A key Barack Obama ally admitted one thing that is bad news for every Democrat

Democrats were not prepared for this.

Now Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi are scrambling.

That’s because a key Barack Obama ally admitted one thing that is bad news for every Democrat.

The April jobs report was the biggest miss in a generation.

Forecasters expected the economy to create one million new jobs.

Instead the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported just 266,000 jobs created.

Republicans pointed to the fact that Joe Biden’s enhanced unemployment benefits paid Americans more to stay home than work.

Democrats alleged Americans weren’t going back to work because of a lack of childcare options.

The results of a study from Harvard economist Jason Furman concluded that daycare or school closings played no role on the poor jobs report.

Instead, Furman pointed to the enhanced unemployment benefits creating an incentive not to work as well as fear of the coronavirus.

The Daily Caller reports:

Harvard University economist Jason Furman suggested in a new study that the American Rescue Plan’s expansion of unemployment benefits could be harming the United States’ post-pandemic economic recovery.

Furman’s study argues that a lack of childcare options for working parents of young children is not causing the country’s poor jobs numbers. Instead, he writes in the study, “the continued concern about the threat of getting COVID-19 at work or expanded unemployment insurance benefits and eligibility” are the key “factors responsible for the slow employment recovery and depressed labor supply.”

Furman’s analysis stung Democrats all the more because Furman once served as the chair of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Republicans now argue it is impossible for Democrats to maintain support for enhanced unemployment benefits when even Barack Obama’s top economist admits they are hurting the economy.

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