You won’t believe what Kamala Harris thinks is the biggest issue facing America

As doubts about Joe Biden’s ability to run for re-election grow, Kamala Harris is taking on a larger public role.

That isn’t good news for the Democrats.

And you won’t believe what Kamala Harris thinks is the biggest issue facing America.

Democrats are still enraged over the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court decision.

The Dobbs ruling struck down Roe v. Wade and ended the 49-year long horror of abortion-on-demand being imposed on the entire country.

Kamala Harris stepped up and tried to give voice to the Left’s anger in an attempt to burnish her credentials for the 2024 election.

But, as usual, Harris made a complete and utter fool of herself.

In an interview with left-wing commentator Brian Tyler Cohen, Harris launched into a bizarre rant about how abortion-on-demand is somewhat necessary because women are getting pregnant and that “is a real issue.”

“There may be litigation [by putting Roe v. Wade into law], but we will be in a much better position than to not do that. … Listen, women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real issue,” Harris stated.

Harris did not explain how women getting pregnant is a problem for America since giving birth is the only way the human species can survive.

The host also never pressed Harris to expand on why she thinks women getting pregnant is an issue Americans must confront.

Bizarre comments like these are why Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

It’s also why Democrats are terrified of the prospect of Harris serving as the Party’s nominee in 2024.

Joe Biden did not get any type of poll boost after the Dobbs decision for many reasons.

The main reason is that the Democrats’ position of abortion-on-demand with no restrictions is highly unpopular with the public.

But pro-abortion Democrats did not rally to Biden, thinking he did not have a plan in place for when the Court struck down Roe.

Harris then bungled her way in trying to appeal to Democrats who are furious that America was no longer a nation of abortion-on-demand.

“We need to act with a sense of haste about what is at play, what is at stake, and codifying Roe will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for the folks who are at risk, right now, because of what the court did in Dobbs, just weeks ago,” Harris stated.

Democrats are lining up to run against Kamala Harris in a 2024 Primary.

And Harris is trying to ward off these challengers by staking out the most extreme position possible on abortion.

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