A civil war just erupted over this massive betrayal at the border

Photo by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via Wikimedia, public domain

Joe Biden started the border crisis.

America’s on an unsustainable path.

And a civil war just erupted over this massive betrayal at the border.

Senate conservatives continue to tear into RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY) over trying to help President Joe Biden write open borders into law so the “Swamp” can get back to funding the war in Ukraine.

Conservatives in the House declared they wouldn’t pass any Ukraine funding without real policy changes that sealed the border.

Instead, McConnell negotiated a bill that let Biden import 5,000 illegal aliens per day and granted asylum as well as handed out work permits – creating an express lane to amnesty – right at the border.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) lamented to the Daily Caller that it was impossible to negotiate a real border security deal when RINOs like McConnell openly stated the number one priority of the Senate and the Republican Party is funding the war in Ukraine.

“It is challenging to negotiate for border security from a position of strength when too many legislators share the Democrats’ conviction that defending Ukraine is more important than defending America,” Lee stated.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) ripped McConnell for playing along with Democrats to try and give them political cover on the border on the number one issue hurting Biden and his party with voters.

Johnson was appalled at both the political malpractice on display and the lack of fealty to the party’s core values of border security exhibited by McConnell.

“The reason so many of us are speaking out the way we are against McConnell was the way he blew this. It’s historic. It was a monumental blunder, debacle. We don’t appreciate it. But again, the good news is, if the House doesn’t pass this, we still have that leverage,” Johnson declared. “Of the many components of this blunder, maybe the most important was not recognizing that your negotiating partner was not negotiating in good faith … [all] Democrats wanted was political cover, and McConnell gave it to them. Again, this is historic in nature. What Senate leader from either party has done so much to give their political opponent the kind of political cover, that McConnell just handed over to the Democrats on a silver platter. It’s just it’s jaw-dropping.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) bemoaned the fact that McConnell handed Democrats a talking point in every tossup Senate race to falsely claim they tried to solve the border crisis, but that Republicans tanked the deal for political gain.

“Every single Democrat candidate in the country running for Senate, running for House will use the identical talking points — they will all say: We wanted to secure the border. We tried to secure the border, but the Republicans wouldn’t let us,” Cruz told the Daily Caller. “Now, that is a wild-eyed lie. It is completely false. This bill would have made the border crisis worse.”

Republicans need to win two Senate seats to flip control of the chamber.

McConnell’s border betrayal now allows every vulnerable Democrat to copy the template from Tom Suozzi.

Suozzi is the Democrat who won a Republican-held New York House in a special election.

GOP groups dumped millions of dollars into the race attacking Suozzi as soft on illegal immigration.

But Suozzi won over swing voters by declaring he supported the border bill while Republican “extremists” blew up the deal because they couldn’t get to yes.

All of this is nonsense and not grounded in reality.

However, it’s the way the media will report the story.

Republican voters want their elected officials to put America first and secure the border here at home before dumping tens of billions of dollars down a lost cause in Ukraine.

And there will be constant strife and discord within the Republican Party until RINOs like Mitch McConnell either realize the reality of their voting coalition or leave office either through retirement or losing primary challenges.

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