Barack Obama found out on election night the one truth that ended his career

Barack Obama campaigned in the midterm election like no former President ever had before.

It showed just how much he hated Donald Trump that he cast aside all previous norms for Presidential behavior to try and exact his revenge.

But when the votes were counted, Obama could not believe the verdict delivered by the American people.

Obama campaigned across the country for Democrats.

Virtually every one lost.

It was a replay of his failed efforts in 2010, 2014 and 2016 to drag Democrats across the finish line.

The problem is the voters instantly reject a candidate the second Obama appears with them.

The biggest examples of Obama’s failure were in Florida where Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson lost and in Georgia where Republican Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams.

Gillum and Abrams defeats were bitter pills to swallow for Democrats.

The left thought running charismatic black socialists would allow them to win Florida and Georgia in 2018 and establish a roadmap on how to beat Trump in 2020.

On Wednesday, Obama tried to put a positive spin on his failure.

But everyone realized Obama was 0-4 in elections where his name was not on the ballot.


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180 Responses

  1. I can’t get over how passé democrats keep hanging around. Guys like Obama or Clinton. They just don’t know when to go home. They’re like that obnoxious guest at your party who hangs in there till the last dog is hung, and even then has to be told to go home because he doesn’t get it.

    • Obama is like an anchor around anyone’s neck when he comes out for and tries to get votes for and individual running for an election.
      If anyone wants to get elected the best thing they can do is have obama stay as far away from them as he can possibly get, when obama supports a candidate that’s the kiss of death for that person not getting elected.

  2. Dr. J.D. says:

    A couple of those elections are not over yet – – this group just hopes that is true. Barack Obama’s popularity is SO incredibly ahead of Trump’s. Did you not look at how the midterm elections went with the greatest turnover of seats to Democrats since 1974?!? Did you not see seven (7) Democratic takeovers of Governors seats. Did you not see Almost every subgroup of women in CNN’s national exit polls moved towards the Democratic Party, including white women, Latinas, white college-educated women, white non-college-educated women, Democratic women and independent women?

    • 'wannabe' says:

      knock it 0ff, you ‘Goon’ > shill.
      >Always throwing darts & daggers.
      Meanwhile ‘living ‘free’. Tearing down
      You, a ‘wannabe’ For ‘WHAT’ ___
      E’0ne on these blogs KNOW re you &
      ‘behavioral scientist ‘programs’.

    • Helene says:

      Ur no more a lib than I am, and I’m sure as “ heck” NOT, not in a Million Years!

    • Tony Bell says:

      Deception on a global scale, the masses are buying into a flawed ideology of globalism. Human nature is far to self-serving to allow a fair and just global governance. Nationalism is a check and balance system that has proven sustainable.

    • Jan says:

      Here we go again! If at first you don’t succeed, LIE! MAGA

    • Delmer says:

      Obama is not so damn popular where I live! I have not seen but one thing good
      that Obama has done. That is to leave the
      white house. Now he is trying to take credit for everything that president Trump has done. Come election we will see who wins! I’m betting on president Trump!!!

    • Delmer says:

      You make me want to puke when you talk about Obama’s popularity!

  3. bagster53 says:

    he’s the reason hillary lost, it had nothing to do with russia

  4. Proud vet says:

    The poll question ask if Barack Obama should resign? I say no, he should be hanged or put in the electric chair for many things but for two that come to mind what is eating in abetting his Muslim brothers with federal aid from the tax pair with weapons and munitions, and his park in the murder of those and Benghazi and he was totally involved in the murder of those and Ben Ghazi! He and Hillary Clinton should both get the gas chamber for the murders of those In Benghazi but no one in the right has the guts because there are spineless!

  5. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Until the top executives of the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media are charged, detained, tried, and sentenced for treason just as those federal judges who legislate from the bench, the Democratic politicians, school administrators on the college level starting with the school president and the Dean, the members of the board of regents, the professors and their TAs should all be tried and found guilty for driving people insane which explains why they support things like a NWO/OWO, PC, and LGBTQ.

    • zee says:

      Fight ‘like Wasps >>>0n ‘the Attack’. NO MORE ‘sittin’ back.<< Time to Scream NOW W/ All ‘Caps’.

  6. Hatred is an awful thing , it’s contagious , and infectious at the same time !!! Obama is as guilty as the next guy and it colors his speeches !!!
    Unfortunately , it’s a thing that Americans enlist to enhance their attitude ! And in particular when they’re on the loosing end of things …

    • russell says:

      James B Boles is in a nutshell

    • IRWIN ROMMEL says:


    • Kenneth Boyd says:

      You have said it best , without cussing ,or name calling ! Probably a lot better than I could have done !

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      James & E’0ne here. > Take 59 sec’s of Your ‘precious’ Time.
      Thank Bill, for this 59 second clip. or copy/paste
      >Post 0ften. To Any0ne who refutes. Including ‘politicians’
      Michelle etc. POTUS ALREADY KNOWS.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        That is not the 1st time I have seen that video I believe I pasted it to a few replies to those who disputed my claim which is that of many others of Obama being an illegal alien, their response should be obvious, they see the video as being fake, the only thing fake is “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama’s” Birth Certificate .

        • Steel Magnolia says:

          Keep 0n Posting Craig Michael V.
          NO Way IS this ‘snap video’ fake.
          It WAS a ‘True Capture’ re 10 yrs ago.
          & A ‘some0ne’ in that room caught it !!!
          AMEN ___ ‘barry’ Hussein’ Fessed up.
          (idiot). Then got ‘braver & braver for an
          8 yr. boondoggle. Remember, near the end, he
          Also SAID: Society Naive.

  7. Gerry says:

    He actually hurt the candidates instead of helping them — Yeaaaa team. He is a fkn POS worthless A-hole that needs to take his transgender micheal and retire in Kenya, where he came from.

  8. Steel Magnolia says:

    I see, pplremain on this thread.Good. SEE BELOW & DO NOT
    EVERFORGET What you ‘Witness’. THEREFORE E’THING ‘o’
    DID – by ‘pen/phone/ EO’s etc,. = INVALID . >>8 Bigyrs of Betrayal/TREASON to USA. MUCH DAMAGE. ‘could’ Be ‘Corrected’
    Thank Bill, for this 59 second clip. or copy/paste
    > POTUS TRYING to CORRECT. ( NeedsMORE USA ‘ Constitutional
    Patriot HELP. WE 0n ‘borrowed’ Time. Find/Know ‘Q’. Thankyou.
    ‘God Bless you all’ ___

  9. Nina says:

    Mr. Narcissist and Mrs. Narcissist should just go away. We had to deal with them for eight horrible years!! I think we paid our dues!! We really do t deserve this! Now please oh please take fatty Oprah The Who thinks she’s the queen of the world with you!!! I would say she’s in a three way tie for the most narcissistic ppl on the planet!! Who else puts their own heavily photoshopped pic on their magazine every single month!!

    • truthistruth says:

      It is totally accurate to describe corrupt Trump as a narcissist – – I mean look at how the Europeans ignore and don’t want to be around the fool. But I think Melanie is not so bad and actually care for others besides herself. I mean she does not tweet or say hateful things like Donnie Dufus says, and does not start a war with media, that is protected by the constitution Trump has sworn to uphold.

  10. renato says:

    Obama , please don’t ever come back / 10 trillion with no progress and that is your record.

    • Allen says:

      I bet that was a take down of Obama’s narcissistic ego. The I_I_I and me_me_ egomaniac goes home and looks in the mirrors and thinks “I backed up 5 different candidates and guess what???? None of them won????

      Soooo funny, everybody knows he is a loser and nobody wants him around anymore. I bet his wife doesn’t want anything to do with him either.

      • Linda_in_MA says:

        Allen: I obviously don’t know for sure but I’d bet good money NObama and his humongous ego does not understand he is done, finished, kaput. He will do exactly what fellow narcissist Hillary did and continues to do, blame everyone but himself. It’s not in his DNA to do a honest self assessment. Did you ever, even once hear him say anything close to “I made a mistake”? Useless excuse for a human being. He hates America and Americans. A Soros bought and paid for puppet. He will never realize he is and always was irrelevant.

    • Delmer says:

      He is the worst president in history. I didn’t think we had enough idiots in this country to vote in a communist Kenyan for our president. If he had of been a white man he would not have been able to to get by with it.

  11. DC says:

    Obama is electoral poison for all but minority Americans. The picture above this article gives a clue – he is surrounded by minority women with the obligatory Muslim, company in which he feels at ease. He cannot represent all Americans because he is deeply racist, harboring real antagonism to white people. He apparently felt powerful enough to reveal his true feelings when he started preaching about white supremacy and white privilege in 2015.

  12. dlmstl says:

    Stay strong and remain resolute. We are about to enter a serious phase of ‘Project -Drain the Swamp’. The radical leftists are more enraged now that their hoped for ‘wave’ turned out to be a mild ‘ripple’. Watched MSLSDNBC this AM and was astounded at the level of viterol directed at POTUS Trump. Be prepared for some serious insanity from the House Dems when they take over in January.

    On the lighter side, along with watching the likes of James Brown’s, separated at birth sister making a fool of herself, we’ll get additional entertainment from ‘Pencil Neck’ Shiff and the ‘doughy NYC waddler’, Jerrold Nadler. Watch them turn into pretzels trying to introduce more gun grabbing legislation. Better yet is going to be the ‘Dueling POTUS TOURS’ featuring Barry and Moochie and BJ with the Hunchback of Chappaqua. Their combined egos cannot let the vision of POTUS Trump’s star power and packed campaign arenas go unchallenged. Be interesting to see how many fools actually pay to watch this quartet of grifters lecture the ‘unwashed’.

  13. The Redhawk says:

    May be FINALLY Obama, Oprah, Hollyweirds, Globalist and Climate Change BILLIONAIRES , Fascists like Soros , Joe Biden, Willie NELSON ETC no matter how many BILLIONS , Songs, PHONY speeches they Spend and vomit…..WE THE PEOLE ARE SMARTER THAN ALL OF THEM COMBINED !!! As for OBAMA and KOMRADS GET LOST YOU BASTIDS !

  14. He failed to take any of them across the finish line for a win. He may have even cost some of the votes. The democrat victory in the house is a set back for liberty and freedom in America. It is a set back for the economic progress we have made in the past two years. But it is not he end. We must keep close watch on all our politicians. They must be able to explain what they are doing and why. For now the Senate (if they do not crumble) will to some degree be able to keep the House in check. And there will be another election in two years. We do not belong to the government. The government belongs to we the American people.

    • The Redhawk says:

      He should have learned that the reason CLINTON LOST , besides being Incompetent, were his POLICIES ….his great LOSSES in House and Senate seats, governorships and his Inability to ever assimilate in the AMERICAN mind set ….

  15. He should RESIGN from “politics”…I NEVER even “realized” that he WAS a “politician”, rather just a POT-SMOKING, “NON-sense” talking CREATURE…..

  16. The RICH’s PUPPET who MASTERS “empty, hollow speech of LIES”, PRAISING “communism” while he is “rolling” in DOUGH now….Notice how he wears “suit and shirt” WITHOUT a tie just like MUSLIMS dress……

    • Baylee says:

      BHO was high as a kite at these rallies. Go back & watch his ‘jumping’ around & his body language. Nose candy????

      • Linda_In_Mass says:

        Baylee: In case you missed it, NObama was frequently high during his reign in the WH. People always commented on his lack of empathy or enthusiasm. Well, duh? When you’re flying high on drugs your emotions disappear (assuming he actually has any emotion except hatred of whites to begin with). Ever hear him speak minus the teleprompter? Every 3rd word is “ahhh” “umm”; filler words while his brain tries to engage. Without the teleprompter his thoughts/words ramble all over the place, off topic and frequently appears to lose track of the subject at hand. When high he also gets snarky, seemingly bored and borderline rude.

  17. STRANGE to see just BLACK people BEHIND him in the picture above…..WHERE are ALL the WHITIES who want to ERASE themselves from this country/planet….????? So, THIS is HIS “true” base….

  18. William J Vital says:

    Obummer should either be put in prison or sent back to the country where he was born.

  19. mykpyp says:

    With The Republicans expanding their Senate power, you can bet the ranch that Obama’s involvement, nay at Obama;s direction, of just how deep his attempt to undermine America’s Constitutional Republic underpinnings was , through SPYING on MILLIONS of Americans, he is running SCARED right now. Forget his legacy, he’s looking at a room with a view at ClubFed!

    • jay says:

      If the Justice Dept would stop sitting on their hands, nearly all of the BHO administration would be indicted and convicted for serving a KNOWN Usurper and treasonous criminal the likes of which we have never had before and hopefully NEVER will again! He was born in Kenya, his birth home is a National Monument in the park service, wake up and look at what the CIA has on this clown, then know he killed many people to gain power,just as the Clinton’s have done…

  20. Ex Fed says:

    Everyone with a IQ over 45 knows Obama was born August 4 1961 at 7.47 Pm 7lbs
    10oz 18″ long 6″ wide shoulders Delivered by Dr James O.W. Ang’awa in Kenya at
    Coast Proviidence General Hospital Birth certificate 32018 He also used the name
    Harrison J Burwell when applying for Social Security in Chicago At Occidental college for a
    free ride he swore under oath that he was NOT a American citizen What a lying turd

    • jay says:

      I totally agree that this ruse by the democratic party has gone on long enough, even his own brother has said he was born in Kenya! Time for the gloves to come off legally against him and his whole party, and the Clintons and their “foundation:” need to be erased from the face of this planet as well…

    • Doran Edward says:

      Can you specify the source of your info?

  21. John says:

    Thanks obama! At least there is one thing you
    are good for: Causing the DemoCraps to lose
    elections! Think you could come back in 2020
    to campaign for the DemoCraps again? You
    could! That would be GREAT! MAGA!!!!!!

  22. Fraw says:

    Obama, your a piece of Liberal crap, seasoned with lies, deceit, arrogance, typical left wing dung. It seems that your cocaine habit is showing up more and more. When you OD don’t expect a parade, just a lot of laughter, jokes and who cares attitudes. You are a cancer, stage 3.5, and it won’t be long now. President Trump is a doer, all you did was drugs, bad golf, and a whole lot of TV.

  23. Ronnie says:

    Yes he should anybody that puts a Fine on people that can not afford insurance is STUPID & all Obama Care did was raise prices so people can not afford it anyways & then they have a pay a Fine for not having it

    • RufusVonDufuss says:

      Premiums, deductibles and copays went up higher than Obama’s blood pressure after he found out that he is such a pariah and no dem wants him to support them again. He is a foreign born pos who never did qualify to be president.

    • Joyce says:

      Yes, that was stupid ! Go figure for his whole term. Not very intelligent !

  24. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    For Mr waste of space called Obama to think that he still has what it takes to be influencial is beyond me, I am a black granmother and Obama is the last person in America who can influence me, Obama was a very bad omen for America in the first place, I wonder why he still thinks anyone will still have time for him period

    • Jay says:

      I think the only way to get rid of treasonous frauds like BHO and the Clintons is to indict and prosecute them for their crimes! Everyone knows they are only about themselves and building their own wealth, not ever doing what is right for the People like President Trump has so far… The reason the Media hates President Trump is because they cant control him, like they did the Clintons and BHO and his fake family

  25. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Maybe it is time to stop making campaigns about Obama and Hillary and focus on the Democrats running. Every campaign is about their failures. She is a failure and he is a failure, but we continue to give them a platform.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Good point, Fr. Tom. Studies show more people vote AGAINST someone rather than for issues. Hillary gave too many reasons to vote against her, so she is unlikely to ever be supported by Democrats. But now, if you look at the midterms, you have record numbers who voted AGAINST TRUMP. Trump has an unfavorable rating by 55-60% of the voters, and most of that is STRONGLY UNFAVORABLE. Just keep denying and focusing on the past, continue to deny the facts: around 40% of 2018 voters said they want President Donald Trump impeached, according to CNN’s national exit polls.

  26. sandy says:

    Dont know why obama and hillary are not in jail

    • Karen says:


    • obama & hillary are not in jail because they are the puppets of the NWO Powered Elite…….The Shadow Government runs the Nation via The Rothschild Banking Conglomerate, aka…..The Federal Reserve! Their Agenda is to totally control and ruin America and continue to make The USofA its Whore!!

  27. Rex says:

    Obumbles is a SOB. He should still be tried for treason, him and Hellary. Please let them be hung by the neck at the nearest tall tree. Amen.

  28. TruthExposed says:

    Thank Bill, for this 59 second clip. or copy/paste

  29. Larry Holtgeerts says:

    he didnt stomp here in mi. if he had we might ave kept the house and ave a republicgovenor instead of a demacrap as my mom called them. i added dems shoot craps and get crap. there is no way that things will change for the better if u dont try something diff. and democraps aint the good other choice. bad choice is the dems

  30. Carole ANNE Quinn says:




  31. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    That illegal alien “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” needs to be executed for betraying the true patriots of this nation.

  32. Jeanene Iglesias says:

    Obummer needs to shut his mouth and crawl back in his hole. He was useless president and is useless ex president. Hope he sees how useless he is from the lost votes he didnt drum up for his idiots. Go away, far away.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Maybe he did not personal endorse that Communist scum Tony Evers but the scrambled brain waves of today’s youth 4 to 40 influenced that component of toxic waste winning, or did it, I doubt that was the complete re reason, now apparently due to a 1/2% difference in the maximum difference between 2 candidates law enacted by Scott Walker he supposedly annot contest the votes, Wisconsin is doomed.

  33. Ernst says:

    Obama was extremely lucky in having inept opponents in both his Presidential elections. John McCain ran a horrible, disorganized campaign and nominated a not-ready-for-prime-time Sarah Palin as Vice President. Mitt Romney acted like he did not want to win the Presidency. Now Obama is most likely done. He could run for the Senate, but he would most likely lose. Obama was a horribly dishonest, inept President; good that he is gone!

  34. Michael says:

    Wow, if Obama has any feelings at all he should be very embarrassed this morning after every candidate he stumped for lost. WOW, talk about no voice in his party any longer. He should call it quits as far as politics go…..WHAT A LOOSER.

  35. Leo Younglowe says:

    I may be a raciest ad I can live with it the only thing Obama and I have in common is that he is a bigger raciest than I am. when he left a couple of years ago he should have done everyone a favor and just stayed in the shadows. The elections showed many things about him everyone he stumped for Lost who says there isn’t justice in the world.

  36. Pedro says:

    He is fuming in his mansion. From middle class to millionaire status. It is unbelievable.

  37. jay says:

    Our first and hopefully ONLY usurper potus should stay away, maybe take another trip to the national monument the kenyan Government made of his birthplace IN KENYA! he is a career criminal and should be indicted and convicted of his treasonous crimes, too many to mention here… t

  38. Maria says:

    He is Mr. Over do and should learn to be a good sportsmanship.

  39. Savior says:

    He’s nothing but a cocky a$$wipe, need proof, just watch how he swishes and toe prances when he walks….like he’s saying Ain’t I cute, I love myself so much……

    • Lola Collins says:

      You said it, and so have I. I called it ”jiving”. Added his ”IF, IF, IF, IF” stuttering which he also thinks is cute……..and folksy….he thinks we all love that! WRONG!! It makes me sick!!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Has anyone noticed how many million dollar vacations The Mooch DID NOT take since she is paying for them ?
      Wotsamatta, Moochie ? Is it a little Queenly expensive when its your own money ? How many “Body Servants” do you have now that YOU have to pay for them ? How come you’re not blowing YOUR money like a ghetto lottery winner ? You sure did a job on ours !

  40. n wilson oliver says:

    This vile martinet is the FIRST truly ANTI-AMERICAN official to ever hold high office–AND he brought along other self-imagined “victims” to press the issue and GUARANTEE racial animosity which until his “victims” surfaced, had quietly become a non-issue among the vast majority of Americans, white, black, brown, green, red, yellow–

    He essentially became a CANCER on the American Body Politic–a virulent one which metastasized and infected the nation as no one before him–

    Part of his appeal was his effeminate demeanor–His cancerous effect occurred deep within the nation while his deluded followers could not remove the scale from their eyes. He empowered the worst elements of the African American community, the marginal elements of the other ethnicities who essentially could be characterized as deviates, dysfunctional fearful misfits who had lost their sense of gender, logic, common sense, ambition, heritage, culture–

    He corrupted the Justice Department by making fealty more rewarded than ethics, oaths to the Constitution, as we saw in those petty top agents and heads of departments who sold their souls while betting their careers that his successor would reward them for their corruption–They manipulated the system to insure her election–and now, the vile O-word and his legions, will do anything to attempt to thwart traditional Americans’ political will–

    He deserves the punishment of a traitor, a blindfold and one last cigarette–

    • Beverly says:

      You nailed the whole damn thoughts of United States citizens. Take his Nobel prize for this comment you so deserve it.

    • Lola Collins says:

      The people who started this obama for president knew exactly what would happen. The evil of all this wasn’t entirely lost on all of us. IF they had listened to his first words….. HOPE AND CHANGE; then listened to ”We are five days away from FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; and then listened to his ”WE are the one’s we have been waiting for”………………….obama would never have been elected the first time. PHONY GRIN, JIVING, LYING,……..all that would have done him in!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. omegatalon says:

    While Democrats and Liberals think Obama as being one of the most successful Presidents in the history of this country, one has to actually look at what he accomplished which was nothing and what’s worse is that Obama was clueless as he said the fight against ISIS would be a generational fight meaning ISIS would survive almost indefinitely yet Trump has essentially destroyed ISIS in under 18 months; Obama was clueless about the US Economy as he had no idea Trump could get manufacturing jobs to return to the United States and thought it would only happen with magic as it turned out Trump succeeded using brains.

  42. FedUp says:

    He was a loser then, he is a loser now and he will always be a loser, just like his POS loser father & trash mother!

  43. Jean says:

    Investigate who bought the homes he lives in, or lived in. I read they were bought by unknown persons, and are in a trust!

  44. HYPOCRITE- Obama- He wants credit for the economy and job growth breaking records. So why the hell would you campaign against a President who is making what you alledgedly already fixed, be destroyed. Sad liars.

  45. Jean says:

    Start by investigating the millions of dollars of our money he gave to terrorist organizations. Then follow up with his association with his Communist and Marxist friends.

    • Wrenchman says:

      I would also like him to comment on Mr. Larry Sinclair!
      He, before his untimely death made some pretty salacious allegations regarding one Senator Obama…..

      • Lola Collins says:

        Sinclair may have been a bad guy, but I believed his story. There was too much other information out to doubt what Sinclair told. FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, obama’s slutty mother, COMMUNIST, home grown terrorist BILL AYERS, and more all add up. When obama had so many muslim terrorist in his world; murders of at least 3 gay black men before he ran for office…………..and on and on! TOO MUCH TO KEEP DENYING!!

    • Lola Collins says:

      They should also investigate where the STIMULUS MONEY, the OBAMACARE, ACA money went, and more. When michelle’s college friend ended up writing the healthcare bill, something was stinky then, and the STIMULUS never happened. So many more corrupt people in his life, and so m any Americans fell for this fraud!! Sean Hannity tried to tell Americans about this, but they refused to listen. Hannity became hated for telling the TRUTH.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      The Communist and Marxist buddies don’t bother me half as much as the filthy muslims he kow-towed to every chance he got.

  46. Monkey says:

    Obama is exactly WHY Hillary lost so badly…….she kept saying, “I am going to continue Barack Obama’s scheming and horrible tactics………………..HA HA HA HA HA HA

    • JIM says:


  47. bagster53 says:

    don’t get me wrong , but didn’t the same thing happen to democrats when he was president ,lol ,told yous having oboma campaign for you is like having the black death campaigning for you, he has killed more democrats carriers then isis, he’s the reason hillary lost, she promissed more of the same of the oboma years

  48. Donald Perona says:

    I never voted for the fake ,he is a racist fool!!!

  49. Dan Miller says:

    Obama should not retired from politics He, the Clintons ,Nancy, Maxine will be the best reason to vote for President Trump’s re-election and restore Republican control of the House and in increase the Republicans in the Senate

  50. Wish someone would put Monkey Obama back in the cage and drop off Kenya middle nowhere

  51. Jeanine says:

    I voted no, he is good at campaigning for the republicans! And for those who want to toot his horn for Obama care, just what good has it done? The poor who couldn’t afford ins were covered by the government and those of us who had our own ins, just ended up pay much higher for our ins. Our ins has more that doubled since Obama care and the benefits have went down. Just to bad congress wasn’t on Obama care, since they pushed it though without reading it.

    • George says:

      I say that the scum in DC should get exactly what they forced on us
      My premiums doubled they’re going back to normal now that the election is over raking in millions selling us down the river

    • BUT….Obama said you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with it. You just need an extra $3000 every month. WOW……That is a great deal. My wife and kids live with me in the car. At least we have each other and health care.

  52. Art Ward says:

    Obama needs to simply go away quietly. He was a weak President that left the Office with very few real accomplishments. He is fortunate that the Media and most of the rest of America have simply ignored his eight lost years. There is almost no discussion about what he actually achieved, if anything. The reasons for this have been discussed endlessly and almost always end with someone introducing the issue of race. His lack of leadership skills along with his poor understanding of what a President needs to do everyday, left everyone to believe he simply did not belong in the Oval Office. I have always wondered how he could be so good at so many other things, but fail so completely in the role as President … especially considering the endless people with great resources that stepped up to assist.

  53. Rob says:

    Obama did nothing for his party ,just like he did nothing for this country and the American people.
    If he wants to help his party the smartest thing Obama and Hillary should go into the woods together and stay there

    • Gretchen says:

      Obama acted a totally out of control child. A former president pacing, running and screaming totally ticks most off. What a joke he is.

    • Randall Hart says:

      I do agree, one thing they both did was embelzle our country for 1 or 2 billion but no one in our gov has addressed that. Hillary while sed state had 1 billion unaccounted for then after she leaves is a billoonare an stated being broke when Bill left presidency.

    • Bill says:

      Please let ’em stay. These two buffoons are great advertisement for the Republicans as to what the l;ibrals aka ‘dumbocraps’ are all about pure and simple!. Keep ’em around for a guaranteed second term for Preaident Trump

  54. Bill says:

    Let that sorry asshole campaign for all the Dems he wants to, everyone he speaks up for loses their ass. Go bammer go!

  55. 2bears says:

    I think we should keep him around long enough to publicly execute him, put it on all the big 3 networks
    for those that couldn’t attend !

  56. Alan Patrick says:

    It is Way past time to unlock his Vault of SEALED records. Time to Really find out What he is hiding from the American People. I don’t trust him as far as I can Spit. He is and ALWAYS has been a Snake. The only thing associated with Snakes is EVIL.
    When will we have an Honest investigation into ALL of the corrupt dealings with Obama and his loser administration. It is WAY PAST TIME, now that the DemocRATS will be taking Control of the House I highly Doubt that it will EVER happen now.
    Ineffective Sessions is Gone now but do we have Time to get this underway to the point of it NOT being stopped. The Evidence is there IMHO and yet we are still sitting on our DAMN hands doing NOTHING… WTBFH

  57. Len says:

    Wish he leave the country for good!!

  58. Deb says:

    Lovely picture of Bammer! I cannot stomach seeing most pictures of him or hearing his voice. The picture in this article is great. Now if only the idiot would leave this country. Problem is–no one wants him and that includes Kenya.

  59. OLD VET says:

    i think he should leave the country i think he is not legal ,a fraud i know he is a great liar

  60. Mark Jordan says:

    Obama is the same cancer Clinton is, but by all means keep campaigning! We enjoy your death sentence on those you support…

  61. Gloria Uptmor says:

    Unfortunately he is like Hillary – can’t get enough of himself and believes we all want more of him as well. Neither of them can just go away.

  62. Kay says:

    Is his the same President who dug the country out of the financial mess after the Bush Iraq war????
    Is this the same President who was able to end Sadaam Hussein’s horrible years of killing and torture???
    Is this the same President who received no cooperation from the Republican Congress and Senate, thw same on that Mitch olde boy said they would see that he would never have a second term???? Is this the same President who engineered and got into law the Affordable Health Care Act????? Oh yeah, that was a Republican huh???

    • Terri says:

      He is the same President who got us trillions of dollars in debt. He’s the same President who divided our country as no other has done. He’s the same President who denied help to 4 men who begged him to save them. He’s the same President who sent millions to countries who hate us. He’s the same President who wouldn’t put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem. He’s the same President who encouraged hatred of the police and went to other countries to apologize for the country he represented. He’s the same President who created the Unaffordable Health Care Act that millions cannot afford when their premiums went so high they coulnt pay it. THEN fined them when they couldn’t afford it. Yep … he’s the one.

    • M says:

      Kay, Just calm down, have a glass of wine, go to bed and I will call in the morning to see if you are still a raving mad woman.
      I wish if you are going to participate on a conservative site you would be factual and tell the truth.
      Face it Kay, BHO is a has been and should leave the Country. He hates America and doesn’t belong here, never did! From all I am hearing and reading even the liberals are realizing they don’t need him dragging them down.
      Oh poo, why am I spending my time on him, what a loser!

  63. Alberta Conkle says:

    Time for him to go is long overdue.

  64. Jordan says:

    He. Should shut up in a jail cell !!

  65. FrankC says:

    I agree he should shut up and go home. I also want GWB to shut up, go home, and paint some pictures.

  66. James P Hutchins says:

    obama was is and always will be a traitor and a racist and a crook who is irrelevant to the American people.

    • Ed says:

      Obama was a loser to start with. The American Idiots didn’t or couldn’t see his real agenda for America. Bankrupt this Country and allow the Muslim Terrorists take over. This would have eliminated all Christians and Jews from the Earth. That was his only goal and, he almost succeeded.

    • Jim says:

      Your defective brain should lead to your demise.

  67. Hugh Turner says:

    To not pass go. Go straght to jail take the Hilabeast, and the rest the corrupt gang along.

  68. Like all other former president’s. Mr. Barack Obama should definitely retire from politics.
    It’s time for him to take it easy.

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