Barack Obama dodged a bullet when one Deep State cover up hid his worst crime

Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr were furious.

They set out to bring Barack Obama and his allies to justice.

But Barack Obama dodged a bullet when one Deep State cover up hid his worst crime.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to present his findings from a months’ long investigation into the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.

While Horowitz is expected to nibble around the edges and criticize some aspects of the FBI’s handling of the case, Howortiz will continue the cover up of the Obama Deep State’s plan to frame Trump as a Russian asset.

Politico reports:

Officially, the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to focus on the accuracy and completeness of information the FBI and Justice Department presented to federal judges in order to obtain a secret surveillance warrant for former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page in October 2016 and to renew it on three occasions during the first half of 2017.

However, the review took on a larger-than-life quality over the past year-and-a-half, with some Trump supporters predicting that it would show that Trump and his advisers were the victims of a politically motivated vendetta by FBI agents and Obama appointees intent on undermining Trump’s upstart presidential bid and the early days of his presidency.

Former officials said they expect Horowitz’s report to contradict Trump’s narrative by concluding that the FBI and Justice Department’s investigative interest in Russian ties to the Trump campaign was legitimate and that — by and large — the investigation was handled professionally.

Horowitz – who was appointed by Barack Obama – clearly set out to whitewash the truth.

His report ignored clear facts about high ranking FBI officials’ political bias against then candidate Donald Trump.

It deliberately presents a false picture of events to the American people in order to prevent Obama and his allies from facing scrutiny and possible criminal charges for their actions.

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