Barack Obama found out on election night the one truth that ended his career

Barack Obama campaigned in the midterm election like no former President ever had before.

It showed just how much he hated Donald Trump that he cast aside all previous norms for Presidential behavior to try and exact his revenge.

But when the votes were counted, Obama could not believe the verdict delivered by the American people.

Obama campaigned across the country for Democrats.

Virtually every one lost.

It was a replay of his failed efforts in 2010, 2014 and 2016 to drag Democrats across the finish line.

The problem is the voters instantly reject a candidate the second Obama appears with them.

The biggest examples of Obama’s failure were in Florida where Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson lost and in Georgia where Republican Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams.

Gillum and Abrams defeats were bitter pills to swallow for Democrats.

The left thought running charismatic black socialists would allow them to win Florida and Georgia in 2018 and establish a roadmap on how to beat Trump in 2020.

On Wednesday, Obama tried to put a positive spin on his failure.

But everyone realized Obama was 0-4 in elections where his name was not on the ballot.

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180 Responses

  1. Delmer says:

    You make me want to puke when you talk about Obama’s popularity!

  2. Delmer says:

    Obama is not so damn popular where I live! I have not seen but one thing good
    that Obama has done. That is to leave the
    white house. Now he is trying to take credit for everything that president Trump has done. Come election we will see who wins! I’m betting on president Trump!!!

  3. Gingeo says:

    Doran Edward — Is that the best you can do?? Think you can look it up yourself?? If not get some help.

  4. ERIC MILLER says:

    Name rhymes with Guano.

  5. Jan says:

    Here we go again! If at first you don’t succeed, LIE! MAGA

  6. ERIC MILLER says:

    I can think of an island resort south of Miami which would be just great for him. Bright colored clothes supplied free.

  7. obama & hillary are not in jail because they are the puppets of the NWO Powered Elite…….The Shadow Government runs the Nation via The Rothschild Banking Conglomerate, aka…..The Federal Reserve! Their Agenda is to totally control and ruin America and continue to make The USofA its Whore!!

  8. Tony Bell says:

    Deception on a global scale, the masses are buying into a flawed ideology of globalism. Human nature is far to self-serving to allow a fair and just global governance. Nationalism is a check and balance system that has proven sustainable.

  9. Obama is like an anchor around anyone’s neck when he comes out for and tries to get votes for and individual running for an election.
    If anyone wants to get elected the best thing they can do is have obama stay as far away from them as he can possibly get, when obama supports a candidate that’s the kiss of death for that person not getting elected.

  10. I can’t get over how passé democrats keep hanging around. Guys like Obama or Clinton. They just don’t know when to go home. They’re like that obnoxious guest at your party who hangs in there till the last dog is hung, and even then has to be told to go home because he doesn’t get it.

  11. Helene says:

    Ur no more a lib than I am, and I’m sure as “ heck” NOT, not in a Million Years!

  12. Jay says:

    I think lethal injection is the method of choice, and I wish both would be silenced by several indictments, bc I want to see them suffer in a federal prison as unlikely as that seems now…

  13. The 'Slapper' says:

    idiot jd. re ‘say’ No murders. hey. maybe look down Sandy Berger’s pants.
    Get 0ff your ‘prevagen jellyfish program. @ dr ford KrAAp. including
    ‘self hypnosis’.
    NO 0NE Here IS ‘fooled’ by ‘blue bayou’.

  14. 'wannabe' says:

    jd IS a ‘wannebe’ (dr ford program) ‘goon ink’/ shill.
    BS (behavorial scientist) By Admission on prev. blogs.

  15. 'wannabe' says:

    knock it 0ff, you ‘Goon’ > shill.
    >Always throwing darts & daggers.
    Meanwhile ‘living ‘free’. Tearing down
    You, a ‘wannabe’ For ‘WHAT’ ___
    E’0ne on these blogs KNOW re you &
    ‘behavioral scientist ‘programs’.

  16. zee says:

    Fight ‘like Wasps >>>0n ‘the Attack’. NO MORE ‘sittin’ back.<< Time to Scream NOW W/ All ‘Caps’.

  17. betty says:

    JD where is your evidence there are no murders?

  18. Dr. J.D. says:

    Good point, Fr. Tom. Studies show more people vote AGAINST someone rather than for issues. Hillary gave too many reasons to vote against her, so she is unlikely to ever be supported by Democrats. But now, if you look at the midterms, you have record numbers who voted AGAINST TRUMP. Trump has an unfavorable rating by 55-60% of the voters, and most of that is STRONGLY UNFAVORABLE. Just keep denying and focusing on the past, continue to deny the facts: around 40% of 2018 voters said they want President Donald Trump impeached, according to CNN’s national exit polls.

  19. truthistruth says:

    He was only unpopular among racists and very uneducated and ignorant members of the republican party.

  20. truthistruth says:

    It is totally accurate to describe corrupt Trump as a narcissist – – I mean look at how the Europeans ignore and don’t want to be around the fool. But I think Melanie is not so bad and actually care for others besides herself. I mean she does not tweet or say hateful things like Donnie Dufus says, and does not start a war with media, that is protected by the constitution Trump has sworn to uphold.

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