You won’t believe what comedian Jon Stewart just said about Memorial Day

When one hears the name Jon Stewart, a flurry of images are sure to come to mind.

As the former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is mostly known for his left-wing views.

But you won’t believe what comedian Jon Stewart just said about Memorial Day.

Comedian Jon Stewart is a leftist, and he is not afraid to say it.

But contrary to what many of his critics on both sides of the political spectrum say, Stewart is one of the few political figures who truly and undoubtedly prioritizes being an American ahead of his own personal politics.

Of course, that may come as a surprise, as many view him as a left-wing clown who mocked Republicans and conservatives on a daily basis for years.

However, it is his time out of the limelight that reveals to us who the man truly is.

After stepping down as the host of The Daily Show, Stewart seemed to sink into a relatively reclusive life, making only a few appearances for charities from time to time.

That was until the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund was set to run out of money in December of 2020.

Stewart then burst back onto the political stage, angrily testifying before Congress that they should support these heroes by making the fund permanent, saying, “They responded in five seconds, they did their jobs. With courage, grace, tenacity, and humility. Eighteen years later, do yours!”

“This hearing should be flipped. These men and women should be up on this stage, and Congress should be down here answering their questions as to why this is so damn hard and takes so damn long,” Stewart further chastised Congress.

If you had any doubts about Jon Stewart’s love of our country and for our first responders, those few quotes alone should dispel you of those notions.

However, Stewart’s patriotism goes much further than that.

Last weekend, Jon Stewart spoke at AMVETS’ “Rolling to Remember” motorcycle rally, which is put on every Memorial Day to raise awareness of the mental health issues our veterans face on a daily basis.

During his speech, Stewart chastised the American people, saying that “it’s hard not to be here today and not get frustrated again because as I look out in the crowd, I see the same thing I always see – veterans and their families and caregivers… But where are the American people? This is Memorial Day weekend.”

Stewart concluded his remarks by saying, “If we can’t do the simple S**t [meaning taking care of our veterans], we have nothing.”

As tough as those words may be for some to hear, Jon Stewart is absolutely right.

Instead of taking the day to truly honor the sacrifices of our brave men and women, most Americans viewed it as another day off of work, where BBQ’s and family picnics are more important than the reason we are celebrating in the first place.

It is important to remember that the purpose of satire is to shed light on a perceived wrong.

Jon Stewart has always been a satirist.

But most importantly, he is an American satirist and should be remembered as such above all else.

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