A Supreme Court Justice actually retired for one reason that will leave you red with rage

A seat opened up at the United States Supreme Court.

But this was no ordinary retirement.

And this Supreme Court Justice actually retired for one reason that will leave you red with rage.

Word leaked on Monday that liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer would step down and retire.

The odd thing about the announcement was that it did not come from Breyer.

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network cited the Biden administration’s ties to the far-Left group Demand Justice – who ran a “Retire Breyer” campaign – as evidence the administration leaked the announcement to force Breyer to step down immediately.

“Justice Breyer prides himself on not being a partisan and can’t be happy about a retirement announcement that was leaked (very possibly by the White House). Maybe Joe Biden and left-wing dark money groups bullying him to retire wanted to be *sure* he followed through with it,” Severino’s statement began.

“It bears reminding that both Jen Psaki and Paige Herwig (WHCO advisor to Biden on judges) previously worked for Demand Justice, the left-wing dark money group that spearheaded the Retire Breyer campaign,” Severino added.

It quickly became clear why the administration leaked word of Breyer’s retirement.

CNN’s leftwing propagandist, Chris Cillizza, wrote that Breyer’s retirement allowed Democrats to change the subject from Biden’s failures on the supply chain, COVID, inflation, and Ukraine to a base-friendly fight that will give him the opportunity to unite the Democrat Party.

The Biden administration desperately needed a win to end a month-long losing streak.

And it appears Biden’s allies engineered the leak of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement to throw the President a lifeline.

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