William Barr turned up one smoking gun that Barack Obama thought would stay secret

The Obamagate scandal continues to deepen.

But the Fake News Media claims that Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s hands are clean in this growing scandal.

That lie fell apart when William Barr turned up one smoking gun that Barack Obama thought would stay secret.

The Justice Department continues to release notes from corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok.

In the latest batch of notes, Strzok detailed Obama and Biden’s involvement in the politically motivated investigation into Michael Flynn.

Strzok’s notes revealed that Obama gave the order for “the right people” to investigate Flynn and Biden even suggested using the 1799 Logan Act as the fabricated pretext for the FBI to interview Flynn.

Breitbart reports, “Handwritten notes taken by former FBI agent Peter Strzok revealed that President Barack Obama directed the FBI to continue investigating Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn just weeks before he was to become President Trump’s national security adviser, in a meeting during which Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Flynn violated the Logan Act.”

President Trump recently accused Barack Obama of committing the crime of “treason.”

The Fake News Media fumed and claimed Trump accused Obama of the most serious crime on the books without any evidence.

But once again, when all the smoke cleared, Donald Trump was right and the Fake News Media ended up with egg on their faces.

This bombshell raises the stakes for the 2020 election.

If Donald Trump loses, Joe Biden will follow the instructions of his puppet masters and shut down any investigation into the Obama Deep State.

Unless the President wins re-election, it is very likely that the American people will never know the truth about how Barack Obama engineered a coup attempt to overthrow his successor.

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47 Responses

  1. Arthur Jurczak says:

    Trump does not choose people thinking of affirmative action; he chooses people he thinks capable of doing the job.

  2. Crowdogg says:

    Just like William Barr is systematically shutting down any investigations of Trump. Barr has made a mockery of the Justice Department. Trump could possibly win a second term but he would have to legalize marijuana at the national/federal level.

  3. Mark Allen says:

    To: Trump is racist.

    I guess that you’ve never heard of Ben Carson, the Secretary of HUD. I guess that you’ve never heard of Herman Cain. I hope two names will do.

  4. Sue says:

    Lies continuously reposted on social sites in support of Biden and to vote for democrats may result in defeat across the ballot. Republican political ads being blocked from social media giants as well as the conservative voices being silenced will help lead to this defeat. A third issue would be vote by mail fraud which is in full effect here in Colorado.

  5. Trump is racist says:

    If trump not racist, show me the black person on his staff.

  6. Trump says:

    Trump sucks

  7. Trump says:

    Bye trump

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