintons r done with and need to be prosecuted. Followed them from way back when they thought corruption was legal for them.

  30. Charles T Savko says:

    Bill and Hillary wI’ll go down, along with Obama, as the biggest embarrassment in Ametica”s political history. They are the biggest liars and crooks we have ever had in the whitehouse. I only hope they get what they deserve.

    • Betty says:

      The biggest White House Liar & Crook Ever is Not Hilary & Bill Clinton but D for Dumb trump. Slowly but surely his Sins are catching up with him & it’s that White House WORTHLESS WORM who will get just what he deserves.

      • Lisa says:

        Lady you really need to take a long hard look at all the corruption that the Clintons and Obama have done over and over.You want to talk junk about Trump your just mad because she lost and he has the courage to stand up for Americans if you dont like the way hes running the country by all means move to Mexico and stay…finally a man that says what he means and means what he said….

      • Rose says:

        There you go again Betty, get back under your ROCK!

  31. jim apple says:

    the Clintons have caused enough trouble and content in America time to send them to the jailhouse.

  32. Buddy says:

    The question is, how in the hell does a government “for the people” have the ability to maintain a list of the most corrupt? Anyone on the list should have been in jail
    way before they reached number 1. We have a government run by unaccountable criminals and no one gives a rats ass.

  33. Denny says:

    You would think that in this late stage of the Clinton’s lives, that they would be doing a little soul-searching and re-evaluations. I’d be doing a little shaking in my boots if I were them.

  34. Jason Casteel says:

    I love how the Left keeps on saying how President Trump is an embarrassment. He is exactly what the people wanted. Crude, maybe a bit brash. I would say yes. We must have a leader who is strong and competent. We have that with Donald Trump. The Hill Billary Show has been cancelled and I don’t believe anyone is looking to sit through another season of their shenanigans. This pathetic duoneeds to do everyone a big service and just disappear. Forever.

  35. David F. Lanphere Sr. says:

    what goes around, comes around, Karma is preparing something really sweet for these two. Sinking into mediocrity, and irrelevance is just Divine Justice!

  36. Old Pioneer says:


  37. Johny says:


    I couldn’t have said it any better. I have been told by close sources that people have been warned to stand down or face dire consequences if anyone gets in the way of Hillary being the democrat nominee for 2020

    She is evil and very very selfish evil to the core

  38. Lefty says:

    Lock them up!

  39. Erlinda Icayan says:


  40. Ed Shick says:

    I still have the sign in front Yard “Hillary for Prison in 2016 ” , They both are traitors along with Obama and Valerie Jarrott, Trump turned out to be the best man For President and he is Doing Great ! Wonder if Kenya or Indonesia would want Obama or the Clinton’s ? Freedom is Not Free!

    • Inez says:

      I thought Hil&Bil had a spacious home in Venezuela !!! They have 5 or 6 homes in various places!! You & I probably had to pay for them!!!

  41. Eldon Hamm says:

    The Clintons are the scumbags of the earth… get lost pulleeeeezzzz

  42. Barbara Cook says:

    The Clinton’s needs to just go-away, and stay away for good. They have caused more damage along with every corrupt and crooked Democrat and the Obama’s.

    I don’t want to see her name on the ballot any time soon, because, she is a disastrous person, and she would continue to make things worse more, because, she would continue to ruin lives for every American citizen like the corrupt and crooked Democrats will be doing in the NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

    The Clinton’s needs to quit trying to important to the American people, because, they are just as bad ad all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats.

    The Clinton’s needs to be held accountable for their crimes during their times in the White House and the Government. She needs to be accountable for trying to ruin candidate Trump now President Trump’s campaign, and his whole administration.

    She is as evil as they come, along with all of the Democrats, Obama and his whole administration.

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