What Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off

Democrats are exploring every avenue to turn the Chinese coronavirus outbreak into a political advantage.

Now Hillary Clinton is getting involved.

And what Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off.

Multiple states have postponed their Presidential primaries to enforce social distancing measures and prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Hillary Clinton sought to turn that into an advantage for the Democrats.

Clinton claimed that the Chinese coronavirus should cause all states to rethink their voting procedures and move to all mail-in voting.

At-home, mail-in voting is the Democrats’ Holy Grail for election.

Mail-in voting extends voting long beyond Election Day and it works as an end-run around voter ID laws that exist to protect the integrity of the vote.

If Democrats ever were able to enact mail-in voting, the Left would be stuffing ballot boxes and rigging elections at every level.

Democrats believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

They see the Chinese coronavirus as the ultimate political gift to not only drive Donald Trump from office, but also cement their power for years to come with voting “reforms” that are meant to allow rampant fraud and ballot stuffing.

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79 Responses

  1. Gun Moll says:

    Trump is not to blame for the virus. He is to blame for it to be so out of hand. He is to blame for denying it and delaying our preparedness. He is to blame for fanning racism by calling it “Chinese Virus”

  2. Bessie Heinonen says:

    why is she always sticking her nose in to something she has nothing to do with, go back to arkansas

  3. cy says:

    Personally, I am tired of Hillary Clinton sticking her nose into everything. She needs to be permanently silenced. This individual is evil.

  4. don says:

    no way should we allow the queen of the swamp to change the established election system, she should S T F U and go bake cookies for her grand kids

  5. hart isaacs says:


    Nasty Hilary should be tried for treason to the U.S. and treated like all traitors-shot by firing squad. What’s taking so long to get this done?

    Dr. Demento

  6. Mikey says:

    Hillary Clinton has more American blood on her hands than Charles Manson. Not only the blood of ambassador Stevens and his security detail, but also the trail of her detractors blood from Arkansas all the way to Washington. How can you people believe her or support her. Are you all blind, deaf and intellectually challenged ? Sorry, there is no excuse for supporting a criminal and a murderer.

  7. JM says:

    QED is obviously watching FAKE news. ALL he wrote is false demorat talking points. Lies are their truth and facts don’t matter. WE DON’T BELIEVE THEM ANYMORE!

  8. Jan13 says:

    I’m just very glad she wasn’t elected, her response would probably be “ what difference does it make”. If she didn’t/ wasn’t willing to help Ambassador Stevens and staff, how willing would she be to help the rest of us? Think about it ?

  9. j says:

    Q E D, hey dumb ass , get your head out of your ass and get with the program. you know nothing about nothing just making stupid statements you must be a Demo rat .

  10. Dr.H says:

    If the Governors of NY and CA thought it was so serious, why didn’t they shut down their states? For that matter, why didn’t Italy , Spain, Germany and the other 100+ countries in which the virus resides shut down their countries. Keep in mind, there are still lots of people today who believe there is nothing to be concerned about. To cry wolf too soon would have been a big mistake.

  11. Shari says:

    Hillary wants to rig elections by mail in voting.
    She is a disgrace to our nation.

  12. Rivahmitch says:

    Is anyone surprised that the Hilldabeast proposed making cheating easier?

  13. Gene Hudson says:

    If the Dimowits were smart they would realize the Hildadud was/is a political liability.No one with any common sense believes the lying corrupt old bag.

  14. QED says:

    That is not what “knocks my socks off,” it is what the President says, his lies and incorrect statements, like the malaria drug is approved by FDA for COVID-19, which it is not. Then he said there was “evidence” when it was not acceptable evidence and no clinical trial had begun. When you add it to Trump’s pother statements which confuse or mislead the public, we would be better off if Trump just let others speak and for him to shut his mouth:
    1. Trump shut down Predict Program, for disease prevention, late in 2019. Also, Trump shut down the entire global threat, security and bio-threat infrastructure set up under the Obama administration (set up to handle Ebola and other pandemics).
    2. Trump keeps making public statements of misinformation about the CoronaVirus. He has called it a “hoax” (Feb. 28). On March 10, 2020 he said everyone who needs a test can get a test kit,” but at best their might be under a million test kits for 323 million Americans.
    3. Trump even ordered our own senior health officials and experts to stop briefing the public.
    4. Trump’s State Department people overrode safety precautions and put 14 Americans infected with COVID-19 on a plane with healthy passengers and flew them back to the United States.

    Trump is the ultimate false news source, which in a crisis, makes things WORSE.

  15. my my my, whistleblowrz impeachmnt COVID what will be next? will rubbr suits gas masks be the rage for Halloween? will Hillary have a statue erected in her honor? will ghosts really attack? will BIG FOOT save the day? DONT BE DECIEVED. I AM NOT EASILY FOOLED FOR MAN REAPS WHAT HE SOWS g o d

  16. Ann Fieger says:

    Can you imagine the horror if the Democrats were in office?? Hilary is giving us a good example of that. Of course she’s trying to take president Trump’s ideas & make them sound like hers

  17. Rodney says:

    That poor excuse for a human being is like a Demented Energizer Bunny, she just keeps banging away. Time to yank her batteries and drop her in the shredder.

  18. Edith Manak says:

    Why can’t that old bat just fade into the shadows where she belongs, Actually she belong in jail, along with that sleezy husband of hers. Such a vain and ugly old woman who can’t face defeat with any class.

  19. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    Definitely a sure way for ALL of my DEAD relatives to vote, and of course my two pet cats and my neighbors two dogs too !

  20. AJM says:

    You only post the comments you like???

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