A Super Bowl champion joined Joe Biden in pushing this woke agenda item

Photo by Will Porada via UnSplash

Fans wish athletes would stay out of politics.

Many in the world of sports ignore this desire.

And a Super Bowl champion joined Joe Biden in pushing this woke agenda item.

The Kansas City Chiefs were celebrating their third Super Bowl win in five years with a parade in the city.

But shortly after 2 PM, a gunman opened fire and wounded at least 22 individuals and tragically killed one woman.

Fans tackled the suspect and police took three individuals into custody for questioning.

Without knowing any of the details about the shooting Kansas City Chiefs Defensive end Charles Omenihu demanded new gun control.

“Prayers for those affected at today’s parade. A time of celebration ends in tragedy. When are we going to fix these gun laws? How many more people have to die to say enough is enough? It’s too easy for the wrong people to obtain guns in America and that’s a FACT,” Omenihu posted on X.

President Joe Biden joined Omenihu will an uninformed take on the tragedy rattling off the usual laundry list of gun grabs that wouldn’t do anything to stop the shooting in question.

“Yesterday’s events in Kansas City should move us into action. How many more families need to be torn apart? It’s time for Congress to finally act to ban assault weapons, limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, and keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them,” Biden wrote on social media.

Trump took a different tact and promised to defend the Second Amendment if he wins re-election.

“Nobody took care of our Second Amendment [more than me], during that four-year period, nothing happened with our Second Amendment,” Trump declared. “We will protect innocent life, and we will restore free speech.”

Gun grabbers like Joe Biden don’t care about the facts surrounding a tragedy or that states with strict guns like New York and California still see mass shootings.

They have a playbook they dust off anytime a madman takes innocent life and they run the gameplan.

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