Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about to start a civil war with this jaw-dropping revelation

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most controversial figures in American politics.

Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a socialist agenda that threatens to transform America into Venezuela.

And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about to start a Civil War with this jaw-dropping revelation.

Since entering Congress, Ocasio-Cortez has fought with the Democrat Party establishment as much as President Trump.

Leading Democrats know Ocasio-Cortez’s Marxist plans for a government takeover of healthcare and a “Green New Deal” are politically unpopular and will doom the party in 2020.

But in an interview with New York Magazine, Ocasio-Cortez responded to these criticisms by declaring there would be a civil war in the Democrat Party where members of the Progressive Caucus who don’t vote the socialist line should face expulsion.

Ocasio-Cortez also expressed lukewarm support at best for party frontrunner Joe Biden.

New York Magazine reports:

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the first politician to become a cultural sensation, but she may be the first to do so at the very beginning of her career, when she is occupying the lowest rung of political power. Her main project going forward may be this: harnessing her immense star power and the legion of young lefties who see her as their avatar, not just to push the Democratic Party away from an obsession with its most moderate members but also to make the stuff of government, like congressional committee hearings and neighborhood town halls, into must-see TV. She said the Congressional Progressive Caucus should start kicking people out if they stray too far from the party line. Other caucuses within the Democratic Party in Congress require applications, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out. But “they let anybody who the cat dragged in call themselves a progressive. There’s no standard,” she said.

The same goes for the party as a whole: “Democrats can be too big of a tent.”

It is comments like that that kept Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the Democratic Party from reaching any kind of meaningful détente. I asked her what she thought her role would be as a member of Congress during, for instance, a Joe Biden presidency. “Oh God,” she said with a groan. “In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party, but in America, we are.”

If Joe Biden wins the nomination and receives anything less than enthusiastic and unyielding support from Ocasio-Cortez and her followers, Democrats will fall short in the Presidential Election.

Establishment Democrats will claim Ocasio-Cortez pursued purity in place of victory while Ocasio-Cortez will counter the party nominated an establishment squish that did not excite the party base.

And those will be the battle lines in the Democrat Party civil war.

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134 Responses

  1. Steve Godsey says:

    I don’t believe she was a bartender pouring drinks for drunks like she says. I believe she worked as a prostitute working under the sheets instead.

  2. CARLTON R IVAIT says:


  3. libra l says:

    She is in deep trouble with the campaign committee. It seems AOC turned over to her boyfriend a million dollars of campaign cash from her voters. He took the cash and illegally turned it into an LLC which puts it out of reach of AOC and the Campaign committee. THAT IS ILLEGAL. Now she cannot get her hands on 250K to give to the DNC for her dues and they are P.O.ed at her. I hope the feds put her in prison where she can run her crazy mouth 24 –7 for a long, long time,

  4. libra says:

    I do also since I came from Farm stock in N.W. Iowa. See how long the smart azz city folks can go without food from the dumb farmers? President Trump respects the farmers because there are now so few of them. It is the most labor intensive job there is and they produce our food.

  5. Murphy says:

    The only civil war will result in coa being hung!!

  6. steveo says:

    i’m 70 and never had children but i do support paying for schools.what i don’t like is someone on welfare with 5 kids and i’m paying for them while the parent sits at home on their ass!besides my siblings and i went to catholic schools and i would send mine there also as we didn’t have to deal with crummy teachers and unions!

  7. Pam Kelly says:

    Neither do I..I’m 65 and never had children…why am I paying for schools???

  8. R M says:

    I would care less if I picked up the morning newspaper and read that AOC got run over by some drunk/drugged illegal alien driver like ordinary road kill.

  9. h. Isaacs says:

    AOC should apply Nair or other hair remover to rid her of her wild hair.

    Dr. Demento

  10. Will Triebel says:

    Vasu, if BS was taxed like that, your handlers would owe around 200%.

  11. David says:

    I dont have children, why should my property taxes pay for schools, maybe we should be pushing for animals right to vote?

  12. David says:

    I dont have children, why should my property taxes pay for schools

  13. Braveryder says:

    George Soros isn’t new on the political scene. He’s been around for longer than most know. If it is leftist, anti-America it is backed by Soros. Yes, he does need to go, but he has tentacles that reach more than the average person can imagine. Systemic removal of plants is easy, Systemic removal of Soros will be very difficult.

  14. Braveryder says:

    Thank you for your insightful comment. I agree with you.

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