All hell broke loose when Joe Biden announced he wanted to ban this popular firearm

Leftists believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

That is especially true in the wake of a tragedy.

And now all hell broke loose when Joe Biden announced he wanted to ban this popular firearm.

After Joe Biden returned from a trip to Texas, he tried to capitalize on the horrific shooting where a deranged gunman murdered 19 children and two teachers as an excuse to ban and confiscate firearms.

Democrats usually dance around the fact that a national gun registration database and raising the age limit to purchase rifles is just a pit stop on the way to completely banning and confiscating firearms.

But Joe Biden dropped all pretense by telling reporters at the White House that banning so-called “assault rifles” was not the ultimate end game for the gun grabbers.

Biden declared that he wanted to ban 9mm handguns.

Biden also repeated his false claim that at the time the Founders ratified the Second Amendment, gun control was already on the books and it was illegal to buy a cannon.

“The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed, you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons. There’s always been limitations,” Biden said. “These actions we’ve taken before, they save lives and they can do it again. The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war designed and marketed to kill is, I think, just wrong. It just violates common sense.”

The day after Biden’s remarks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a scheme to ban the sale of handguns and confiscate so-called “assault rifles.”

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if, in light of Biden’s comments about banning 9mm handguns, he would support a handgun ban similar to the new law in Canada.

“Canada is making it impossible to buy, sell, transfer, or import handguns anywhere in that country. Would President Biden ever consider a similar restriction on handguns here?” Doocy asked Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre’s answer did not alleviate fears that Biden eventually wants to ban guns.

Instead, Jean-Pierre said Biden did not support banning “all handguns,” leaving open the possibility that there were handguns he would one day seek to ban.

“We’ll leave it up to other countries to set their policy on gun ownership,” Jean-Pierre stated. “The President has made his position clear that the United States needs to act, as I just laid out. He supports a ban on sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and expanded background checks to keep guns out of dangerous hands. He does not support a ban on the sale of all handguns.”

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