William Barr turned up one smoking gun that Barack Obama thought would stay secret

The Obamagate scandal continues to deepen.

But the Fake News Media claims that Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s hands are clean in this growing scandal.

That lie fell apart when William Barr turned up one smoking gun that Barack Obama thought would stay secret.

The Justice Department continues to release notes from corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok.

In the latest batch of notes, Strzok detailed Obama and Biden’s involvement in the politically motivated investigation into Michael Flynn.

Strzok’s notes revealed that Obama gave the order for “the right people” to investigate Flynn and Biden even suggested using the 1799 Logan Act as the fabricated pretext for the FBI to interview Flynn.

Breitbart reports, “Handwritten notes taken by former FBI agent Peter Strzok revealed that President Barack Obama directed the FBI to continue investigating Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn just weeks before he was to become President Trump’s national security adviser, in a meeting during which Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Flynn violated the Logan Act.”

President Trump recently accused Barack Obama of committing the crime of “treason.”

The Fake News Media fumed and claimed Trump accused Obama of the most serious crime on the books without any evidence.

But once again, when all the smoke cleared, Donald Trump was right and the Fake News Media ended up with egg on their faces.

This bombshell raises the stakes for the 2020 election.

If Donald Trump loses, Joe Biden will follow the instructions of his puppet masters and shut down any investigation into the Obama Deep State.

Unless the President wins re-election, it is very likely that the American people will never know the truth about how Barack Obama engineered a coup attempt to overthrow his successor.

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44 Responses

  1. Auntcon says:

    I pray that Barr takes Obummer and Biden down

  2. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Texas and Arizona and other states are announcing they are in such a SEVERE and UNCONTRLLED levels of COVID-19, that they are having to shut down again? They have, in Harris County Texas (Houston) gone to public alert level : RED. Trump, yet again has mishandled this pandemic.

  3. Tom D. says:

    Did you Trump supporters know that Trump was informed in MARCH that Russia offered “bounties” for Afghans to kill Americans, and has already paid some? And what has Trump done but NOTHING. Trump from day 1 has been trying to reduce Russian sanctions, has not been confronting Putin, but kissing Putin’s butt and trying to get Russia back into the G-7?!?! Trump cares only about his person things to gain, like a Trump Moscow project than he does about protecting America.

  4. renato says:


  5. Aseed N Flux says:

    You have to kill the Queen and queenettes before the election otherwise the hive continues. the traitors must be eliminated before the election for if they survive a Demo win, we will have wasted billions and
    forced to start over. Let them commit suicide and turn their bodies over to their fans who can hold a mega riot for their Martyrdom, at which point arrest and jail the rioters for sedition.

  6. Obummer is a TRAITOR and has been ever since George Soros bankrolled his campaign to run for President !! Obummer is the chief organizer for BLM and the Soros Organizations are financing the whole thing ! Obummer is playing a very dangerous game ! Notice how he waited to endorse Dementia Joe till Biden said his running mate for VP would be a female of color !! There’s NO doubt that Obummer struck a deal with Biden to endorse him IF he would put Michelle on the VP ticket. They can do all the phony vetting of women of color to be VP , BUT, the fix is in and Biden WILL name Michelle Obummer as VP !! This is her husbands way of getting control of the country so he can finish RUINING it for good !!!

  7. Jim Doss says:

    Obama the third anti-christ? Barry’s made up name comes directly from Scripture. It literally means like lightening from the mountains. Rest assured, that even if he thinks he’s so slick , he’s on the losing side. GO TRUMP & BILL BARR.

  8. Joe Fast Fingers Bribem says:

    Vote by mail must be stopped. Just have four voting days, and space it out according to last name. Oh, bring your driver’s license and a thumbprint

  9. Fritz Johnson says:

    Unsubscribe me!

  10. Rocketman says:

    I had a thought on why Biden hasn’t announced his VP candidate and why. He’s going to wait till the last POSSIBLE second and then announce that IT’S HILLARY CLINTON!!!!!

  11. Debra Booth says:

    We must stop the vote by mail! It was only intended for those who could not possibly get to a voting booth. Even with covid we can vote responsibly and still be safe! No mass voting by mail please our election integrity depends on it!

  12. Lance Troupe says:

    The Obama administration is as corrupt as they accuse the Trump administration of being. And by Obama’s play book, ( Rules for Radicals) accuse Trump of Russia collusion, when in fact Hillary and Obama sold our uranium to our enemy Russia, and Joe Biden and son Forest burned Burisma out of millions. Accuse them back if they accuse you? Stinks to high heavens don’t you think?

  13. George says:

    DemonRats are crooked & evil… They win Elections by Dead votes, fictious votes, & illegal votes. They can’t win an honest election.

  14. George Ng says:

    Obamma needs to be prosecuted and jailed so that everyone can see that no one is above the law. He’s done more to split this country up when he had the chance to be a great minority black president.

  15. Mike says:

    Don’t think for one minute if Biden was to “win” the election that within 2 months the democrats will have him declared “medically incompedent for leadership and his vice will take over.
    Protocol? No!! By no measure!
    Why? Think about this… Why do you think Biden has not announced his running mate?
    Its not up to him… This has already been planned out by the money the democrats are driven by rather Who the money comes from.
    This whole thing started from the moment President Trump announced he was running for President when they all thought he was joking!
    Now that the democrats long term plans to take over are blown they have made President Trump s life and job hard as hell to live and run a country! Now they have laid out all the unprecedented events from spying by hidden mic to paid groups migrating to the US to impeachment trials from smear campaigns and out right lies to racial divide and hate!
    A well organized plan is still trying to grow but it is now starting to be transparent by carelessness on their part. We can only pray Bill Barr Rudy Guliani and a few others stay vigilant and bring these actors to justice before it really gets out of control… If the democrats think they can control a “monster” that has been let loose then they obviously have not dealt with “monsters” before!! The damage is done and it will take a GREAT DEAL OF LEADERSHIP to get our country under control.
    People NEED to do the research on the past and when they do they will see it was the democrats lies and propaganda that ignited the civil war in our country during that time period and forward!! Then and only then they will see what events are coming to life and unfolding right before our eyes in the 21st century right under our nose’s…
    Please Please think for a change not to allow these threats to society go unpunished burning our flag and racial division and the hate for all that is good!
    I don’t know of 1 person who is living today that was involved with slavery and we as a nation need to weed those out that are pushing racist policies!
    But to allow ignorance the chance to grow is the real crime with these hate groups! They don’t care about you or me., they care about destuction and decadence and not one life is valuable to them!!

  16. mac says:

    He was president only becuz it was paid off and maybe someday we will see the proof!!! He is a terrorist and he used every last person who voted for him. I’m sorry ppl if you voted for him it’s your fault why we are at this stage in the country with all this havoc going on. It was an elaborate plan along with a ton of money that bought him his seat. And all the responsible ppl who took the pribe which is well over half are traders and terrorists in the full capacity of the law. The demturds and Rhinos don’t want you to find out and soreass wants what he paid for back our country. The demturds will cheat lie steal let virus’s out to keep you home to vote by mail. That is what this whole thing is leading up to. Demturds have tried everything else and failed miserably. This is their last efforts. Paying more rhinos off and paying for riots to get ppl sick! They are the worst of the worst. Obummer deep state is the worst in history and he isn’t done yet! First failed president who keeps his nose in what’s going on! He is running the demturds. That right their tells you to vote the demturds out once and for all

  17. JOAN B says:


  18. Robert says:

    Obozo’s fraud – deception – and corruption will eventually all “come out” some day – maybe, not even in his lifetime – his legacy will be a footnote – and permanent stain in the history of this country .

  19. LOL says:

    Obama has a nefarious past with some very disturbing connections to some scary people.
    With Obama’s past, he could not have even passed a background check to serve on his own security detail and yet he was elected president, and then reelected. What a shame, and what an embarrassment for our country. Obama should be behind bars, and if we had functioning justice system he would be.

  20. AG BARR, keep up the good work for justice and give these rats the maximum punishment!

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