A liberal comedian gave Joe Biden one shocking piece of advice

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Everyone’s an expert when campaigns are losing.

The entire Democrat Party is trying to figure out how to stage a rescue mission to save Joe Biden.

And a liberal comedian gave Joe Biden one shocking piece of advice.

Even Democrats admit Biden is too old

An ABC/Ipsos poll showed 86 percent of Americans think Joe Biden is too old for the job of being President.

Nearly nine in ten Americans holding this view is driving polls like the recent New York Times/Siena survey which found former President Donald Trump leading him by five points nationally after their previous poll had Biden up two.

The realization that Trump can win finally dawned on Democrats and no one knows how Biden can pull the nose up on this campaign.

Enter liberal comedian Bill Maher.

On the latest episode of his Real Time show, Maher claimed Biden and the Democrats should stop trying to claim he is a vigorous go-getter with a mind as sharp as a steel trap.

“Instead of trying to refute all the ‘too old to be President’ slams, Joe must embrace them,” Maher said in his monologue. “Stop with the ‘I’m sharper than ever.’ Nobody’s buying that.”

Maher claimed Biden should just as admit he’s old and try and make the best of it.

He joked that Biden’s so old his kid with a drug problem is 54.

“Just admit it. Say, ‘Yes, I’m bad with names and I walk like a toddler with a full diaper. But I believe in democracy,’” Maher added.

Maher warns Biden in danger of becoming the next Hillary Clinton or John Kerry

Maher claimed that past Democrat nominees like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry tried to fake who they were.

“Joe’s problem is not a new one for Democrats,” Maher added. “Not the age thing specifically, but the idea of letting the opposition intimidate you into being defensive about who you really are.”

Voters didn’t buy a Boston elitist like Kerry strutting around in an orange vest and camo to try and convince rural voters in Ohio he was a duck hunter and they rejected Clinton’s portrayal of herself as down-to-earth by carrying hot sauce in her purse.

“That, we’ve seen before,” Maher continued. “John Kerry pretending to be a duck hunter, Hillary carrying hot sauce in her purse: Americans hate that s**t.”

“Be yourself,” Maher concluded. “And Joe, your self is old.”

Biden’s problem isn’t how voters view his biography or where he hails from.

His problem is he looks creaky and decrepit every time he ventures out in public.

A strong gust of wind looks like it could knock him over.

The authentic Biden is the feeble old man.

And that’s a Joe Biden polls show an increasing number of voters are rejecting.

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