A major whistleblower just delivered this devastating news about Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his family’s corruption is under a microscope.

The revelations from these investigations are stunning.

And a major whistleblower just delivered this devastating news about Joe Biden.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky told Just the News that whistleblowers continued to come forward with damning revelations about Joe Biden.

Comer revealed that the whistleblowers testified that the Bidens set up a web of Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) to pay for Joe Biden’s expenses without revealing the source of the money.

“One of the things that all of our whistleblowers have told us,” Comer said before adding, “is that they were all — through these LLCs — paying for things for Joe Biden. So that’s very curious, you know.”

Joe Biden denied on seven different occasions that he had any knowledge of his family’s business deals.

But Comer said that denial was a lie and now his committee was tasked with investigating if the money from foreign business deals pouring into these LLC’s personally benefited Joe Biden and compromised him.

“I mean, he’s [Joe Biden] not going to be able to say that he had no knowledge of his family’s business activities, because a lot of these people that sent this money to the LLCs that then sent it to the Bidens, Joe Biden then met with, especially during the last year of his vice presidency,” Comer added. “So, you know, Biden was in on the game. But what we want to know is did he benefit personally from it? We know his family did. But did he benefit personally, and that’s what we’re investigating.”

Comer told Just the News that there was no innocent explanation for companies in countries like Ukraine, Communist China, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates to pay the Biden’s as critics contend the purpose of these deals was to purchase influence.

“It doesn’t make sense for this family to receive these massive amounts of money from our adversaries,” Comer continued. “They’re not dealing with Canada. They’re not dealing with the Europeans, you know, the normal European Union countries. They’re dealing with countries like Russia and China, and the United Arab Emirates. I mean, it’s bizarre some of the countries that are doing business with the Bidens.”

Each day in this investigation brings new developments in the web of Biden family foreign business dealings.

And at this moment it is clear Joe Biden was not honest with the American people.

The next question is what was he lying about?

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